Pete @ 23-06-2008 20:14

From AMSTERDAM to PARIS by train.
How to buy point to point train tickets - online shop. Interrail and Eurail pass travel information. Route from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Paris (France).

Train connection from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Paris (France). Several direct THALYS trains per day.

👉 How to buy online tickets for this route: for the direct THALYS trains, book your ticket via or

Rail pass travellers (Interrail + Eurail): you have to pay an expensive reservation fee for the direct THALYS train:
It is possible to travel this route by slower but free trains (see schedules bellow).

More information:
Amsterdam - Paris:
Paris - Amsterdam:

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Update: Nov 2016

Hetman @ 12-01-2009 23:21

I payed 26euro in 2.class, from Brussel to Paris. In friday, 9th january about 8 o'clock so may be price depends on travel's time.

chelo @ 13-04-2009 17:57 there any ICE train,just ICE, from amsterdam to paris,i think that thalys is to expensive

SiDUDe @ 13-04-2009 21:37

no, the only direct trains from brussels to paris is thalys - but from brussels to amsterdam there are regular free IC trains

Addewear @ 04-08-2009 12:32

We wen't to get to talk with people at the swedish railway-ticet-and-information-shop today, about this connection:

1) By Regional and IC trains via Antwerp, Lille and Aulnoye Aymeries

Amsterdam Centraal Dep: 09:54 - IC - free
Antwerpen Centraal Arr: 12:00

Antwerpen Centraal Dep: 12:06 - IC - free
Lille Flandres Arr: 13:53

Lille Flandres Dep: 14:15 - RegionalExpress - free
Aulnoye Aymeries Arr: 15:20

Aulnoye Aymeries Dep: 16:01 - RapidTrain - free
Paris Nord Arr: 17:50

But they said that it did not exist. You could travel from ex. Amsterdam to Antwerpen - but it would take you 4 hours and you would have to change train 4 times. No train left Amsterdam at 09.54, as in the example above.

Why is this? They told us that it would be impossible for us to get from Amsterdam from Paris, without having to pay at least 35 E, even to we have the ir-card. Is this really so?

Pete @ 04-08-2009 12:43

hi ...
either the connection changed the last days or the train is not running every day.

and you can definitely travel with less than 35 EUR - when using the connection mentioned as option (2) at the top of this page with ICE/TGV Amsterdam-Frankfurt-Paris ...

but there are as well several connections completely free of supplements on the route Amsterdam-Paris...
that's why we always say: don't believe a station, ask here at the place of the specialists ... 🙂
and support them by buying your ticket not at an anonymous company, buy it here at ... 🙂

sometimes staff at the ticket windows of the stations simply do not know all details, don't have the time or aren't in the mood to search a little bit - but I also have to say: you can also meet very nice and helpful staff at stations. definitely!! 🙂

for some options have a look at the top of this topic - I just updated it.
Peter 🙂

Addewear @ 04-08-2009 13:19

Thank you Peter! Very much! It's so great that you'll take the time and help us out!: )

Btw, for A, B and C - do you have to make reservations in forehand, or do we only have to get on the train?

Pete @ 04-08-2009 13:34

only get on the train ... 🙂
I always got a seat on these trains ... maybe just avoid traveling on B+C on Friday+Sunday evening ... then trains might be full - and you have to change your seats sometimes. 🙂

andreeaa alexandra @ 10-05-2010 07:43

Hi, I would like to know what is it with P1 and P2... If I have a IR ticket 5 what kind of pass do I have? I don't get it. Thanks in advance.

Pete @ 10-05-2010 08:00


Pass 1 (P1): for holders of InteRail passes covering the whole journey
Your country of residence is NOT: Netherlands, Belgium or France
You have a GLOBAL InterRail Pass (5 days in 10, 10 days in 22, 15 days continuous, 22 days continuous, 1 month pass)

Pass 2 (P2): for holders of InterRail passes partially covering the journey
Your country of residence is one of the countries the train is crossing: Netherlands, Belgium or France
You only have a ONE COUNTRY pass for one of the 3 countries mentioned.

