BUDAPEST - PRAGUE (Praha) - night train

Pete @ 23-06-2008 18:31

BUDAPEST - PRAGUE (Praha) | night train EN 476
Information for Interrail, Eurail travellers and persons with normal train ticket travelling by overnight train from Budapest (Hungary) to Prague (Czech Republic).

Night train connection from Budapest to Prague. This direct night train is inexpensive, a compartment recommended. Read here for more information:

Budapest - Prague:
Prague - Budapest:

Older information:
EN 476
Budapest-Keleti pu Dep: 1958
Praha hl.n. Arr: 0322
This train continuous to Berlin.

D/R 470 - running May to September
Budapest-Keleti pu Dep: 1940
Praha hl.n. Arr: 0622
Seats are free - no supplements required.

Reservation recommended, compartment recommended!

private single room (only 1st class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 70
Standard fare: EUR ??

bed in a private double
Rail pass fare: EUR 30
Standard fare: EUR ??

bed in a private T3 triple
Rail pass fare: EUR 20
Standard fare: EUR ??

couchette (4-bed compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 20
Standard fare: EUR ??

couchette (6-bed compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 14
Standard fare: EUR ??

Rail pass fare: EUR 3
Standard fare: EUR ??

update: Sep 2014

Renato @ 22-05-2009 18:10

Hello Peter!

Is there a direct night train between Budapest and Prague?
There is a train EC 272 which links directly the both cities but the journey starts at 13h28. It is true that we don't pay any supplemente using this train?



SiDUDe @ 22-05-2009 18:31

Im pretty sure wer didnt pay anything when we went Prague-Bratislava-Budapest. Am I right that this is the same train?

Flo @ 22-05-2009 18:47

There shouldn't be any kind of supplement on these trains; all of the Budapest - Praha trains run via Bratislava. You have for daily connections, leaving Budapest at 0528, 0928, 1328, 1528, travel time is ~7h.

The daily night train EN 476 Metropol, leaving Budapest at 1958, is heading for Berlin, this is why the arrival at Praha is 0329 (quite early 😉 ).

However, in summer there is an alternative connection, leaving Budapest at 1940, arriving in Praha at 0622. Note that this is kind of a stopping train but at night. :P
This service (D/R 470) runs daily from 29th of may until 29th of september. There shouldn't be any supplement or compulsory reservation.

franklin @ 02-08-2013 13:56


We are thinking of taking the night Train from Budapest, Keleti to Praha, but are a little confused when it comes to the reservation.

At the very start of MAV's website you can choose a reduction fee Person having a Railway ID card is this the option for interrailers?


Pete @ 04-08-2013 06:13

Hi Franklin.
You have to buy this reservation at the station.
Please let me know your order-ID (PNR - the one beginning with AA) of your rail pass purchase on railcc. Then I can set you PLUS for a more detailed answer. Thank you! 🙂
As it is not fair to buy your rail pass somewhere else and ask here for free support.
Peter 🙂

ascraeus @ 09-08-2013 19:07

hey I just checked it with the terminal guy and he said there is no need to make reservation for this expedition talking about 20:05. but I do believe that there is a need for that. Am I wrong in this one I dunno if you have any idea I will be glad to hear it. I am going to check it again cos there is not available reservation button on mavstar

Pete @ 09-08-2013 19:10

As much as I know, there is no reservation required for 2nd class seats:
But couchettes are cheap... I personally would prefer them ... 😉
Have a nice trip and a lot of fun !!! Thanks for all the information !! 🙂
Peter 🙂

ascraeus @ 10-08-2013 05:47

Hey Peter, long time to last time hear from you 🙂 hope you are okey. just you said, the guy said there is no reservation for that one with just a low voice I couldn't even hear him, wanted to repeat what he was saying like twenty times something, but the guy kept talking in low voice, grr, I hope I can find a couchette for that train or it will be harder to travel in seat. couchettes are also the best way to meet another railers on the way.

for those who are evet going to visit budapest with train and probably getting off in budapest - deli station, just be careful about the western union office there, actual forint was like 299 ,something which I didn't even checked, and a random guy was just passing through and yelled at us that office will rip you off and then when I checked the currency rate at the western union there in the station, it was just taking the rate as 205 something. (there are quite many outside of the terminal) I strongly recommend just exchange some enough to buy you a round-way trip ticket for metro and go another place to exchange your money. 🤣

dean509 @ 19-05-2014 20:12

Hi guys!

Me and two mates are looking to take the night train in July from Prague to Budapest. Should we book a couchette in advance or book when at the station? If we can book online, how?

Thanks in advance! Happy travelling!

Pete @ 19-05-2014 20:38

Spent the money for a couchette. It is not expensive and much more comfortable than only seats! 🙂

Do you travel with an Interrail pass?
If yes, find the price information here:
Buy the reservation at a station, not possible online. The station can also be an other one than Budapest.

To support the free information and the forum on railcc, please be fair and buy your official Interrail pass via our railcc partner link:
Thank you! 🙂

Point to point tickets are available here:

Peter 🙂

dean509 @ 20-05-2014 06:15

Thanks for the quick reply! I wasn't expecting it so fast. When you say stations other than Budapest, where else could I buy it? My route goes Berlin to Prague to Budapest (night train). Should I buy it in Prague? Or any earlier?

Cheers, Dean.

Pete @ 20-05-2014 06:54

Berlin, Prague, ... 🙂

nltrainer @ 20-05-2014 11:58

Basic knowledge for insular Brits;
In Europe, the real continent, ALL INTERnational things are dealt for in ANY station that deals with INTernational traffic. IN DE/CH that means ANY staffed station, in other countries there are sepcial INTernational desks in main stations. ALL are very well used to insular brits, who seem to think this whole world knows no other language, and i this €-zone all take and want paid in €, thjough your bankcard will also likely be taken.

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