biome @ 17-02-2009 09:18

Hi guys, I'm searching for an overnight connection from Barcelona to Nice.

So far what I found requires a 5 hour wait at Montpellier btw 12 am to 5 am. And I realise its very unsafe to sleep outside the train station.

Any alternatives?

Pete @ 17-02-2009 09:45

hej ... 🙂

as over night connection there is only one useful connection:

get from Barcelona to Toulouse... you can do this by regional trains, you won't loose a lot of travel time but save the supplements.
if you travel along the coast from Barcelona to Narbonne, you will go to the west to Toulouse, so loose some kilometres.

better and much nicer is the travel trough the Pyrenees:
Barcelona - Pyrenees - Toulouse (the shorter and more direct way):
Barcelona - Perpignan - Le Tour de Carol (by the PETIT TRAIN JAUNE):
the PETIT TRAIN JAUNE is really cool - no supplements and running without a roof during the summer months. but it is much nicer to go downhill from La Tour de Carol to Perpignan.

for train schedules:

from Toulouse you can use the night train Hendaye to Nice Ville
Toulouse Dep.: 00.14h
Nice Ville Arr.: 07.58h

for details about the supplements of this night train:

biome @ 20-02-2009 02:45

Thanks Peter!

I'm sorry, I'm having alot of difficulty finding out on the route from Barcelona - Toulouse. Seems to me that the route through Narbonne is the quickest and takes the least time travelling..

Using the Eurail timetable, I found there is a train from Barcelona departing at 1516 reaching La Tour De Carol 1831. Then from La Tour De Carol 1921 to Toulose 2216.

Dont really get the Little Yellow Train part! Could you help me on this?

Pete @ 20-02-2009 09:18

if you are travelling the route like you mentioned, you only see the Yellow train standing beside of you.
to travel with the Yellow train there are two possibilities:

1) Barcelona trough the Pyrenees to La Tour De Carol
La Tour De Carol down to Villefrance by Yellow Train
Villefrance to Perpignan to Narbonne and then to Toulouse

2) Barcelona along the coast to Perpignang
via Villefrance up to La Tour De Carol by yellow train
from there to Toulouse

or the third version:
Barcelona to La Tour De Carol on the direct way
going down to Villefrance by Yellow Train, and back up to La Tour De Carole and then continue to Toulouse


biome @ 23-02-2009 07:52

Thanks Peter! I'll definitely consider this route. The scenery through the Pyrenees must be beautiful. Thank you!

h2-chung @ 08-07-2009 11:43

is the barcelona to nice train supplement on internationale sneltrein/train rapide international the same as nice - barcelona (Eur 3) ?

Pete @ 08-07-2009 13:56

just give me the time and date you want to travel and I tell you the supplement. 🙂
but you can travel Barcelona to Nice completely free of supplements.

Flo @ 08-07-2009 23:13

There are no direct trains Nice - Barcelona vv. There are two daily connections Montpellier - Barcelona by Talgo, supplement ~7€; from Nice to Montpellier there are several Corail Téoz trains Marseille - Montpellier, they require a 3€ supplement.

But as Peter said you can travel this route without any supplement at all too.

Flo 😎

h2-chung @ 30-07-2009 11:58

just give me the time and date you want to travel and I tell you the supplement. 🙂
but you can travel Barcelona to Nice completely free of supplements.

I have looked on the Route Planner

Barcelona Sants - Cerbere (no supplement)

Cerbere - Montpellier St Roch (Rapid Train, Subject to compulsory reservation, Special ticket or supplement required )

Montpellier - Nice Ville (Rapid Train, Subject to compulsory reservation, Global Price)

how much is the compulsory reservation for rapid trains? and what is the difference between global price and supplement? I've tried to find the answer everywhere but no such luck 😢

thanks so much for your help!

Pete @ 30-07-2009 12:18

hi ...

Cerbere - Montpellier should be a TALGO:

Montpellier - Nice Ville should be a TEOZ train:

on this connection you can use the TALGO directly from Barcelona to Montpellier and save the change in Cerbere - still 6,50 EUR then.

