Best month for interrailing ?

My name is Johan @ 22-03-2007 20:25

A question for an experienced traveler, or anyone else for that matter: which month would be the best for traveling through Europe?

I´m thinking about the middle of july to the middle of august. June seems a bit early... but I´m worried that the middle of the summer will be to hot.


Pete @ 23-03-2007 07:58

hey Johan ...
it really depends on which countries you want to visit...
I don't like it to travel in the hight season ... because trains are full, too much people everywhere, hostels are full ...
okay, you will meet a lot of people and always have party everywhere - that's nice !!! 🙂 and the sun is shining every day !!! also nice !! 🙂
but it is more relaxing to travel in spring or early autumn ... you may have bad luck with the weather, but you have more space in hostels, trains and so on ... 😉 so this is my personal opinion ... for you to decide ... 😉
have a sunny tour! 🙂

My name is Johan @ 23-03-2007 20:02

Well, it´s better to meet too many people than too few, isnt it? 🙂

When would you consider the hight season to occur, is it just in july or the whole summer?

Danny @ 23-03-2007 23:10

I am going to be travelling in July. It will probably be too hot, and too busy. But that's the only month we are able to go, so that will have to do. :P

Miro @ 24-03-2007 15:59

If you can go in June, I would recommend that. It's not too busy, but nice and it's not too hot to see some nice hotspots and stuff. I don't think you meet less people, because everyone who is backpacking or interrailing wants to meet people and there are enough people doing this in June. The nice thing is that there are not too much tourists blocking the streets, so you won't have to wait half a day to see some hotspot...

admin @ 19-05-2007 20:29

Like you I'm going in July, but it is also, believe it or not, the rainiest month in Northern Europe. It's hot and dry in the southern parts if you are going there.

France is good in July but for the month of August they traditionally take their annual holiday (le conge) and the cities are apparently deserted, with many businesses closed, while the areas on the Atlantic coast and the Cote d' Azure become very busy.

Two years ago I interrailed in September; the weather was still nice but it was just too quiet for me.

Have a good one.

sam188 @ 12-06-2008 12:21


we're going on the 25th August for 25 days...Bern, Lugano, Verona, Udine, Tolmin, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest, Krakow, Berlin..

Anyone done a similar trip at a similar time? wondering what kind of atmosphere we can expect. i.e hopefully places and trains won't be too full of families etc, but will there still be lots of interrailers doing similar things?

on another note, travelling mostly in september, does that mean hostels should be fairly quiet- turn up rather than book kind of thing?


Thomas S @ 12-06-2008 21:13

We traveled in late April and early May which was, in many ways, a fine season for travelling. The tourist crowds have yet to arrive, it's possible to find hostel beds without booking weeks ahead, but the hostels will still be packed with other backpackers. We travelled in southern Europe, however, and we were fairly lucky weatherwise - I wouldn't do it in Norhtern Europe, and if you want to spend som time hittting the beaches, it's too early.

Late August/early September should be good, too.

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