BELGRADE (Beograd) - VIENNA (Wien) - night train

Pete @ 28-10-2008 14:52

BELGRADE (Beograd) - VIENNA (Wien) | night train | D 340 / D 346

Information about night train travel from Belgrade to Vienna. The direct night train is suspended:

Belgrade - Vienna:
Vienna - Belgrade:

Older information:
* train comes from Sofia (Bulgaria) Dep: 1140
Nis Arr: 1447
Nis Dep: 1515
Beograd Arr: 1921
Beograd Dep: 2125
Novi Sad Arr: 2249
Novi Sad Dep: 2254
Budapest-Keleti pu Arr: 0504
Budapest-Keleti pu Dep: 0600
Györ Dep: 0727
Wien Westbahnhof Arr: 0858

single sleeper
Rail pass fare: EUR 91/101
Standard fare: EUR ??

double sleeper
Rail pass fare: EUR 39/52
Standard fare: EUR ??

triple sleeper
Rail pass fare: EUR 26/39
Standard fare: EUR ??

couchette with 6 beds
Rail pass fare: EUR 16,40
Standard fare: EUR ??

couchette with 4 beds
Rail pass fare: EUR 23
Standard fare: EUR ??

Second fares in are for the higher quality ÖBB carriages running from Beograd. The cheaper prices are for the BDZ sleeper from Sofia to Vienna.

Update: Jul 2013

hmadelin @ 15-09-2010 19:59

Hi, I'm a liitle confused about the differences between 1st and 2nd Class Interail passes.

Which of the sleepers on this train can be booked with a 2nd class Interail pass?


Flo @ 15-09-2010 20:06


For this train (as well as for many night trains) you need a 1st class ticket for a single sleeper; double and triple can be booked with a 2nd class ticket as well. 🙂

Flo 😎

hmadelin @ 15-09-2010 20:13

Flo - great thanks for your help. Hugh

judgedac @ 18-01-2011 16:16

If I take the night train from Belgrade to Venice will I have to change trains? How long is the trip ? Is there food on board?

Pete @ 18-01-2011 17:49

Belgrade to Venice is this topic:
I think you can get some food in the train - but I do not recommend it. Much cheaper to buy it somewhere before entering the train.
No changes - it is a direct train.
Peter 🙂

SaraRail @ 21-01-2011 08:21

Hello there.
I was wondering if the train has normal seats or sleeping seats and how much would it be. And i was thinking about get in the train in Belgrade, get out in Budapest and the next day or so take it from there to Vienna. Can i do that?

Thanks. (:

Flo @ 21-01-2011 09:27


There are only normal seats on this train - and running only to Budapest, not through to Vienna!

It is no problem to go Beograd - Budapest, leave the train and then take a later train to Wien.

Flo 😎

hnsight_rai @ 03-08-2013 16:11

New to the site. I don't fully understand the pricing. Do I need to buy a pass to get the prices listed here? What pass do I have to buy?

I'm hold an EU passport, and planning to travel through a few countries, just some small trips (the Eurorail pass is a little too pricey for what I need).

Pete @ 04-08-2013 06:20

The mentioned prices above are for rail pass travelers. If you are citizen of an European country for the past six months, you will have to buy an Interrail pass. The direct overnight train is suspended. If you only want to travel Eastern-Europe, often point to point tickets are cheaper than a rail pass. Please open a new topic for questions about your travel route.
And also read here carefully:
Peter 🙂

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