Advice on the type of footwear

paulo-m @ 23-07-2008 18:33


Im going on interrail next week for 22 days.
Im having some problems chosing the footwear I'll use. I want you to give me some advices on the footwear.

Im thinking on taking this type of footwear: [photo had to be deleted. sorry]

what do you think? they are confortable for walking.

Anyway, I want to know what are you wearing and what do you advice.

thanks in advance,
Paulo M

MariaRK @ 23-07-2008 21:10

It all depends on what you prefer really...
I just got back from a month of interrailing, and even though I had brought sneakers, I never used them.
I was walking around in my 30€ sandals the entire way :P

Pete @ 24-07-2008 09:35

I made the same experiences... you simply need some normal shoes like you wear them when going shopping in a city ... okay, a bit comfortable as well to walk sometime 10km or more ... but just normal shoes are enough !! 🙂
important: wear these shoes one or two weeks already before your tour - because with new shoes you will have pain until they really fit !! 😉

jfrench12 @ 08-08-2008 22:48

I'm going to take a pair of light trainers and then just some flip flops. No doubt I'll have to carry a few pairs of my girlfriends shoes as well though! 😵

NillerDK @ 23-08-2008 17:50

Cheap sandals and my Converse All Star for longer walks.. And it worked out perfect, except for a couple of blisters the first few days in the sandals.

FloChaoZ @ 04-11-2008 08:12

well, i bought real walking-shes (kind of boots) and was pretty pleased to have them. they were absolutely waterproof, my feet felt great even after a long walk, ...

probably it would also work with normal shoes as all the others said, but i was happy with my choice 😉

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