ANDORRA by train

Pete @ 06-07-2008 12:01

Travel to Andorra by train and bus

You can not get to Andorra by direct train. The last kilometres has to be done by bus.

Travel by train to:

1) L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre or
2) La Tour de Carol

There is a regular bus service for about 9 EUR to Adorra.
See also one of the bus connections:

👉 Schedules:

Update: Nov 2016

dance89 @ 14-04-2009 17:04

Is Andorra worth a visit? Because it would take quite a while to go from Toulouse to Andorra. Any experiences?

Pete @ 14-04-2009 21:05

No you do not really need it - if you compare it to the time you will loose ... it is okay, but more interesting for skiing in winter.
Better to use the Petit Train Jaune in the Pyrenees ... just have a search here at the forum for it. 🙂

greenzie @ 06-12-2009 20:32

Dear Peter

I am going to buy my second interrail for traveling this christmas holiday. I am planning to go to Andorra and also take the Petit train Jaune from LA TOUR DE CAROL the next day.

My question is is there a bus or public transport connection from Andorra or L'Hospitalet to La tour de Carol??
I could not find any information for it.

My plan was to come from Paris (Dec 25 night) using the night train to L'Hospitalet (Dec 26) then take a bus to Andorra ( ) but then after that I don't know how to get to La tour de Carol because I am planning to stay overnight (Dec 26) there (in La tour de Carol) to take the Petit train Jaune the next morning (Dec 27).

I also tried to call taxi company (the guy only speaks little english) and if im not mistaken he said the taxi cost from L'Hospitalet to La tour de Carol is around 50-60 euro. Isn't that quite steep for 20km trip??

Please help me if you know anything about his.
Thank you so much

Flo @ 06-12-2009 21:01


Your plan might be a little bit tricky...

I can only find two daily connections Andorra - L'Hospitalet by Andorrabus. With the one in the afternoon you just miss the SNCF train to Latour de Carol so you would have to wait almost two hours in the litteral middle of nowhere. Problem is that with the next and last train you are stuck in Latour...I don't know if there is any accomodation in town (at least suitable for an InterRailer), we didn't find any and slept in a village a few kilometres away. But that was in summer...
I know that there's kind of a hostel in the spanish city of Puigcerda close to Latour, where you can go by train from Latour (replacement service with buses due to engineering work at the moment). But they wanted to charge us 100€ for one night/two persons this summer (maybe they have dorms as well...I dont know).

Accomodation is an issue in this area...especially in the winter.

My only advice would be to stay one extra night in Andorra and take the first bus in the early morning to L'Hospitalet - get to Latour - Petit Train Jaune - Villefranche - Perpignan.

L'Hospitalet - Latour is served every two hours by regular SNCF trains.

Hope this helps a little.

Flo 😎

greenzie @ 06-12-2009 21:37

Thank you so much Flo for your info. It's very helpful.

It is a good idea I think to stay overnight in Andorra so to avoid waiting 2 hours in Hospitalet. But I wonder what I am gonna do the whole day in Andorra on Dec 26th and I am not into skiing. 🙂

Flo @ 08-12-2009 11:14

You're welcome. And don't forget: When buying from you can support the work here at the website and forum . 🤣

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