Can I sleep at night in the train ?

wizard @ 21-10-2005 13:25

hi!.can I sleep in the train if I want???is this free??? thanks

Stefan @ 27-10-2005 17:55

You can sleep in the train.. Night trains do have normal seats, couchettes (something like a bed) and real beds. Seats are not really comfortable, but I think it's good enough! Sometimes you must pay extra for them (cheaper than most youth hostels/campsites).

Couchettes are very good! you'll sleep well and in Germany the train personnel will get you out of your sleep, 30 min. before arriving. They are a bit more expensive, but it's worth it!

I never tried the real beds, because they are very expensive (including a breakfast 😉 ) and the couchettes are good enough for me.

More details about all night trains in Europe:

Enjoy your trip and sleep well!


sasa_k @ 19-07-2006 19:20

When sleeping on the seat in the train, what about the thiefs? Where do you
put your backpack?

What's the average price of couchet bed?

Pete @ 24-07-2006 09:37

it depends ... but in average between 5 EUR (eastern europe) up to 20 EUR in western europe ...

the best is to put your money and passport in your shoes or socks or in your underwear ... and your backpack under the seat. use then a lock which you also can use for bicyclettes and lock your backpack to the seat ...!!!

Leyla @ 30-07-2006 11:20

yeah you guys should really watch your backpacks in the nighttrain. Mine got stolen in the nighttrain from luxembourg to nice.. It really sucked and we were stuck in nice for 4 days to fix a new passport, new ticket, money etc etc... So really watchout

hans__1982 @ 17-08-2006 20:13

I took the nighttrain from Bologna to Bari, friendly personel, waked me up 30 minutes before arriving. The trip itself was quite awfull, we were sleeping with 5 other people in a couchette room, closed door and windows, I felt really sick in the morning, took me 2 hours to start up 🙂 , and again, my earpads saved my rest.... I you are a hard sleeper, take them with you and your rest is guaranteed


Josh @ 29-10-2006 10:00

Are night trains always available? If I bought a ticket now could I rely on having a night train every night?

CodeMaster @ 03-11-2006 08:17


Night trains really are always available... but be shure to make a reservation - this is mandatory always too.. and you must pay for it, from 5 to 20 eur (depends on train). There's a really good value trains CNL (with VERY comfortable seats, for 9.5eur supplement/person). Also EX'es in Italy, and i think should be a lots of them in very-western Europe (UK, France, Spain, Portugal, so on)... just check, website always offer them for a night travels... beware that EN trains are really really expensive!!! (something about 39 eur🧐

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