Belfast - Dublin

LMBC @ 01-04-2007 15:20


I`m planning to purchase the global pass with the intention of travelling
in the united kingdom and also the republic of ireland. I noticed that
northern ireland isn`t part of the map so I'm thinking how can we do this. We will go from glasgow to Stranrear to take the ferry to belfast. The big question is how can we go to dublin. Should we pay the trip to the border of republic of ireland and then use the pass (if so, where should we change?), or pay the entire journey?


Pete @ 02-04-2007 06:15

hi ... 🙂

Northern-Ireland is politically part of the UK and so you can travel there by InterRail. Dublin to Belfast is about 2h by train. 🙂

Peter 🙂

UPDATE Belfast to Dublin by train:

Seanfella @ 17-04-2007 16:12

I don't imagine the Interrail pass would not alow you to travel from Belfast to Dublin, Ireland is pretty much considered as one country in these matters.
However, if not, you can catch the Aircoach, which is a bus that travels from the centre of Belfast to the centre of Dublin and it's very cheap. I think its around £12 for a return ticket.
If you need anymore help in this give me a shout as I live in Belfast.
Good luck,

LMBC @ 19-04-2007 12:35


I was thinking in a global pass to great britan and ireland.
But the bus is cheap, and garantee, so I will buy a great britan pass and use the bus. we save some money and it's a good option.

Thanks for the help, and I will ask some information about your city when we plan our stay there :P

Seanfella @ 19-04-2007 12:49

No problem LMBC,

Certainly you can ask me any questions at all about your stay in Belfast, and if I can help, I will.

Good luck,

cathymarie40 @ 27-08-2008 11:14

you can get a bus from belfast to dublin for £5 or around 8 Euro.. its dead handy and no cause for confusion over interrail passes as it is so cheap. a LOT cheaper than the train

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