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Ian @ 20-08-2007 13:26

Any recommendations for a hostel in Berlin (night of Saturday 15th September)? I was thinking of travelling across Europe and getting the Eurostar, but the flight's cheaper and nearer the rest of my trip. (It's also bad for the environment, I know, but even with this trip I'll only have made six flights in the last twelve years, all short haul. 🙂 )

I am flying from Berlin Schonefeld at 10:20 a.m. on the Sunday, so it would ideally not be a long way from the railway station. I would also like to be able to go out on my last night, so a strict curfew would not be very convenient!

For that date, would I still need to be ahead or should it be fairly safe to get a bed?

admin @ 21-09-2007 21:42

Hi there

Just read your post. Too late to give you a recommendation on where NOT to stay in Berlin: Amadeus Hostel: terrible, dirty, smelly, unsafe.

I'll be going back to Berlin so if your hostel was great, or even good, I'd be grateful for the details as my 3 days in July were somewhat marred by a grossly unsatisfactory hostel.



Ian @ 21-09-2007 22:32

No worries. I just stayed in the highest-rated one on Hostel Bookers, the Baxpax Downtown Hostel Hotel. It was fine - large, clean, central, with a bar etc., but I wouldn't recommend it because for me it didn't have any kind of buzz.

Plus I had my worst experience of the whole trip there. I was in a lower bunk - on the first of my three nights the upper one was empty. After the second I introduced myself to the girl above me, giving my name and offering my hand. She shook my hand, but just said Hi in the coldest way imaginable and didn't give her name back!

Still, it's an interesting concept, in that part of it seems to be properly a hotel, i.e. with a parking lot and some older guests in the bar. And if I needed somewhere, it would be perfectly fine to have to stay there again. I wouldn't stay in the large dorm (the K-studi🧐 again, though. It is in the basement (presumably K stands for keller) and only has daylight through skylights covered in matting. It didn't have proper artificial light either - just red like a brothel. This is presumably so as to not wake people up, but it was so annoying having to go into the shower room when I wanted to check my guide or something!

👉 list of good hostels in Berlin:

Booking of hostels here: or

mimmi @ 14-10-2007 15:39

When I went to berlin in the beginning of september I slept at a place called Johns cozy little backpacker hostel. Not that big, but a great place. A clean kitchen that you can use whenever you like, nice staff, clean toilets, you get your own key so you can go in and out as you want to and nice people! And of course the fridge for free where there is food for everybody. The adress is Waldenser strasse 30, not far from turmstrasse. I really recommend this place, it was the first hostel I stayed at and now when I compare it to the others it´s one of the best hostel I have been to.

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