BARCELONA - GRANADA - night-train

Pete @ 24-07-2008 13:28

BARCELONA - GRANADA | night-train
Information for Interrail, Eurail travellers and persons with normal train ticket travelling by overnight train from Barcelona to Granada (Spain).

Direct night train available from Barcelona to Granada and revers.

More information, schedules, photos and fares on railcc.
Barcelona - Granada:
Granada - Barcelona:

Older information:
single sleeper bed with private shower and WC (only 1st class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 132
Standard fare: EUR 190

single sleeper bed (only 1st class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 93
Standard fare: EUR 140

double sleeper with private shower and WC
Rail pass fare: EUR 80
Standard fare: EUR 135

double sleeper
Rail pass fare: EUR 50
Standard fare: EUR 98

T4 - compartment with 4 beds
Rail pass fare: EUR 30
Standard fare: EUR 79
Pay attention: the T4 compartments are separated by sex unless all (!) four beds in the compartment are reserved by one group of travellers.

seat (2nd class)
Rail pass fare: EUR 7
Standard fare: EUR 54

Update: Nov 2016

ChristinaS @ 09-04-2011 06:30

Hi !

Does this train have couchettes 1 ere classe'? I am travelling with my two kids and would prefer all of us to be together. Are the 4 sleepers 1st or 2nd class? Thank you!

Flo @ 09-04-2011 06:44


The following types are available:

- T4 Cama Turista: Cabin with four beds, one upper, one lower on either side of the cabin plus washbasin; the rule that all travellers must be of the same sex does not apply when travelling with children as far as I know - I'll try to verify that but I can do so not until next week.

- double/single sleeer Cama Preferente: Cabon with two beds, one upper, one lower and washbasin; there should be connecting doors between each two cabins on the rolling stock used on this Trenhotel service. You could then book one cabin as a single and the adjacent as a double if you need three beds. Breakfast included

- double/single sleeer Cama Gran Clase: Same as Preferente, but with shower/WC en cabin; I'm not entirely sure there are connecting doors. Breakfast and dinner included.

You can use all those categories with a first class InterRail pass. 🙂

Flo 😎

ChristinaS @ 03-05-2011 20:48

I am travelling alone with two children and would like to take this train from Granada to Barcelona in July.

Do they have sleepers for 3 persons or only sleepers for 1, 2 and 4 persons ?



Flo @ 04-05-2011 14:51

There are no 3bed sleepers on Trenhotel services. 😐

ChristinaS @ 04-05-2011 19:45

Thanks Flo. This is very useful already ... Bearing in mind the price of accomodation for a family of three ... using a Cama Turista or even a Preferente could be a nice alternative ... and fun for the kids too ! 🙂
How far in advance do you recomend that I book. I'm arriving in Spain on 05/07 and want to leave for Barcelona from granada on 08/7.

Flo @ 04-05-2011 19:50

I would try to get the reservation as soon as you arrive - as you are travelling with kids you probably are not as flexible as a single traveller, let alone it is more comfortable to know that you have already secured your bed while staying in Granada.

To be sure I would recommend to give RENFE a call as described here 👉

Flo 😎

hannatenbrink @ 24-11-2012 16:32

This website is great! However, I have a question.
I would like to make a reservation for the night train Barcelona-Granada, but I can only make a reservation for a cabin, while we would like to make a reservation for a seat. Is this also possible or not?
Thank you for the information!

Flo @ 24-11-2012 17:26


thank you. 🙂
Where do you try to get the seat reservation? And for what travel date?

Flo 😎

hannatenbrink @ 24-11-2012 17:48

I tried to get the reservations through this site, for 21 December (to Granada) and 5 Jan (to Barcelona).

Flo @ 24-11-2012 17:59


I just checked and it seems that we can only offer reservations for the sleepers online... 😧

What you could do (unless you want to buy it at a NS Hispeed counter or at Treinreiswinkel in Amsterdam) is to phone RENFE and then pick up your reservations in Spain. Have a look here: 👉

Flo 😎

hannatenbrink @ 24-11-2012 18:11

Thanks for the information! I will try to make a reservation by call then!
Hope it works, otherwise we will go by train to Malaga 😎

Flo @ 24-11-2012 18:17

OK, dont forget it is possible to get reservations at trains stations during your trip as well - in case nothing works out until then. 😉

Hetman @ 25-11-2012 19:23

but if want to sleep well may be cabin is better because they do not turn off the light till Valencia...

hannatenbrink @ 26-11-2012 16:37

They told me that I can only make a reservation 2 days in advance (their English was not very good, so that's at least what I think what they told me). Does anyone know if it is busy in this train or that it is no problem to make a reservation just one day before departure? Thanks for the information!

ps the international number from the other topic works with a cell phone but not if you want to call with skype!

Flo @ 26-11-2012 17:10


that's always hard to predict. However, I think in this case it is a good idea to get the reservations earlier since on the Friday before Christmas trains are likely to be full. So if they cant help you at the RENFE phone service, better get the reservations at a station in NL - or go with the sleeper and get the reservations online on railcc. Although this will be a bit more expensive than to get it directly at RENFE you will have your place on the train. 🙂

I just checked and for todays departure there would be still seats and sleepers left, as well as for the train on Friday.

Flo 😎

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