6-10 persons togehter on Interrail trip ?

Danny-M @ 24-08-2007 21:31

well i planning with some friends go on interail trip but we are already 6 persons and 4 of us are planning bring 1 extra person 😲 so we are going to be 10 persons 😲 😲 😲 ...i know 10 persons are too many 😁 but we dont have any problem to take them with us it's gonna be awesome 😎 ...we are going to trip for one month but the only problem is that we dont know the consequences 😐 so can you help us please??? 🤣 🤣 🤣

by the way its the first time we are going on interrail so we dont know many things about this 😁 😁 😁

Mummibae @ 26-08-2007 17:11

I am now on my first interrail trip, so I don't have too much experience with it, but I see one obvious problem: it probably will be quite difficult finding trains where they have room for 10 persons, unless you book in good time. I have had problems finding connections sometimes though I am travelling alone 😢
The same counts for hostels etc.

But if you don't mind a lot of planning or to split up if it's necessary, you will probably do okay.

👉 more information about Interrail group travel: https://rail.cc/en/alone-or-group

admin @ 22-09-2007 14:44

i went on a group of 4, and it was far too much for me. be prepared to split up and go alone.

fravbront @ 04-07-2010 18:28

I went on a trip last year with 8. In retrospect, it was too many i think, but it is doable. it can be a little hard to book hostels that have room for you all, but it shouldn't be too bad

Flo @ 04-07-2010 19:29

Have been travelling with 5-6 guys with InterRail last summer plus some days where we met friends of us when we totalled ~10 or so. It's possible but might get a little tiring and annoying if you doesnt have a certain plan what you're doing. If everyone wants to do other things every day and you cant organize that you better stay at home. 😉

...or travel in a smaller group.

Flo 😎

paulgo87 @ 21-07-2010 17:45

Went with a group of 8 for a month about 3 years ago and had no problems finding accommodation etc.

The one drawback was it made it more difficult to meet others, but as long you're all good mates and get along really well and enjoy each others company there hould be no problems and it'll be great.

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