Interrail: after the journey

Hetman @ 11-01-2009 22:26

In last days I finished my journey from Barcelona to Warsaw there and back, by Paris, Munich, Wien, Zurich and Haag and now I would like to recount about my fitness.
The most important thing for me was to take some shower during this trip because I traveled few days, I used night trains so I was not in hotels. Before the trip I thought that I would take one on some gas station but fortunately I found out some on train stations. Unfortunetly not on all. For example in Paris shower is on station Lyon and Austerlitz but on Est and Nord there is not. Also in Munich and Zurich is some shower. In Wien is not on stations West, Nord and Est. Usually it costs about 7 euro(or 12 franks in Swiss) but sometime are more cheaper when are public. If someone go to Germany or Swiss, on page Mc Clean we can find some informations where are showers.
In long travel usual towel is not good because we do not have any place to dry it so the best way is using paper towel. They are cheap and really helpful.
When we want to do sightseeing and we do not want to go with all baggage we can use baggage lockers. Usually it costs about 5 euro(5 franks in Swiss) in day. In Paris Est station it is 5euro in 12 hours and where is not self-service.

Now somethings about trains.
In France good night trains are Corail Lunea. I do not know how many cost berth but reclining seat costs about 2 euro and is very good.

CityNigthLines are comfortable but I used it two times and two times had delays(60 minutes and 25 minutes). However I think that CNL are good trains.

Thalys - the most expensive train in my journey had over 20 minutes delay on way from Brussel to Paris(normaly it is 1:22 but was over 1:40).

TGV - I would live in these trains. They are fast, real comfortable and allways on the time. They also are quite cheap. Sometimes we do not need reservation in TGV. When I traveled from Zurich to Basel I had not.

Sometimes I thought that tickets inspectors did not know what IR is but they did not make any problems.

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