Pete @ 08-04-2008 18:41

Information for Interrail, Eurail travellers and persons with normal train ticket travelling by night train from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to European countries.

There are several night train available leaving every evening from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to other countries. For example to Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark and Switzerland. It is an inexpensive way to travel.
If you book early, you will get very cheap special prices.
👉 Booking (including all special prices) is available here:

More information and schedules for night trains from and to the Netherlands at railcc:

Update: Nov 2016

Gifty @ 22-03-2009 22:27

There's a train from Amsterdam to Berlin that arrives Berlin at 4am. What would you do after you arrive at that hour? 😲

SiDUDe @ 22-03-2009 23:11


no, youd probably be best putting your bags in lockers at the station and trying to find somewhere thats open for breakfast, because you wont be able to check into a hostel until the afternoon

TomS @ 23-03-2009 19:51

Are the reclining seats a bit relaxed?? can you just have a normal sleep in that?
Normally, I sleep reasonable good, will a seat then a problem for me?

jasondavis180491 @ 15-04-2009 17:56

If there are six of us travelling together and we booked together a six-berth couchette would we all be in the same couchette (buy the whole couchette) or would we have to ask for this?


SiDUDe @ 15-04-2009 18:08

best ask to be on the safe side

jasondavis180491 @ 05-05-2009 17:25

Its very hard to get through to someone who speaks English to book reservations.

Is there any other way of pre booking a couchette for six people on a night train? online?


SiDUDe @ 05-05-2009 17:48

i dont know of anyway online. And youve managed to find someone in Holland who doesnt speak English? Thats an achievment in itself!

jasondavis180491 @ 05-05-2009 18:15

No lol - im phoning the German number listed above to book a City night line train x

SiDUDe @ 05-05-2009 18:40

Good point. Try this, +31 900 92 96, it is the phone number for the Dutch railway company who should be able to help

jasondavis180491 @ 05-05-2009 23:08

Sorry Sidude. Are you sure that number is correct? It doesnt seem to be recognised. I am trying to book reservations for six people to have a six berth couchette on 7th of July from Amsterdam to Berling (19.01 CNL 457 train). I have phoned that number and if i do get through to someone who is English they tell me to call back later. One gave me a different number (+491805996633). Please help!! I want to book the berth so all six of us can have it. So i need to book soon

jasondavis180491 @ 05-05-2009 23:12

When i said I phoned that number I am referring to the one at provided at the top

SiDUDe @ 05-05-2009 23:51

Try this - 0900 202 1163 (with the dutch country code etc) Im just scouring the web trying to find their customer service number. Not speaking dutch doesnt help.

Or here - 08718 80 80 66 which I think is DB's UK office. They may charge a small fee though. Dont worry though - you dont have to rush, its a tuesday so shouldnt be too busy. Let me know how you get on

jasondavis180491 @ 06-05-2009 13:30

Thanks for the help mate

jasondavis180491 @ 28-05-2009 15:47

Yep that english number worked and I received my reservation today by post 🙂

As for the platforms (the night train arrives in Berlin on platform 12). I think the departure platform varies. At Amsterdam Centraal station where can I find platform information (I assume there are big screens somewhere?). Do they have a confusing layout or will it just say Amst - Berlin (19.01-04.21 = platform 4a etc)??


SiDUDe @ 28-05-2009 16:09

There are departure screens at the entrance and on each of the platforms.

jasondavis180491 @ 28-05-2009 16:16

Cheers man

SiDUDe @ 02-06-2009 19:03

from amsterdam to hamburg there are plenty of free IC trains, changing just once, journey time just over 5 hours. Or there is a night train but it arrives at like 3 in the morning

from hamburg to copenhagen there is a daily direct EC and a couple of direct ICE trains. for more info, but the timetables for august might not be up yet

samatwell @ 21-06-2009 20:20

Once I have reserved a couchette through DB, will I have to pay any other supplements when boarding the train?

Flo @ 21-06-2009 20:21


samatwell @ 21-06-2009 20:29


Thank you!

samatwell @ 21-06-2009 20:33

Yep that english number worked and I received my reservation today by post 🙂

As for the platforms (the night train arrives in Berlin on platform 12). I think the departure platform varies. At Amsterdam Centraal station where can I find platform information (I assume there are big screens somewhere?). Do they have a confusing layout or will it just say Amst - Berlin (19.01-04.21 = platform 4a etc)??


