Camping-Sites in Spain and Portugal

oranion @ 11-06-2007 10:35

Hi interrailers!

Me and my girlfriend are planning a interrail tour in spain and portugal next Summer (Sept.). I will be my 2nd interrail after a 3-week trip to italy in 2004.

We plan to take a tent with us and want to go on camp-sites for most nights. But as we've never been to Spain or Portugal before, i have some questions before we get bad supprises there.

1. Is it easy to find (cheap) camping-sites in Spain and Portugal - Not only at the coast, even in the inner regions.

2. Do they have Campsites near or exactly IN the big City-Centers like we had in Italy (Rome, Florence,...)

3. How much do we probably have to pay for food (we want to cook ourselves with gas-cookers)

4. Is it possible to buy PRIMUS-Gas in spain/portugal?

5. Which cities HAVE to be visited - which aren't worth to visit?


PS: Looking for some Blogs etc. of Interrail-Trips to Spain/Portugal.

Miro @ 19-06-2007 11:56

Never really been to Portugal and Spain actually, but there are some cities I would definitely like to visit. The first one on the list is Bilbao with its amazing Guggenheim Museum and nice buildings by Calatrava like the airport. The other city is off course Barcelona, for the Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell. Last city I would like to visit is Sevilla, because of nice architecture too, yeah i'm architecture student so.... In Portugal i would go to Lisbon, because it's the capital, but i don't know if it's really nice.

july13 @ 19-06-2007 21:55

Hi 🙂

If you're plannig to camp here in Portugal, you should check this website (it's in english to🧐
I live in Lisboa and near my house is this camping place , I've never camped there, but it looks good and it's 15min from the centre of Lisboa.

I would visit Lisboa, Sintra (near Lisboa, 30km), Porto, all the Costa Vicentina,...

Here are some websites that can help you plan the trip:




Costa Vicentina:

P.s. I think everyone uses Campingaz around here. You can find it easily even in supermarkets. Don't know Primus, sorry...

I hope this can help 🙂

Dreamer @ 20-06-2007 09:27

Hi 🤣

I completely agree with july13:
is the best site for people who are interested to camping in Portugal. There, you’ll find all important information about camping in Portuguese lands...

I also agree with his choices: Lisbon, Sintra, Porto and Costa Vicentina.
Lisbon, the capital, is a city with lots of interesting things to see.
Visit Sintra!!! It's one of the most beautiful places on the world: simply wonderful! And it's near to Lisbon…
Porto is a city to visit walking... People call it the secret Portuguese's capital... So, go there to find why...
Costa Vicentina is an excellent idea too, because there you will find quiet beaches in an amazing portrait: beaches and nature, together, in a great combination! In my opinion, it is much more interesting than Algarve…

Just one more thing: Portuguese people are very nice and welcoming! So, in Portugal, you’ll feel good… Sure! 😉

I hope you enjoy came here...

Have fun

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