Emma @ 02-02-2008 15:32

I am going to the Rock am Ring festival in Germany, and I have a reservation at a hotel, but I am concerned that either I won't be able to pay online, or the prices will go up so much it will be too expensive for me. If either of those does happen, I was hoping to buy a tent. In the UK tents are very cheap (my friend bought a small tent for £8 ) and available in big supermarkets. Is this the case in Germany, or would I have to go to a camping shop?

Miro @ 02-02-2008 19:29

I think that's possible in Germany too, but keep in mind those are not very good tents. Actually I think you could call yourself veeeery lucky if your tent still exists and doesn't leak like hell after the Rock am Ring festival...

Emma @ 03-02-2008 00:33

Yeah, I've put one tent through Reading & Leeds festival in England so I know what can become of them! I had to bleach that tent out before it was usable again... Anyway, I'm prepared for it to be a rubbish tent, as long as it keeps the weather out for a few days. Thanks! 🙂

Pete @ 03-02-2008 12:30

my experience with Rock am Ring: buy a cheap tent for 20 EUR or something around. often the best parties are on the camping fields in the night.
and after Rock am Ring, throw your tent away.... because it will be completely destroyed or full of trash ... 😉

have fun and rock on 😡

Emma @ 04-02-2008 14:12

Also, is the 5th June a good day to turn up? Or is it too late and by then the only space left to camp will be by the toilets? 😐

Pete @ 06-02-2008 13:34

the 5th June is okay as the festival starts on the 6th. and I remember, that you can camp there only one day before the festival starts. so you are perfect in time !! 🙂
and you will always find a nice place to stay ... 🙂

MariaRK @ 26-06-2008 15:02

My guess is that a tent that price is a festival tent meaning it only has one layer... you'll be in trouble if it rains 😛

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