How helpful were they on the phone - did they arrange it so that the six of you would all be in the same compartment? I am in a similar situation (though with only four of us) and was wondering whether it would be worth phoning or whether I should just do it online.

When you booked over the phone did you have to pay any additional fees to what you would have paid booking online?

Flo @ 21-06-2009 20:39

Usually the reservation system puts a group of people always together in a compartment - only when the train is almost fully booked your reserved seats might be apart from each other. 🙂

err_roisin @ 23-06-2009 13:47

this information is all really useful thank you!
i've been following your steps to try and book a night train from amsterdam to berlin on the 4th july. for some reason i cannot find the option to say i have an interrail ticket and the website will only let me pay full price. can anyone help with this?

Pete @ 23-06-2009 13:53

simply do it STEP-BY-STEP like mentioned at the beginning of this topic page (1). I explained every mini-step. 🙂
on the night train you mentioned, seats aren't available any more. cheapest option:
4 persons in 6-berth cabin: EUR 80 in total - hurry... 🙂

MarcK84 @ 21-07-2009 20:15

First at all, i'm totally new at this site. Next month we want to make a 10 day trip through central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria). The first journey we want to make is from Enschede (Nld) via Arnhem (Nld) to Zürich. We want to use CNL. I registered on the website of Die Bahn and want to reserve our tickets. But I can't find the option mentioned in the first post (Book only extra charge). Is there now another option to reserve tickets? I hope someone can help us.

Flo @ 21-07-2009 20:22

I suppose you're from Enschede? Go to your local NS train station and make the reservations there - the online system seems to be out of order at the moment.
If they can't help you at Enschede go to the next larger station (Arnhem probably).

Flo 😎

Pete @ 23-07-2009 21:32

and just to add: sometimes it is simply not possible to book CNL trains from a Non-German country to an other Non-Germany country - so for crossing tickets it is not possible - in most cases. 🙂
and just a short wink to Flow who is just sitting in a night train right now. 😉

respiko @ 28-07-2009 12:20

hi, do you think it's ok to book in the 2nd of august for a reclining seat to 4th of august? or should i book online now? it's kinda complicated cause i'm leaving tomorrow morning and i have to pack and stuff :P the line in question is amsterdam-munich.


Pete @ 28-07-2009 12:48

it seems that the booking system is not working at the moment?!
buy it at a big station - will be the best in your situation. and about a free seat: risky a little bit... 🙂

respiko @ 28-07-2009 13:17

oh ok, but in an extreme case, do you think buying the reservation 2 days before the trip is ok or too tight? i'll try to buy it in paris tomorrow :P
thanks peter.

Pete @ 28-07-2009 13:57

2 days in high season is always a bit tight. but just try it - and I think you will get the reservation in Paris then. 🙂

Alexm @ 21-08-2009 04:44

For our trip we plan on taking the night train from Amsterdam to Prague on a Wednesday September 16th.
We are unable to book reservation only online as many have said you cannot without stop in Germany.

We want to get couchette 4-berth for the trip. We arrive 3 days before departure. Can we reserve at Amsterdam or will train be full? Some have recommended booking online to Berlin and staying on the train until Prague. Is that OK or do we be asked to leave? Need help.

Pete @ 21-08-2009 08:13

Hi ...

I think you will still get a bed when booking for a Wednesday night, even only 3 days before.
Like you said: it is not possible for trains not starting or ending in Germany. So you have to book in Amsterdam main station.
I just checked it: there are still all special offers available. This shows, that the train is right now still empty.
For booking only until Berlin and then to stay in the train until Prague: some wagons end in Berlin (as there is the central place for cleaning. reparing, ... the CNL wagons). So you are not sure if your wagon continues until Prague.
The first normal direct day train in the morning leaving from Berlin to Prague has some wagons attached of the night train.

Night train
Amsterdam Dep:
Berlin Ostbahnhof Arr: 0430 (track 2)

Day train + attached wagons of the night train (you can there us the 2nd class seats)
Berlin Ostbahnhof Dep: 0500 (track 3)
Praha hl.n. Arr: 0956

Other option:
Leave the night train at Berlin Hbf (main station). Have a coffee at the station. Then just have a walk to the Reichstag (German parliament) and the Brandenburger Tor - really nice early in the morning. No tourists and the city is just waking up. All this is only 5-10 minutes away by foot of the main station. 🙂
And then continue by the next train in direction of Prague:
Berlin Hbf Dep: 0635 (by free EC train direction of Budapest)
Praha-Holesovice Arr: 1118

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