Best route from England

tinkerbell @ 23-07-2008 19:33

Hi there everyone,

Ok so I've never inter railed before, and think it might be fun for a little while over this summer to get away from rubbish that is happening here. SOOOOOOO my question is... I'm thinking of going for either the 5 in 10 day ticket or the 10 in 22 .. and I live in England.. Has anyone else done this and can you give me ideas of what I route I should do. I'm an 18 year old girl, so preferably nowhere too dangerous !

Thanks !


Pete @ 23-07-2008 19:48

hej hej ...

just some introduction... 🙂
to leave the UK, have a look at these two topics...

have fun, Peter 🙂

Martynas @ 26-07-2008 14:40


I'm planing to run away from London in begining of september for small trip. I wish to see France-Belgium-Netherlands, and maybe Denmark. If u interested in this (or maybe we can change smth in route), so get in touch 😉 coz travel alone a lil bit sad.

take care.


sam188 @ 23-09-2008 22:45

18 year old male here,
If you're going alone, i'd definitely recommend cities like Krakow, Berlin and Budapest- all fantastic and not too pricey (amazing nightlife as well), as well as the Croatian coast, avoiding Dubrovnik, and the lakes in Slovenia.
Munich is brilliant as is Rome...
in Berlin try Tresor nightclub, in Budapest head to Dokk or Dokk beach...
have an awesome time..

vickihambly @ 29-12-2008 18:49

Can I ask why you say to avoid Dubrovnik? It looks really nice from what I can see?
While I'm here...does anyone have any advice on Croatia and possibly doing some island hopping? It looks tricky to get to the south of Croatia by rail (I will be heading there from Istanbul) are there any cheap alternatives?


SiDUDe @ 29-12-2008 19:36

There are plenty of buses that run south of where the trains stop, so it shouldnt be a problem. There not too expensive either. From Istanbul you can get a bus from montenegro (kotor is beautiful, you should g🧐 and there is a train from budvar into serbia where you can catch the train from istanbul

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