Camping France, Italy (Florence, Rome, Pisa) and Germany

redja @ 17-05-2008 22:18

Sorry another camping thread..
we are planning on camping mainly in France (south), Italy (Florence, Rome, Pisa) and Germany...
in Spain we shall use hotels probably.

How easy is it just to pull up and find campsites..not to far from train stations?

Many Thanks.

Pete @ 18-05-2008 08:41

hej ...

it depends... when you are travelling along the coast of France and Italy, with slow regional trains, you just jump out at a small station and you will easily find a campsite.
just go in the direction of the beaches.
but always ask other travellers, it is very useful.

and in France have a look at the camping municipales, these are campsites done by the villages ... they are very very cheap, often on a nice place... very simple ... but you will get a night for a maximum of 5 EUR!! 🙂

in Germany it also depends... not on every rail station you will find a campsite, as German campsites are more specialized on car-tourists than on real backpackers coming by train.

in general: big cities are difficult if you search for a campsite. you you prefer short distances, hostels are easier to reach.

this is my personal experience... 🙂

redja @ 18-05-2008 09:49

thanks very are an interrail guru 🤣

in france we are thinking roughly...nimes, marseille and nice.

how about italy..i am really struggling to find information online, whereas germany i think i can sort...

i dont really like the idea of hostels to be honest...would prefer a cheap hotel. so the plan was to save by camping..and then get a cheap hotel in some places.

thanks..your help is much appreciated.

Pete @ 18-05-2008 11:32

the best places in France (if you want to travel the route along the Mediterranean Sea) are in fact between Montpelier and Perpignan. there you can leave the train nearly at every train station for a campsite along the sea. 🙂

and if you are two persons travelling, cheap hotels are often cheaper as a hostel with a double room ... !!!

redja @ 18-05-2008 13:07

my friend you are a legend!! thanks!!

do you know anything about camping in florence/pisa..?

i have found a hoted in rome for £40 for two of us for a night so that will do lovely!! We plan to book about 5 hotels for the month..and then aim for these along the journey!

Thanks for all your help!

Pete @ 18-05-2008 13:27

have a look at the Campsite Michealangelo close to Florence city centre:

I stayed there one year ago and it was okay... I remember about 10 EUR per person and 10 EUR per tent extra... 🙂

but make a reservation in advance (should also be possible via the big hostel booking websites) for the summer months !! 🙂

European_fun @ 07-06-2008 13:39

Hi redja, so you got a good suggestion by Peter I suppose. Anyways its good that your planning to make arrangements for a hotel . I advice you that you make a search on online prices for hotels at so that you wont have trouble on reaching there.Since I am not clear about where do you need the hotels exactly, I would recommend you to have a search for them. Precaution is better than cure.......

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