SWEDEN (Malmö) - BERLIN - night train (Berlin Night Express)

Pete @ 26-04-2008 11:32

SWEDEN (Malmö, Stockholm) and DENMARK (Copenhagen) - BERLIN: night train (Berlin Night Express)

* Daily only in the summer months.
In the winter months please check the schedule planer first!

Malmö C Dep: 2133
Berlin Hbf Arr: 0604

Berlin Hbf Dep: 2231
Malmö C Arr: 0801

UPDATE: more detailed information about the night train Malmö to Berlin:

Sleeper - SINGLE- with private shower an WC (1-bed-compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 250
Standard fare ADULT: EUR 250
Standard fare YOUTH (16-25): EUR 250
Standard fare CHILD (4-15): EUR 250

Sleeper - DOUBLE (2-bed-compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 39
Standard fare ADULT: EUR 129
Standard fare YOUTH (16-25): EUR 99
Standard fare CHILD (4-15): EUR 41

Couchette (6-bed-compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 19
Standard fare ADULT: EUR 89
Standard fare YOUTH (16-25): EUR 69
Standard fare CHILD (4-15): EUR 29

Website of the Berlin-Malmö night express train. http://www.berlin-night-express.com
Train schedules: https://rail.cc/en/search-train-route

Wenche @ 04-01-2010 23:24

The train to/from Berlin will not go from/to Malmø this year. Due to construction work at Malmø station all departures/arrivals will be from/to Lund.

puck29 @ 23-04-2010 08:37

Dear Peter!

Unfortunately, it seems that the fares for pass holders on the Berlin Night Express went up a little [img:2coe2nyy]http://my.opera.com/community/graphics/smilies/frown.gif[/img:2coe2nyy]. It is now:

Sleeper - DOUBLE (2-bed-compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 39
Standard fare ADULT: EUR 129
Standard fare YOUTH (16-25): EUR 99
Standard fare CHILD (4-15): EUR 35 ← this one became a little cheaper

Couchette (6-bed-compartment)
Rail pass fare: EUR 19
Standard fare ADULT: EUR 89
Standard fare YOUTH (16-25): EUR 69
Standard fare CHILD (4-15): EUR 25

I got it from www.berlin-night-express.com/en/rates.html

If you want to, you can delete my post after having adjusted the fares, in order to keep this thread simple and short.

Thanks for all your effort on this forum .

Flo @ 23-04-2010 09:43


I just updated the original post, thank you! 🙂

Flo 😎

Huldra_ @ 14-06-2010 11:45

I can not figure out how to make reservation for a couchette while travelling with an IR pass. Is there anyone out there who can guide me to the right website?

Thanks a lot!

Flo @ 14-06-2010 11:52


You cant make this reservation online - only at train stations ie in Sweden or Germany but as well in many other countries throughout Europe.

Flo 😎

Huldra_ @ 14-06-2010 12:22

Thank you for your fast response!

As I live in Norway and NSB tries to deal as little as possible with IR travellers - is there any of the other countries' trainoffices (deutsche bahn?) who offers better service and maybe even less fees?

Flo @ 14-06-2010 12:35

Well, fees should be the same if you buy the reservation at the official letouts of the train companies - if you want to book this train through an agency expect to pay more (ie booking fees etc).

I assume you want to use this train at the beginning of your journey? Isnt it possible to get the reservation ie at Oslo S? Never been to Norway so dont know how they are dealing with reservations for foreign countries... 😐 If you dont get it at a NSB railway station you will have to buy it in Sweden - for instance at Malmö.

laural @ 16-06-2010 10:59


Should it also be possible to buy the reservations for this train from France, Marseille? If not; do you think it is possible to get the reservation only one day before the departure of the train?

Thanks for your help,

Pete @ 16-06-2010 11:13

Hi Laura.

Try it at Marseille main station. I am not sure if it is possible. Might also depend on the staff if it is in mood or not.
As I am not sure if you will get a seat or bed in the train booking one day before departure - it will also depend on the day of your travel Friday and Sunday night are often full.

Peter 🙂

Flo @ 16-06-2010 11:19

Hi Laura!

Generally it should be possible at Marseille St Charles. It might depend a little on the mood of the person at the counter.

