Athens - Vilnius - Minsk

konstantine @ 02-05-2008 08:02

Hi there!!

Me and my mates are planning a trip to Lithuania and I'm trying to find a line connection between these 2 cities.Could anyone help me? I've tried the city2city project but it does not connect them. Could you give me info about the local Railways?

Many thanks.

Pete @ 02-05-2008 18:19

hi Konstantine... 🙂

have a look on this topic:

there you will find a good connection... but be sure, it will take about 3 days of train travel !!! 🙂

greetings to Vilnius... I like it there !!! 🙂

konstantine @ 02-05-2008 18:46

Thanks for yr help!
How is traveling for so many hours anyway? I have no experience in such trips. I guess a book is necessary (when tired of chating 🙂 )
Are there trains in a regular base during the day or we have to stay in the place we change trains?

Pete @ 03-05-2008 12:43

often you have a little bit of time when changing the trains to go in a supermarket at the station to buy new beer or food... 😉
but it won't be cheap...
better to take three bottles of wine with you and some food !! 🙂
and a book of course or even two and try to sit beside of other travellers... always nice to talk and to share experiences about good locations worth to visit !!! 🙂

konstantine @ 03-05-2008 12:54

Thanks again

These might be usefull 😎 .I've also contacted a friend in -tagged- from Lithuania to give some info about the place. Ok if there is anything more I or my friends want to ask ,you'll be reading from me again.I hope y don't bother.


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