Peter 🙂

andreeaa alexandra @ 11-05-2010 06:37

Thank you, Peter. You're the best! 🤣

adrian @ 06-06-2010 10:58

I found another connection between Amsterdam and Paris without using THALYS:
Amsterdam CS Dep: 07:54 IC 9220
Bruxelles-Midi Arr: 10:42
Bruxelles-Midi Dep: 11:20 TGV 9832
Aéroport-Charles-de-Gaulle TGV Arr: 12:56

Where do you think it's the best to buy the reservation for the TGV, in Bruxelles or already in Amsterdam?

Pete @ 07-06-2010 09:23


If you know your exact travel date, buy the reservation for the TGV as early as possible - in Amsterdam.
Read also here concerning reservations for TGV trains:

Peter 🙂

Flo @ 07-06-2010 19:31


Keep in mind that you then still need to get to the centre of Paris:

If you show your InterRail ticket at the ticket counter of the RER (suburban railway in the Paris area) you get a contremarque (ticket) which you can use for getting to Paris Gare du Nord. This ticket is only available in that direction and for that particular route (CDG - Gare du Nord).
Otherwise, InterRail isnt valid neither on the RER network nor on the other parts of the suburban network around Paris (operated by STIF)!

Flo 😎

Snikpellik @ 15-06-2010 00:03

Uhm.. uh.. I may be blind or very very stupid.. but.. how do I order? I just get payment options not including the Interrail pass on Thalys' web sites. Is it not possible to make a online reservation and pay when I'm getting on the train?

Pete @ 15-06-2010 07:04

You either have to call them or get the ticket at a station. For example in Germany, France or one of the Benelux countries.
Peter 🙂

Snikpellik @ 15-06-2010 14:56

Thanks for the answer. Do you think there will be tickets three days before? We are not in Amsterdam until the 11th and are planning to make our way to Paris the 13th.

Pete @ 15-06-2010 15:07

I am sure there should be some tickets left. As long as you are flexible in the times of your departure on this day.
Otherwise you still have the option to use free but slower trains - so you will definitely reach Paris on this day.

PhantomManic @ 08-07-2010 18:46

Hi, when choosing option B, what is the last station in The Netherlands? Seeing I have to pay from my city (Heerenveen) to the last station in Holland...
And is it also true that in the Netherlands there is a 50% reduction on this ticket if you have Global Pass?

Pete @ 11-07-2010 15:57

To find out schedules and stations just use the schedule planer and click on the train number - this is the best way:

Border station is: Tourcoing
Just some meters away from Lille. So the best option is to watch out for a special discounted ticket to Lille.

And yes, the reduction is 50% (scroll down):

And if you want to support our work, buy your official InterRail pass at:
Thank you, Peter 🙂

Scotch Mist @ 24-07-2010 20:15

Do the times for the connections without Thalys at the start of this thread still apply. Reason I ask is that this is near the end of my interrail trip and I would rather avoid the hefty Thalys supplement if possible. Thanks 🙂

Flo @ 26-07-2010 07:11


I just checked the timetables and there are only some minor alterations - but in general timings are still the same. For details use the schedule planner (with the option no hst/trains without surcharge):

Flo 😎

Addewear @ 27-08-2010 17:03

Is this still an actuall connection? Because I'm not able to find it. Maybe it's just that I can't handle the schedule planer, I don't know. However, I'd be greatful if i could get some help here.


Amsterdam Centraal Dep: 0754 (free IC train)
Antwerpen Centraal Arr: 1000
Antwerpen Centraal Dep: 1006 (free IC train)
Lille Flandres Arr: 1154
Lille Flandres Dep: 1202 (free Regional train)
Amiens Arr: 1341
Amiens Dep: 1508 (free fast train)
Paris Nord Arr: 1622

Pete @ 30-08-2010 11:36


I just checked everything and updated it.

Peter 🙂

Elochai @ 23-03-2011 10:40


Just wondering if the 'without-thalys' is an option towards the summer? When I look at the time tables it says that they stop running after 10-11 June :S

It's from Lille Flandres to Amiens that I have looked at, different trains seem to take the route; for example RE 43930 and train RE 43932 says they stop running around 10-11 June.

