1st class ticket: any point?

hni @ 04-07-2008 07:50

I bought my interrail ticket as 1st class, not 2nd class which is the standard choice. It cost approximately 20% more. Now I'm not sure if I've wasted my money a little; is there any big point in going 1st class? Will I need less supplements and get a bigger choice in trains? As I travel alone, will I meet fewer interrailers if I travel 1st class?

For the record, I'm going to travel in Western Europe, perhaps focusing on The Netherlands, France, Spain, and hopefully ending up in Portugal before turning back.

Pete @ 04-07-2008 10:09

Hi. 🙂
you will have more comfort and more space. you normally need no reservation as there are always enough seats in first class available. but the supplements (if needed - you will find a list here: https://rail.cc/en/interrail-train-reservation ) you have to pay like in the 2nd class.

about meeting InterRailers: sometimes you meet a lot of InterRailers, especially in night-trains... but most of them as well somewhere sitting on the station or as well in hostels - you won't miss them ...! 🙂
and on night-trains you can use the same cabins, couchettes and so on like 2nd class InterRailers ... no problem for you to downgrade. 🙂

you will see ... you did not wasted your money ... sometimes it is really nice just to have a lot of space, silence and a bit luxury like in the 1st class high speed trains! 🙂

hni @ 04-07-2008 13:12

Hi Peter :-)

This sounds great. I'm really looking forward to going now :-)

AlphaOmega @ 14-07-2008 19:17

question: with a 1st class ticket, do you have to pay the same amount supplement/reservation for eg a couchette?

seems fair you should get a discount... ?

Pete @ 14-07-2008 19:23

hej hej ... and thanks for your CS mail ... I will reply soon! 🙂
on the first class you often pay a higher supplement on super-fast-day-trains as often a meal and drinks are included.
on night trains it is the same like for 2nd class accommodation. and you have some more special options, super-luxury-cabins ...! 🙂
have a nice evening! 🙂

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