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suchendranath @ 08-08-2009 13:08

I am from villach, austria. I am planning to visit my brother in linkoping, sweden in october. I have just seen a method of reservation in this post.

NEW - ONLINE BOOKING/RESERVATION - you can book all supplements for seats, beds, couchettes online!
The charge for the delivery of the tickets by postal service is: EUR 3.50
An online ticket is also possible - but you need your credit card then with you as proof.

How to do (for the English version of the website):
1) Visit this website of the Deutsch Bahn: click here
2) Fill in the journey you want to travel, the date and time.
3) Press -> search
4) You will see a list of trains - select the one (has to be a direct train) marked as CNL (=CityNightLine) check availability
5) Sometimes the system asks then for your age - it is not important for the reservation, but fill it in - there is also an extra field. Keep it with no reduction. Press refresh and do it again like at step (4).
6) Now you see the list of the different types of seats, couchettes and beds you can book. But still at the normal high fares. Select the button at the bottom beside the red one called Book only extra charge
7) On the next page select Pass offer (InterRail, Eurail, other pass offer) and then -> Continue
😎 Select the type of seat/bed you want and press Book selected offer

On the next steps you have to fill in your personal data and make the payment. You can book and print your ticket by yourself, but then need the credit card with you with which you paid. Or get the ticket send home to you for EUR 3.50.
Thank you DeutschBahn - a really fair and good service!
I dont have any pass right now. Do i have to get any pass such as interRail,Euurail to use this type of reservation ???
If you can please give me the details of the trains with fares(as cheap as possible) from austria to sweden???

Pete @ 08-08-2009 16:43

hi ...
as Austrian, you can only buy an INTERRAIL pass. you can buy the reservation before you buy your InterRail ticket. but then in the train, you need an InterRail pass with you - otherwise your reservation supplement for your bed/seat is not valid.
for the cheapest way... I do not know how many days you want to travel and how long to stay... maybe a 10 in 22 days InterRail Global Pass is the cheapest solution for you:
just use the schedule planer to find out connections:
and then compare it to possible supplements:
maybe as well interesting for you:
Peter 🙂

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