Buying an Interrail pass from Faeroe Islands

OlafFO @ 15-08-2008 21:52


If I buy a InterRail Youth Global Pass 2nd. class on the website.
Will I receive it before the end of week 36, because I am leaving the country at the end of week 36 ?

I live in the Faeroe Island.
When buying the pass. Should I select Faeroe Island as the country of residence. Faeroe Island is a part of Denmark.


Pete @ 17-08-2008 21:20

Hi Olaf.

The best and safest way is to order the official InterRail pas online at
You support then at the same time our work here at the forum .

And no problem: you will receive your InterRail pass in time when ordering tomorrow. It will arrive until the end of week 36 - it is the 5th of September... right! ?
As country of residence select Faeroe Island ... it will count like Denmark ... so you can not travel for free in Denmark as it is your country of residence then ... 😶
But it is cheap to cross it.
I hope this answer helps you and you will have a lot of fun and sun on your tour !
Peter 🙂

OlafFO @ 18-08-2008 19:01


One question before buying the interrail pass.

This pass requires a start date which is the first day of travel.

Does this mean, that if I choose 12 Sep, it is valied fr travel until 12 Okt ?

But what if I decie to start 10 sep insted, when I am in Amsterdam ?

Then I will have lost 2 travel days ?


Pete @ 19-08-2008 12:24

hej Olaf...
if you buy a GLOBAL ONE month Interrail pass, it is valid for one month:
if the first day it is valid is the 12th September (00:01h), then it ends the 11th October (23:59h).
if you then stay some more days in Amsterdam and decide to start on your first train travel on the 14th, you will loose 2 travel days.
if you want to start on the 10th September, but have a ticket which first day of travel is the 12th, you have to wait until the 12th - as before your InterRail ticket is not valid.
have fun, Peter 🙂

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