Border Security Question

chansinibombini @ 06-01-2009 20:27


Just wondering what the border security is like when travelling between countries by train.

Also, is it strict when coming into Belgium from places like Amsterdam?

SiDUDe @ 06-01-2009 20:50

for countries in schengen there is effectivley no border, the train wont stop and there wont be any customs. That doesnt mean they cant randomly decide to check your passport etc, its just quite unlikely.

Any reason why asking specifically from Amsterdam...?

chansinibombini @ 07-01-2009 13:04

And which countires are included in Schengen?

the reason is that i am going to Rock Werchter in Belgium from Amsterdam and it wud be nice to bring a bit of grass with me. its legal in both countries i think

Pete @ 07-01-2009 14:13


SiDUDe @ 07-01-2009 19:22

and there will almost definately be dogs/searching at the festival. And technically i dont think its 'legal' in either country

Mixed20 @ 17-02-2009 16:23

The last time when i came from Brussels to Rotterdam on the IC train, dutch border police checked all passports and ID it happens from time to time. It's true sometimes on the Dutch border customs search with sniffer dogs to look for any drugs. So be careful when taking any drugs from the Netherlands, and don't try to smuggle it into France, a lot of people ended up in prison for this, especially travellers from the Netherlands.

Iristja @ 15-03-2009 23:17

Hmmm.. In the Netherlands you can use drugs 'legally'.. but in Belgium definitely not!! I have crossed the border from the Netherlands to Belgium many times, but didn't have to do anything.. Also when I went to Werchter had no problems, and I think there where many people with me on that train who where going to werchter and brought some grass with them.
What sidedude says, the dogs searching around at festivals.. I had not the idea they did that at Werchter.. so there you don't have to worry about definitely!

When you go by car or bus and you have an foreign numberplate, the change is big you will be checked because there are many drugstourist from Belgium, France and Germany! So be careful, but you never know when you will be checked. Never bring very much with you!

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