For example:

Days of operation: not every day, 23. Mar until 10. Jun 2011 Mo - Fr; not 11. until 29. Apr 2011, 2. Jun

Is it just that I am looking to far into future routes or something, or do they run these rarely? :S


Flo @ 23-03-2011 10:46


There is the annual summer timetable change at the 12th June, that's why those trains are not included in the database after that date yet. Dont worry, you will be able to use free connections via Lille - Amiens during the summer, timings are likely to be the same as you can find now. 🙂

Flo 😎

Mateja @ 03-08-2011 12:06

So, if I understood correctly, I have to pay the supplement at the station in Amsterdam (there's no reservation required right?). If I am travelling in September, what are the chances of the Amsterdam - Paris THALYS train beeing full?


Pete @ 03-08-2011 17:04

Hi Mateja.
Good news: our new shop now supports the online booking of THALYS reservations (Rail pass holder fares) .
Peter 🙂

Shakermaker @ 09-08-2011 17:22

Hey! 🤣

I can buy a supplements for THAYLS trains at stations..just straight away? or do i need to booked them? im planning to take a free train, tho.. but just asking.. 🙂
Is the free train to Paris that drives away at 11:53 from Amsterdam often full, do i need a reservation?

Cheers! Greatings from Amsterdam

Ohh and...i gutted...i was planing to go to London but i going to skip it... because of all the things that are happening there 😢 😢

Pete @ 09-08-2011 17:45

Yes you can also buy the THALYS supplement at a station spontaneously.
But use the free trains - it is really not acceptable what THALYS is doing!!!
And London: I think it is media - it won't hit the main live directly at the tourist spots ...! 🙂
But the trip to London is expensive.
I recommend as cheap solution either to use buses:

Or ferries:

As EUROSTAR trains are like THALYS trains: NOT acceptable for their supplements!!!

Have fun on your trip, Peter 🙂

Shakermaker @ 10-08-2011 15:57

The information for the train travel from Amsterdam to Paris you give are very helpful. Thanks a lot Peter! 🤣
I really enjoy all the help here on railcc!

nltrainer @ 11-08-2011 10:42

Yes you can also buy the THALYS supplement at a station spontaneously.
But use the free trains - it is really not acceptable what THALYS is doing!!!🙂

.1 only at SOME main stations with Internationakl (they say NSHispeed) in NL-and then you also have to pay 10€ extra (mentioned here more as once) for the service that they provide you for doing so-after having stood inline for a few hours.
The best and easy way to go reasonable fast and with less: the hourly BNL train to Brussel, get off at Antwerpen, change into (5-6 mins) the direct train to LILLE=RIJSSEL just in FR and get hourly connecting TGV (cost is 6€ for an IR-RES or 1,50 with an automat forfait) to Paris Nord-total time 5 hrs (Thalys in 3, as it is superfast). Pay for TGV only when in FR

Mateja @ 16-08-2011 14:45

When I try to buy a reservation for THALYS online, it says it costs 49EUR rather than 37EUR as said here.
How come?


Mateja @ 16-08-2011 14:47

When I try to buy a reservation for THALYS online, it says it costs 49EUR rather than 37EUR as said here.
How come?


Pete @ 16-08-2011 15:15

Hi Mateja.
The reason should be a fee the railcc shop has to add. If there is no commission given by the selling railway company, we have to add this fee - as people has to be paid for printing the ticket, putting it in an envelope and sending it for free to you in standard shipping. Sorry - but has to be done - otherwise it wouldn't be economical. We try to keep extra fares as low as possible.

If you buy your reservation for example at a NS (Netherlands national railway) desk in a station, you will have to pay as well an extra fee of EUR 10:

If you buy here, you support at the same time the information we offer. Thank you. 🙂
Peter 🙂

Mateja @ 16-08-2011 16:59

Oh, okay. That makes sense. 🙂
Thank you!

Pete @ 02-12-2014 18:15

Information updated in the first post. 🙂

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