Barefoot walking is very healthy

dishmaster18 @ 01-03-2007 11:27

I read in a medical paper that barefoot walking is very healthy for the feet. No blisters etc! Because I'm going to interrail this summer i want to look of it indeed helps. My question is: has someone experience with barefoot walking? Also in cities? etc.
Thank you.

My name is Johan @ 01-03-2007 21:27

I believe that the real way to do that pilgrim thing is with bare foots, maybe you should get in touch with someone who has experience in that area.

Miro @ 03-03-2007 15:02

Get in contact with people from New-Zealand, it's quite common there to walk barefoot.

Radu @ 21-04-2007 19:42

I read in a medical paper that barefoot walking is very healthy for the feet.

You can say it's healthy but not in the sense this pill is good for this condition but in the sense that it's the natural way people are genetically made to walk and run. But because your feet have adapted to shoes (not in the good way) it will be hard at first to go for long distances: start slow with small walks in the local park on grass or sand and than move up to soil, hard soil and than cement and other surfaces. But you find more information about this process on this site:
Even though it has horrible graphics in my oppinion it's the best resource for barefoot walking/running.

p.s. I also did walking, running and climbing barefoot in the city but not for long distances. I don't think there would be any chances to get injured if you simply walk (I only got injured while sprinting) but if you walk for long distances anything can happen so it's probably advisable to get an antitetanos shot or simply wear shoes in the areas where you don't want to pay attention to what's on the ground in front of you - but by all means take of your stink bombs to chill out in a park, gardens, etc.

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