Palace_Sam @ 19-06-2008 12:19

Hi All,
My girlfriend and I are interailing this august for 30 days, and plan to do a mixture of camping, and staying in hostels. I'm a complete rookie when it comes to camping, and wanted some advice about taking a sleeping mat, sleeping bag and tent, as I need to carry it all with me. I'm guessing I should buy a backpack that's 55-65 in size, but am not sure how I'll fit my clothing and things, and then my sleeping bag, tent etc etc
Any advice would be great!



willwild @ 19-06-2008 13:59

hi mate
im in a similar boat to yourself, i don't really no what to take but i think u'll need a bigger bag at least 70 litres
hope that helps

SiDUDe @ 19-06-2008 17:03

if you are disciplined, you can manage with 60 liters, as long as you split the tent and dont splurge on clothes etc. If you are festivaling, get a cheap tent that you wont mind getting trashed, and, if your going in the summer, get a light 1 season bag, or just take a liner.

MariaRK @ 19-06-2008 18:14

Hey there.
My boyfriend and I are doing the exact same thing on a global one month pas.
We've bought a 3persons tent weighing aprox 3 kilos, and fairly cheap/thin mat (don't wanna bother carrying that huge thing around).
We won't be bringing huge sleeping bags, only liners. We found some in polyester for around 10 euros - we're poor students, no money for silk luxury :P
I'd rather sleep with some extra clothes on than bring a heavy sleeping bag.

We are both bringing a 70 litre. Not that we really wanted a pack that big, but it was on sale with a 70% discount... couldn't say no to that. We don't plan on filling it though.

All of this is just based on what we figure will work out for us. We haven't tried this before so we might figure out we could have done something smarter.

Oh and - remember to get an international camping card 🙂
I'm not sure that you need it everywhere you go, but we've heard horror stories of people being rejected late in the evening cause they didn't have one - so we're bringing one just in case. We was told that since we live together it was enough if just one of us bought one.

Enjoy your adventure!


kathyd @ 16-03-2009 21:15

me and my boyfriend are also planning on taking a tent with us...where can u get these international camping tickets from? glad you mentioned it or we would have been screwed!has anyone done much camping during interrail or know much about it? which places have good camp sites and average prices per stay? any help appriciated 🙂 kath

Pete @ 17-03-2009 07:15

I never had such a camping card ... as most camp sites are run by private owners... so never had any problems.
me personally I always split my InterRail tours: either one only by tent or one only by hostels ... as it is always a bit more to carry - such a tent ... 🙂

billy1982 @ 23-04-2009 20:30

Hello, I would agree with Peter. Either try camp for the entire trip or stay in hostels. If you do plan on camping though you will have to carry heavy camping gear around.
I learn't this the hard way last year. I interrailed for a month and even though I had camping gear, I never once used it! The hostels are so near the train stations-well mostly anyway! Saying that, My pack only weighed in at 10kg which it not too heavy so it wasn't too bad.


ella2009 @ 26-05-2009 20:05

When camping near cities like Amsterdam, is it safe to leave the mats, sleeping bags and brand new Northface backpacks with clothes inside the tent while away to town?

Flo @ 26-05-2009 20:10

Never had any troubles; neither in Amsterdam nor in Paris or Bruxelles.

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