Belgrade to Sarajevo by bus or train

tomfiler @ 20-06-2008 16:16

from what i hear there is no train. is that true?

does anyone know the bus timetable? so far, the only one i can find information about leaves at 4pm and gets to Sarajevo at quarter to 11ish. ideally id like to go there earlier.

I will be very grateful for any help, what so ever.

thanks, tom x

SiDUDe @ 20-06-2008 16:25

there are quite a few, from what I remember, certainly more than just one. However, they do not have online timetables, and tend to change frequently. I wouldnt worry about it, the will be busses run by other companies leaving in the morning.

There is also a train connection:

tomfiler @ 20-06-2008 16:31

ok thanks a lot!

im going to the exit festival, so on the 14th will be leaving novi sad to go to belgrade but i will be hoping to go to sarajevo that day. so i will be sound getting a bus around middayish?

the main reason im so bothered to clear it up is because im probably the only one of my friends thats that arsed about going to BiH and id like to have as much information as posible to reduce the chances of them telling me to f**k off basically!

SiDUDe @ 20-06-2008 16:33

ill see you at exit! We are planning a night in belgrade, after the festival, and then heading into bosnia, and down into montenegro. I cant wait, I leave on thursday!

I would leave time getting Novi Sad - Belgrade. It will be VERY busy.

tomfiler @ 20-06-2008 16:36

yeah thats true... will probably end up getting that 4pm bus ive seen anyway!

were flying to budapest on the 7th, then going to novi sad on the 9th. we fly home from ljubljana on the 21st so would like to see as much of bosnia, croatia and slovenia in that time. my mates arent too arsed what we do so ive taken it upon myself to work out what i want to see and plan accordingly!

SiDUDe @ 20-06-2008 16:40

sounds awesome - we will be doing kinda the opposite, flying out to Ljubljana and heading down through Croatia (Garden Music festival) Serba for exit, and then bosnia, montenegro, albania, macedonia and bulgaria. and then by train back to london.

tomfiler @ 20-06-2008 16:43

that sounds much better!

ours is more a two week holiday with a bit of travelling rather than a full on adventure. i do plan to go interailling next summer though

SiDUDe @ 20-06-2008 16:45

ours started off as a couple of weeks, and somehow managed to grow to nearly 6. I dont really have the money. Ah well.

tomfiler @ 20-06-2008 16:49

it does sound boss though! ours started off as just the festival and grew into 2 weeks so i guess i cant complain...but still!!

the plan ive got after the festival is.. leave on the 14th to belgrade and go straight to sarajevo. spend the night there, then the next day go to split with a short stop at mostar. spend a couple of days in split, then a couple in zagreb, then a couple in ljubljana. hopefuly take a trip up to lake bled on the day before we leave. our flights back are to stansted, and i live on the wirral near liverpool so its a bit of a hike getting home even after we land!

SiDUDe @ 20-06-2008 16:55

were definately gonna check out bled - it looks awesome, and I have a friend who stayed in Simbol Hostel in Ljubljana and said it was great, we have booked in for next week, so if your looking for hostels...

tomfiler @ 20-06-2008 23:52

oh cheers yeah...weve left all that open...were just gonna try and get accomodation as we go... but i defo wanna compile a list of possible hostels

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