Buying a train ticket in Spain

AlphaOmega @ 09-11-2008 21:38


I'm set to leave for Morocco in a few days. I'll fly the way there from Brussels, and originally I have a ticket back a week afterwards. However, after some stories and ideas I think I may very well ignore the return ticket and spend some more time in Africa, a few weeks maybe.

So I'll need anohter way to get back. I won't know exactly which date I'll be returning, so I can't yet book another flight, but I was thinking of doing it overland anyway (morocco - western sahara - mori - mali/senegal and back) and then take the ferry from tangier

question: is it possible to buy an interrail pass upon arrival in Spain. Do they sell them at the train stations? (specifically Algericas, Malaga, Cadiz or Sevilla)
If not, where else (travel agencies) can I buy the ticket so that I get it straight away?

Just to clarify, I don't want to buy a 5in10 or 10in22 day interrail pass because I won't go straight home, I'll visit some other spots over europe and proceed to the north cape.

Furthermore, If anyone else will be in Morocco or any of the other countries I've mentioned in November let me know.



Pete @ 12-11-2008 18:03

So you will spent your winter in African than in Scandinavia ... 🙂
I will do it the same way and leave soon for some travel in South-Eastern-Asia ... 🙂
To your question: it is no problem to get an InterRail ticket in Malaga, Cadiz or Sevilla. take a bit of time with you. try to speak some words in Spanish language and control your ticket, that you got a correct one. if it won't work on the first ticket window, go to an other one ... but after some weeks of Africa, you will be relaxed and it seems easy for you to get a ticket with a little rail adventure at a station in Spain ... 😉
have fun and a lot of sun on your tours,Peter 🙂

New - Spanish train tickets online:

AlphaOmega @ 21-11-2008 00:07

hey amigo,

Didn't buy the ticket after all, but good to know! My spanish is improving.
I'm back from the sand, and I skipped Spain for now.
Heading through the Alps to Jugoslavia after the weekend and then onto the north cape and a weekend in Marseille to chill out.

Going hiking on Mallorca for 9 days in January, so Spain isn't off my radar yet 🙂

Morocco was brilliant by the way, rented a car and drove to the Algerian border and back, plus a load of shit inbetween.

You going to the caucasus?


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