Peter 🙂

h2-chung @ 03-08-2009 15:42

Thank you so much! I've been reading the supplement pages but just can't seem to put two and two together, i'm being a bit stupid really!

I also can't find information on the International Rapid Trains. When I search for my route without HST/no surcharge it still asks for compulsory reservation on the fast trains, but where can i find how much that would be for each country? would that be in the supplement section also?

thank you very much Peter, you are a life saver!

Pete @ 03-08-2009 19:37

it is becoming more and more complicate especially as there are some new types of long distance trains in the schedule planer - with supplements - even using the function avoid supplements ... I think the software needs an update this winter. but it is a system of the national railway companies ... so I can't change nothing on it. 😉
and often I only find the correct supplement as I already travelled on these routes - very often it is not possible to find the supplement which fits the train ...
so if you have more question and need help, let me know ... 🙂

fadden_87 @ 05-02-2010 17:50

Hello, great amount of information on here has to be said thanks to everyone 🙂

My situation is that I wanted to start off in Barcelona and work my way up to Narbonne, then go on to Nice. Haven't yet decided if I'll stop off in Marseilles additionally.

The Barcelona train to get to Narbonne I appreciate is the train going to Montpellier. Say I get the 0845 from Barcelona getting into Narbonne at 1220. Despite not going onto Montpellier would I still be paying the supplement (6.50 euros I believe)? The same question I guess applies with going to Nice from Narbonne on the 0812 train changing at Marseilles, getting into 1332 at Nice.

The SNCF website appears to indicate that a reservation is needed but is silent about any potential supplements.

Also with regards to the reservation, can I do that at the station on the day of travel or would it be wise to do this a day or two beforehand?

Thanks again 🙂

Pete @ 05-02-2010 19:02

hi Fadden ...

Barcelona dep: 0845 | TALGO de Jour -
Narbonne arr 1220
Montpellier arr: 1322
It doesn't matter if you leave the train in Narbonne or Montpellier - the supplement is the same!

Narbonne dep 0812 | TGV - EUR 3
Marseilles arr: 1041
Marseilles dep: 1059 | TGV - EUR 3
Nice Ville arr: 1332

Marseilles dep: 1159 | free Regional train
Nice Ville arr: 1434

You will find as well connections and information here:

And that's the reason, why our forum exists, as you don't find information on national railway websites in most cases.

If you want to support our work, buy your official InterRail ticket via our partner:

All the best, Peter 🙂

fadden_87 @ 05-02-2010 20:03

I will do in due course. Clearer on the subject now. Thanks 🙂

leukocyte @ 30-07-2010 14:50

Hello 🙂
While searching for connections from Barcelona to Nice I came across this thread that got me curious about riding the yellow train... but is there any good connection from Latour de Carol to Nice? Everything I can find is above 10 hours. I'm not afraid to pay a supplement, as long as it is not too much (let's say not above 50 eur🧐.
Thanks for any help 🙂

Pete @ 30-07-2010 18:46


Check this link:

Maybe you can start a bit earlier around 07:00h in Barcelona via Latour de Carol - as with the connection ending up at 19:00h in Perpignan, you can't catch a day train anymore to Nice.
But it is definitely worth the trip trough the Pyrenees and using the Petit Train Jaune - definitely one of the best rail trips within Europe. 🙂

Peter 🙂

leukocyte @ 31-07-2010 18:23

So, to be sure to get this right: I do the first example journey (Barcelona - Pyrénées - Perpignan) and spend the night in Perpignan. The next day, I take the train to Nice which only takes 7 hours if i pass through Marseille for example. My problem wasn't that the departure time was later than 10:00, but that the travel time from Latour de Carol to Nice was more than 10 hours (which is a bit ridiculous i think), in case you got me wrong 🙂 (if I got you wrong, excuse me 😉 )
Thank you very much for your help 🙂

Pete @ 01-08-2010 14:50

Okay. 🙂

The travel time from Latour de Carol to Perpignan is about 4-5 hours. It is no a normal train, it is a very special train going directly trough the Pyrenees.

Perpignan to Nice is (depending on the connection): 6-8 hours.

So in total in deed something about 10 hours.

Peter 🙂

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