Any Train connection from Beograd to Thessaloniki

EuropeanUnionTraveller @ 26-11-2018 19:41

Dear Community,

I`m planning a trip from Beograd to Thessaloniki and I would like to take the Train. But I read, that the Night Train from Beograd to Thessaloniki doesn`t operate at the moment. So my question is, is there any posibility to travel from Beograd to Thessaloniki in March 2019 with a Train or a bus?
With best regards,

Flo @ 26-11-2018 20:24

Hi and welcome to railcc!

The night train from Belgrade to Thessaloniki will only run during summer 2019 (about mid June to mid September) so in March 2019 there wont be any international train connection between Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.
If you want to cover as much of the route as possible by train you would have to go via Nis - Sofia - Kulata - Thessaloniki, but this would require an overnight stay in Sofia: or you take the more adventurous route through the Kosovo to Macedonia (via Kraljevo - Pristina - Skopje), then go via Bitola to Florina in Greece and onwards to Thessaloniki. Attention, between Mitrovia Sever (North) and Pristina in Kosovo you have to go by bus/taxi as well as between Bitola (Macedonia) and Florina (Greece).

Anyway, both of these options would require quite some time; best option if you want to go straight to Greece would be to look for direct buses from Belgrade to Thessaloniki. Check at or; in case no direct buses Belgrade - Thessaloniki are available there will be plenty of options from Belgrade to Skopje and from Skopje to Thessaloniki.


EuropeanUnionTraveller @ 26-11-2018 20:47

Thank you for the quick answer,

I looked in the Internet after your given Informations and I couldn`t find any schedule or informatio for a train connection from Nis to Sofia and Sofia to Thessaloniki.
I hope you can help me.
With best regards

Flo @ 26-11-2018 20:52

Better ask here if you have special requests. 😉

Belgrade - Nis - Sofia:
Sofia - Kulata - Thessaloniki:

Please keep in mind that both schedules are valid only until December 8; in 2019 schedules will be similar.
Replacement bus service in operation between Kulata and Strimon.


EuropeanUnionTraveller @ 26-11-2018 20:55

Thank you very much

EuropeanUnionTraveller @ 11-12-2018 20:23

Dear Community,

at least, I found a schedule for the Night Train from Belgrad to Thessaloniki. The Train starts from Topcider Station and departs at 18:35 and arrives in Thessaloniki at 9:33, if the Train is on time. I would like to link the schedule, but you have to look by yourself after him at the Serbian Train Website.

Finally I´ve found a solution.

With best greetings EuropeanUnionTraveller

Pendolino @ 12-12-2018 19:14

As far as I know, this train was suspended on 1 October 2018. There are no alternatives provided, and it is possibly permanently.

There are currently two alternatives, like Flo said. Keep in mind that the direct train Beograd - Sofia only runs in the summer season, so in March you have to change trains at Nis and Dimitrovgrad. You leave Beograd at 6:10 and arrive in Sofia at 19:00. The connection in Nis is 21 minutes. If you want to make sure of your connection, you better take the earlier train. This train leaves Beograd at 4:05 and arrives in Nis at 9:37, leaving you with plenty of time to have breakfast and visit the castle of Nis.

Another, and more complicated but more adventurous, option is the route via Kosovo and Macedonia. This route can also be done in 2 travel days, but requires more planning.
Beograd - Kraljevo by train
Kraljevo to Kosovska Mitrovica by train
Kos. Mitrovica to Podgorica by bus
Stay the night in Podgorica
Podgorica to Skopje by train
Skopje to Thessaloniki by train, partly by rail replacement bus from the border with Greece.

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