Amsterdam - Biarritz (France)

henst @ 17-01-2009 17:19

hello people,

i have a couple of important questions. it would be cool if i could get a few answers 🙂 .

ok, i want to travel from holland (probably amsterdam) to biarritz in france. i guess the train route amsterdam - paris, paris - biarritz would work (Thalys and TGV, or TGV only).

so my questions are:

1. how much does the reservation cost for TGV trains (would be in summer)? do i have to pay the reservation fee four times? (amsterdam - paris, paris - biarritz, biarritz - paris, paris - amsterdam) or is it like that i only have to pay them twice?

2. how much would the reservation for such a night train cost? for example when i arrive in paris around lunch time, i could hang out in the city the day and then could drive to biarritz (if possible at all) over night, so that i dont need a hostel in paris.

3. does anyone know if other trains than TGV and Thalys drive on this routes? i didnt find anything on the internet, so i would really like to know if there are any cheap alternatives! (internet links?)

i plan to buy the interrail ticket with which i can travel 4 days within 10 days. thats the idea. so i should get to biarritz in maximum 2 days!

i thank you for your help and replys!!


henst @ 17-01-2009 17:30

ok just found out, that i should go to the stations DAX or BAYONNE if i want to go to biarritz.
so maybe itll help you!

Pete @ 17-01-2009 17:45

hi Henst... 🙂
here are your answers...

1) you have to pay the reservation per train... so 4 times... if you travel outside peak times, you have to pay per TGV 3 EUR.
for details about supplements for TGV, read here:
about Thalys read here:
and for general train schedules, read here:

2) details for the night trains are here:
and especially for France, you will travel in Corail Lunea:
it will be cheap!! 🙂

3) go on:
and select on the bottom of this site: Whole journey - without HST...
then you avoid TGV and THALYS trains .... 🙂

and by the way... it is a 5 travel days within 10 days InterRail pass... so you have enough time, especially using the 1900h rule for night trains:

❗ Attention: for summer, buy your reservations early enough !!

all the best and have fun, Peter 🙂

Hetman @ 17-01-2009 18:48

If you want to go to Biarritz by the cheapest(you don't have to do any reservation) way you have to go to Paris by this way=>

Amsterdam Centraal 12:34 Oberhausen Hbf 14:24
Oberhausen Hbf 14:34 Dusseldorf Hbf 14:56
Dusseldorf Hbf 15:22 Frankfurt(Main)Hbf 16:48
Frankfurt(Main)Hbf 16:58 Paris Est 20:53

Then you have to go to P. Austerlitz station (metro line nr 5; ticket cost 1,6eur🧐

And to Biarritz there is nigth rain Corail Lunea(reclining seat costs 2 euro and is very good):
Paris-Austerlitz 23:10
Biarritz 06:47

Check before do these trains go in you day!!

Hetman @ 17-01-2009 18:51

You don't have to do any reservation on way to Paris of course!

henst @ 18-01-2009 13:40

okay thanks a lot to all of you guys!

@ peter: ill check all the links later, thank you very much!

@lucas: thanks to you also! but i cant take the german route, cos im from germany, thats the reason why i start in holland! forgot to write that, sorry!

maybe ill have a few more questions the next days! so if you have nothing to do, check this post! 🙂


henst @ 20-01-2009 19:24

hello again!

i checked some routes and want to thank you again for your help!

but by checking, i got new questions.
i searched the routes without HST, but now my question is: are RE, IC, ALS also without reservation and supplement?
im planning the trip for summer, do they change the schedule then? or is it nearly the same then?
night train reservations at the train stations? or better online?


Pete @ 21-01-2009 10:28

RE=RegionalTrain ... in Germany no supplements
IC=InterCity ... in Germany no supplements
ALS= I don't know ... where do you use it on which route?

the schedule won't change a lot in summer... there might be some more trains running, especially night trains. but in general the connections will be the same. 🙂

for the night trains... if you can do it online, do it online ... if not do it at a big station ... 🙂 have fun, Peter

henst @ 21-01-2009 18:56

hey peter!

yeh im from germany, thats from where i know RE and IC. so i cant drive with the ticket in germany!
but when i check the connections from amsterdam to biarritz without HST, then they show me IC and RE even though (so far i can see it) do i never touch germany at all. it goes from holland to belgium to spain. can it be that they use the same words in other countries?
als must be some spanisch train


henst @ 21-01-2009 18:57

france* (not spain)

henst @ 21-01-2009 19:00

Pete @ 22-01-2009 08:11

mmmh... I couldn't find ALS ... 😲

but for the IC and RE ... it is the same in Benelux... they are free of supplements:

but pay attention to some trains at the train schedules... even if they are listed as non-HST there is written Subject to compulsory reservation !! and you have to pay !! and taken enough food and beer with you into the train for the long travel !! 😉

henst @ 24-01-2009 18:45

oh okay thanks for the info.

i checked it on the internet and found out that als is the short form for alaris (we want to drive to spain then for another 2 days). muste be a train with supplements i guess.

haha yes of course will i take a lot of beer with me^^ itll be a long trip, but we decided to make a 10 hours break in paris to check the city, so it wont be a non stop ride🙂 and then we will go on with the night train, so think itll be that hard then.

Pete @ 25-01-2009 11:52

oh yes the Alaris ... 🙂
it is a supplement of 6,50 EUR, 2nd class:

so have fun ... !! and don't miss the trains when having to much beer !! 😉

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