Unless you are travelling at a weekend I think it should be possible to get the reservation on day in advance especially if you're travelling alone. But you will certainly stop at some other places between Marseille and Malmö, right? So it wont be a problem to make the reservation at a DB station for example. 🙂

Flo 😎

judith @ 27-07-2010 10:54

we would like to take the night train from berlin to malmö/lund, but our ticket is not valid in germany. do we have to pay only 19 or more? we also have a ticket where we can go where we want to in germany for that day, is it valid for night trains like that?
thanks for your help,

Flo @ 27-07-2010 11:12

Hi Judith!

I dont know 100% but according to the informations on their website http://www.berlin-night-express.com/ I'd say that you can get the discounted InterRail fare with your German InterRail Global Pass. 🙂

I dont think that you'll need your ticket that you have for Germany that day - what is it called? Often they are not valid for long-distance trains...

Flo 😎

judith @ 27-07-2010 12:58

wow that was a fast response 😉

ok, yes we hoped so as you get the interrail fare with a one-land-sweden-ticket as well.
our german ticket is a schönes-wochende-ticket, we need it anyway to get from munich to berlin. 🙂
thanks a lot!

mokaton @ 25-09-2010 16:57

Hi all!
May be anybody can help me...
Berlin Night Train works daily at summer, but I plan to travel at November. There are schedule for this month?

Flo @ 25-09-2010 18:34


Unfortunately no service in the winter months. 😢

Last departure from Malmö/Lund: 27th october
Last departure from Berlin: 30th october

Flo 😎

kassy10 @ 13-11-2010 17:14

Hello forum!!!

So i need to find my way from Stockholm to Prague!!! huuge jump i know. so i was thinking the easiest way would be to go through berlin right? but now that is winter (i'll be doing this next weekend sun 21st probably) the berlin night express isnt working 😢

I was hoping to find another alternative! prefferably another night train??? so i dont waste all my daytime hours travelling! also save money on hostel 😉

Or if you could suggest other possible route to get from stockholm ALL THE WAY to prague???? lol i even looked up flying coz its just such a hastle but flights are well above 100euros one way, and i have my interrail pass so i should use it to its full extent 😉

thanks a million for any help!


Robert_Antonio @ 13-11-2010 21:46

Take a night train from Stockholm to Köbenhavn, and then there are three daily connections from Köbenhavn to Prague with change in Berlin. The Stockholm-Köbenhavn ticket you can buy at http://www.sj.se and Köbenhavn-Prague ticket at https://rail.shop/bahn . The earlier you book the tickets, the cheaper they will be.

kassy10 @ 14-11-2010 07:20

THANKS!!! with the stockholm copenhagen there is definitely the supplement to pay, but the copenhagen to prague it is on ICE, EC trains - i dont need a reservation or supplement for them do i?

Pete @ 14-11-2010 10:20


For the night train Stockholm - Copenhagen you need a reservation for the type of bed or seat you want:

The ICE train Copenhagen - Berlin is without any supplements traveling with an InterRail pass:

The same for Berlin - Prague: no extra supplements to pay.

Peter 🙂

DrSavedra @ 15-05-2011 14:34

May be anybody can help me...

The departure station is currently Lund c or Malmo C?

Dr Savedra

Pete @ 15-05-2011 15:12

I just updated it. It is like it was in the past Malmö Central.
Peter 🙂

Willyg11 @ 11-07-2011 22:29

Hi Peter,

On the train from Malmo, do you travel into Denmark and then down iinto Berlin? Or do you take a ferry from the south of Sweden? If so, how does this happen? Do you get off and sit in the ferry and get another train when you reach Germany?

Also, can you catch this train from Gothenburg or Jonkoping? Or do I need a separate train to Malmo?


Lordmwa @ 12-07-2011 00:17

This train starts in Malmö and then goes onto a ferry - you stay on the train and if you sleep well enough may not even notice!

The sleeper leaves Malmö at 21:31 and arrives in Berlin Hbf at 06:04

From Gothenberg the last free connection is at 16:42 arriving in Malmö at 19:51. There is a faster one leaving a little later but you have to pay for reservation on those. From a quick look in my timetable it appears you would have to leave Jonkoping at 18:12 and change at Nassjo but from there it would have to be a X2000 train where the supplement is required

Pete @ 12-07-2011 08:21

Already a perfect answer given by Lordmwa - just to add: you can of course leave the train as well on the ferry and sit on deck, drink a beer and enjoy the night on the sea.
Peter 🙂

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