Bucharest: ticket purchase on a Sunday ?

Thomas S @ 01-05-2008 10:12

So, my gırlfrıend and I are leaving Istanbul ın a few days, headıng for Vıenna vıa Bucharest. We've reserved tıckets on the train from Istanbul to Bucharest, leaving Istanbul on the 3rd of May and arrıvıng ın Bucharest on the 4th of May, at about 17:00. The man at the ınternatıonal tıcket counter ın Istanbul eıther wouldn't or couldn't reserve tıckets on the Bucharest-Vıenna-train that leaves Bucharest at 18:50, so I reckon that we`ll have to do that ourselves.

However - the 4th of May ıs a Sunday, and we`ll be arrıvıng ın Bucharest with lıttle tıme to spare between the trains. Do you think ıt will be possible to reserve tıckets on such a short notıce, and will the ınternatıonal tıcket counter even be open?

(I know that the Istanbul-Bucharest train has frequent delays, however, the train towards Budapest and Vıenna uses some of the same carriages as the train from Istanbul, so the second traiın wont leave until the fırst has arrived...)

Pete @ 02-05-2008 18:13


you are right... the train continuing to Vienna use some of the same trains. ask the staff in the train...!
and no problem in Bucharest main station... the counters (also internationals) are open until 2200h. I tried it already last year... 🙂

and I know this problem in Istanbul ... it is often like this !! 😉

I hope this answer will help you,

Thomas S @ 02-05-2008 19:38

It does, thanks a lot. Seems reasonable that the man at the ınternatıonal tıcket counter was not able to book tıckets for the other leg of the journey - after all, ıt seems lıke theır tıcket system stıll works the analogue way, wıth a bıg book where the salesman jots down any reservatıons made. No computers, no sır. 🙂

Luckıly, ıf the connectıon faıls, https://rail.shop/bahn mentıons at least three other connectıons to Budapest later ın the evenıng, I dont thınk we should fear gettıng stuck. (No offense to any Romanıans, but our tıme ıs slowly runnıng out, we have to be back ın Odense, DK on the 9th)

Pete @ 03-05-2008 12:08

yeah... the good old way... analogue... 😉
but don't panic... don't have any bad experiences with Romania. the station isn't analogue any more...

by the way... for a fast connection from Vienna To Copenhagen think about this:
Vienna-Munich by free Railjet or ICE train.
then change to the direct night train: https://rail.cc/en/munich-copenhagen-night-train/f3771

have fun on your tour,

Thomas S @ 05-05-2008 20:44

We made it. The train from Istanbul was delayed a mere four hours...the train for Budapest at 18:50 had left, but we got on the late train at midnight. And now we're snug in Vienna, after roughly 44 hours on a train. 🙂

No problem getting tickets in Bucharest, though, although the station ranks among the dodgiest places I've been to thus far. And no benches!

Pete @ 06-05-2008 12:41

year... your survived !! :P
a long trip - but a cool experience I suppose !! I love such monster trips !! 🙂

Emy @ 17-03-2009 22:13

I don't know if it maters now, but for future notice. You can buy tickets in Bucharest 24/7/365. Even if the international counter is closed (which is very improbable), if there's a train departing, you are able to buy a ticket. Benches, you can find, you just didn't knew where to find them, you have at least 2 waiting rooms with sofas and every line has his own benches, not to fancy, but they are there.

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