Age limits in Spain and Portugal ?

lithuania_on_air @ 22-04-2006 23:04

Hi, I would like to know age limits for alcohol drinks and cigarettes in Spain and Portugal🙂

Thank u a lot 🤣

lithuania_on_air @ 23-04-2006 10:49

Hi :P
Also i would be really greatfull if somebody told me something about food prices in Spain and Portugal? (food prices examples...)
Im interested in the cheapest food (like pasta, bread, etc.). Are there any supermarkets brand where i could find them in all country?.. I would like to spend about 5euros per day (i know thats very tight budget but i dont have any other way.....).
Futhermore, i would like to know about sleeping possibilities on the beaches, on the benches, in the train stations, etc. (where else?)? what about police? is it legal? is it safe enough?
one more question: is it so hot there (especially south spain, portugal..) in august?

thanx a lot!

raquel @ 25-04-2006 11:42

Hi there!
My name is raquel and I am from Portugal and live near the border with Spain. So I think I can help you. I also go often on holidays to spain. 🤣

So starting with the first question, alcohol and cigarettes. In Portugal you can buy it if you are 16 years old or older. I am also almost sure that the same happens in Spain.

As for the prices, honestly I dont thik you will get by with only 5 euros. But I will try tro help you.
First of all, cigarettes here cost about 2,5 €, which is just half the money you want to spend. And alcohol can be even expensive. For example, a box of 6 beers would cost about 2,30€, and a single beer 0.5 €. Please remember that these prices are in supermarkets.

As for food, in the end I will write you a letter with some prices in supermarkets.

Weather, trust me, weather you go to Spain or Portugal in august, you will find excellent weather, quite hot. Not only in the south, in whole countries. For more weather questions, go to you will find there some weather forecasts.

In Portugal, sleeping in a tent in the beach is illegal. Just sleeping, I guess it also might be but you wont probably any problem with that. But I still dont recommend you any of these choices, because I have some doubts about the safeness of it. It might be a bit dangerous depending on the beach. As for sleeping in train station, I guess its perfectly safe and you wont have problems with that. here in Portugal, we have some kind of hotels for students, in wich you would find very acceptable prices. Check here the website

And I guess that is it. But I want to tell you one more time, I dont think it is possible to get by with only 5€ in Portugal or Spain.

Some prices in spain or portugal (these refer to portugal but in spain it wont be very different, perhaps just a bit more expensive):

A bread: 0.1€
A botle of 1.5l of water: 0,4€
A botle of 1,5 coke: 1€
A can of coke: 0.5€
A small botle or can of berr: 0.5
Cigarrettes: 2,50 (in spain might be more expensive)
A big mac in (menu) MCDonalds: about 4€
A box of cookies (depends): more or less 1€
A chocolate: the cheapest one about 0.6€
A fish in a acn (atum in portugal, I dont know in portuguese): 1,3€
A box of cereals: 3.2€
A 1l milk: 0.7€
4 yougurths: 1.1€

Notice that these prices are for supermarkes, buying a bear in a bar will be more expensive.

I hope I helped you! And come to Portugal and Spain! You will find very nice cities, places, beaches and people!

Best wishes for your trip,
raquel 🤣 🤣

lithuania_on_air @ 25-04-2006 16:14

thank you VERY MUCH!!!

but still i hope that 5euros for food per day will be enough😁 You know, we will be going to travel there, not to EAT 🙂 I think we will be living ascetic, buying food only from supermarkets, trying to find (and i am asking this: Is it possible to find that..??) the cheapest prices, etc. Dont you think so?
p.s.: and im not planning to buy cigarettes every day :P or to buy bear in restaurants 🤣
Also, i am quite worried about train surcharges. What about these? Is it possible to travel there WITHOUT paying it? You know what i mean: to organise a route to travel only short distances... (i know that for long ones you have to pay 6-10euros there, yeah?).
One more thing: are train stations open at night in spain and portugal? all of them or only the biggest?

thanx - one more time 🤣

raquel @ 26-04-2006 17:32

hi again.

so, train stations are opnened all day because threre are trains leaving at any time. there are some that might not be but only the smalest of the smalest do you know what I mean? I am sure you wont stop in those.

About train surchases, I am really not sure about that, but there atre a lot of slow trains here (in portugal and spain), so I guess you wont need to pay much.

If you buy the food in the right places, you might be able to spend only 5 € per day but, you will have to eat sandwiches... do you understand what i mean?

so, I hope I helped you again! f you have any more doubt just say it.

Now can i ask you something, what route are you expecting to take? Where to stop? because I can help you in that to if you need.

have a necie trip! ***


lithuania_on_air @ 29-04-2006 20:31

Hi, Raquel!

Im so greatful for all that information!!! I hope we will keep in contact. And i really need some help in planning my trip: where to stop, how long to be there, some information about landscapes, etc. Yeah! I would be really very greatful! i would really appreciate this! actually, i dont know my route AT ALL for a moment.
But could we do this by e'mails?

So, au revoir!😁😉

thanx a lot...

JonPest @ 21-06-2006 21:30

It's the same. You must be older than 16 everywhere!

satinadriada @ 31-07-2006 09:56

I'm so sorry to tell you this, but you have to be 18 to buy alcohol and cigarettes in Spain... 😢
And the food is a little bit more expensive than in Portugal, not much, but it will make things difficult for you if you don't want to spend more than 5 € per day. A normal menu in a McDonalds is 5€, a can of Coke costs about 0,8-1€... Of course, if you buy in the supermarket instead of in a bar, it would be cheaper.
I recommend you to go to supermarkets DIA, SUPERSOL, EROSKI, CARREFOUR / ALCAMPO.
And, yes, the main stations open night & day, only the smallest ones close.

Rateta @ 19-02-2008 02:56

quid smoking... spend more in food 😉
u can survive though with five euros for food but i dont recomend u to sleep in beaches or train stations... some places are dangerous... try in the airports its much safe! u must be 18 to buy alcohol anywhere and it is absolutly forbidden and u can go to jail if u set up fire on the beach or country side to cook something...

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