Are Interrail trains free ?

roryroryrory @ 24-12-2008 13:56

Hey I'm planning a months trip in august and was wondering, are all trains free?

I know about reservations an additional costs for night trains, but can you just get any local train too, and just go to another city just like that?

Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find the answer.

Thanks 🙂

Pete @ 26-12-2008 08:18

Yes... especially local trains are free !! 🙂
So if you have time and only use slow local trains, you don't have to pay any supplements.
But no panic: also a lot of high speed trains and fast trains are free!

Reservations and supplements for trains:

Night train information:

And the most interesting thing: the railccs search FREE connections for you, avoiding these trains with extra fees:

Peter 🙂

roryroryrory @ 27-12-2008 15:32

Thanks for the info.

Another question though, about the eurostar discount for interrail ticket holders.
Can you still buy a eurostar ticket at the discounted IR price a few days before your IR ticket is valid? i.e. 3 days before.
It seems a waste of three days validity of the months global ticket when I will be in Paris, not traveling, especially when I am planning a long trip and need all the days I can for traveling.

Pete @ 27-12-2008 16:48

to get the discount for EUROSTAR you need a valid InterRail pass. it is not possible the way you want to do it. 😶

maybe you just take a cheap flight (Ryanair or Easyjet)?!?

have fun, Peter 🙂

roryroryrory @ 28-12-2008 22:25

Ok thanks again for the info.
Honestly, I don't like flying so I will probably get a train to ST Pancras
And then eurostar.
The IR discount price is not so important if you can get a youth ticket. They're pretty cheap themselves

JT @ 11-01-2009 17:44

Hey Guys,

I have another question in this context.

You said using local trains are free. And if you do not have to pay is this a day in the ticket?

Pete @ 12-01-2009 15:17

on regional trains you do not have to pay supplements, but you need a day of your InterRail pass.
but not on all high-speed-trains you need a supplement... for example in Germany... you travel completely for free when using the luxury high speed train ICE:


embowyer @ 27-01-2013 20:22

Great question I think a lot of us were wondering about thia

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