Pete @ 15-07-2008 13:37

BELGRADE (Beograd) - SKOPJE - THESSALONIKI / ATHENS / ISTANBUL | Balkan Express night train

By overnight train from Belgrade (Serbia) to Thessaloniki (Greece).
Find a video documentation in the railcc blog:

More information:
Belgrade - Thessaloniki:
Thessaloniki - Belgrade:

Interrail and Eurail pass reservations are available at the station (inexpensive) or online at

Older information:
Day Train (free)
Beograd Dep: 0750
Nis Arr: 1200
Nis Dep: 1215
Skopje Arr: 1659
Skopje Dep: 1730
Thessaloniki Arr: 2237

Night train (supplements bellow)
Beograd Dep: 2150
Nis Arr: 0159
Nis Dep: 0220
Skopje Arr: 0706
Skopje Dep: 0740
Thessaloniki Arr: 1254

1-bed-compartment (only 1st class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 66
Standard fare: ?

Rail pass fare: EUR 33
Standard fare: EUR 98

Rail pass fare: EUR 20
Standard fare: EUR 85

couchette (6-beds compartment)
Rail pass fare: n/a
Standard fare: n/a

seat (2nd class only)
Rail pass fare: n/a
Standard fare: n/a

Update: Nov 2016

mihce_slo @ 23-06-2009 17:24

Aren't there any seats on this night train?

SiDUDe @ 23-06-2009 17:27

I dont think so - and for €11 a sleeper is a bargain!

mihce_slo @ 23-06-2009 18:56

Yeah 🙂 , that's true. One more question about the Thessaloniki - Beograd route or well for the whole Balkan railways, are delays frequent?

SiDUDe @ 23-06-2009 19:01

yes, and long

Pete @ 23-06-2009 19:25

calculate 3-4 hours... sometimes more, sometimes less... and take enough beer (and water) with you... 😉

ShoRa @ 06-09-2009 15:34

There are seats on Belgrade - Thessaloniki night train, and they are free. There is also one day train on that route.
To go to Athens, you have to change trains in Thessaloniki.
On Belgrade - Sofia - Istanbul route, there used to be direct sleeper only for 15 - 20 EUR supplement (3, or 2 bed compartment), but from December 2008. it isn't runnig anymore. Don't be fooled by timetables which say that it's running. They told it will run again in July, but still no...only way to find out, if it started running again, is to ask directly on Belgrade or Istanbul sirkeci stations.
All in all, if you need to go from Belgrade to Istanbul, you need to take ordinary seat to Sofia at 7:50, and then change there to night train to Istanbul, frome where you have couchette (not more than 10EUR) or sleeper.

ShoRa @ 22-10-2009 20:28

Istanbul - Beograd sleeping car resumed operation! Supplements are:
3 bed slepper - 20EUR
2 bed sleeper - 33EUR
1 bed sleeper - 66EUR (only first class)

Beograd 07:50 - Istanbul Sirkeci 08:19 (next day)
Istanbul Sirkeci 22:00 - Beograd 19:18

PhoenixsHonour @ 04-10-2010 08:37

This is probably a slightly ditzy question, but I'd rather be sure.

My friend and I (both female) are planning to travel from Beograd to Thessaloniki next year, among other journeys. Can we take two beds in a 3 bed sleeper at 20 EUR each, and presumably some other person taking up the third bed, or do you have to have three people and completely occupy them?

Thanks for any help! 🙂

Flo @ 04-10-2010 09:06


You dont have to fully book a sleeper compartment, if you make two reservations in a triple sleeper the thrid bed could be occupied by another person or not. I've travelled several times in a 3 or 4 bed sleeper and ended up having the whole compartment for my own. 🙂

Flo 😎

orestgreece @ 16-11-2010 17:04

because the topic is little bit old,those routes are still continued or are different timetables now ???

Flo @ 16-11-2010 17:10

Timetables should be the same as of now - but there is the big timetable change in mid-december (as every year) which might affect these connections as well. As soon as there are reliable informations we check all topic and correct the data if neccessary. 😉

Flo 😎

Wesley @ 09-04-2011 15:39

Like all international train routes to and from Greece, the overnight train Hellas-Express and the day train Olympus from Belgrade - Skopje - Thessaloniki have been discontinued indefinitely last February, due to the dire economic situation in Greece. The advice: take a long-distance bus...

Chonaic17 @ 08-04-2015 16:03

I know that reservations are compulsory on the Belgrade-Thessaloniki route, but as far as I can see the only way to reserve tickets is by being in the station. Does anyone know of another way to reserve tickets? Or how busy does this train usually get in mid-June?

Flo @ 08-04-2015 16:12


No, you dont need a reservation for travelling in a regular seat.
You need a reservation for a couchette though - this is not available online but can be made at stations in many European countries (sometimes you would have to go to the international counters).
You should be fine though making a reservation a few days in advance in mid-june.

EDIT: I just checked, you can make the reservation online at but it will be more expensive compared to buying at a ticket desk.

Flo 😎

Pete @ 08-04-2015 17:25

And a video documentation of the overnight train Belgrade to Thessaloniki is here:

Pete 🙂

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