The 1900h RULE for NIGHT TRAINS - use of only ONE travel day

Pete @ 24-03-2008 14:08

The 1900h RULE for NIGHT TRAINS - use of only ONE travel day

When traveling by an InterRail Flexi Pass:
- 5 days of travel within a period of 10 days
- 10 days of travel within a period of 22 days
you can make use of the 1900h rule for night trains.

If you use a direct night train leaving after 1900h in the evening and you use it until 0400h (or later) in the morning, only the following day is counted as ONE of your travel days!
You start your travel-day by boarding a night train after 1900h in the evening. Travel the whole night until at least 0400h in the morning by this train - and the full next day until 2359h at night.

Just fill in your InterRail Flexi Pass when boarding the night train the date of the following day.

The 1900h rule is also valid with One Country passes.


Attention: you can not use this rule on the first day your InterRail Flexi Pass is valid. If your first day your ticket is valid is the 20th of July, you can not use the rule for night trains already on the 19th of July in the evening after 1900h. Your InterRail Flexi Pass starts the 20th of July at 0001h in the morning.

update by flow: March 2010

ndna @ 26-03-2008 22:24


Thanks for your post. Your said that this must be a direct journey but is that just direct up until midnight? Can I just clarify that if I get a train from Paris at 19:30 to get to Milan at 05:30 the next day and then onto Rome, I can put the arrival date?


Pete @ 27-03-2008 08:02

direct night train means:
no changes during the night...!

so in your case, it is no problem ... it is a direct night train !! 🙂

bumchicken @ 07-04-2008 19:41

That's awesome, thank you. I was just going to post a topic about this. The literature provided with the ticket is a little difficult to understand.

arcadianwench @ 17-04-2008 14:36

I am buying a one month continuous pass. It will be valid until midnight (23:59) on the 12th August 2008. I am trying to plan my travel so that I leave from Paris on a night train to Amsterdam on the last day that my interrail pass is valid. Does this mean that as long as I board a direct train in Paris before 7pm it is OK for me to arrive in Amsterdam on the 13th?

Gosh this bit is confusing!

Pete @ 17-04-2008 15:42

a one month continuous pass has nothing to do with the rule for night-trains for passes valid for XX days within XX days/month !!!

When traveling with a continuous pass it is valid from:
00:01h in the morning of your first travel day until 23:59h at night of the last day it is valid.

Even when you are using a direct night train in your last night, you have to get out at midnight or buy an additional ticket!

I hope this answer clarifies misunderstandings !! 🙂

arcadianwench @ 18-04-2008 12:01

So that means that I must complete my final journely before midnight on the last day of validity? OK. I think I'm clear now! Thanks!

jndantas @ 05-05-2008 00:25


I know it's a bit off-topic, but...

I'm buying the 10-day in 22 days card... I'm flying to Milano on the 18th September and will be back to Portugal (homeland) on the 10th October (23 days later, then)...

The thing is... on the 18 Sept, after arriving on Milano at 11h55 a.m., ill be catching a train to Salzburg at 5h55 pm, arriving in Salzburg at 4 a.m.
(changing in verona at 8 pm)

So, my question is... will this count as 1 or 2 days?!

Thank you very much for answering this...

Best Regards from Portugal
Joao Dantas

jndantas @ 05-05-2008 02:46

So... if i buy the ticket from milano to venice (off the interrail card discount) and start using my interrail card in venice, at 8pm... will it only count as one day?

Am I thinking right?

And, btw, does anyone know the price for a Milano-Venice ticket: ?

Thank you for your quick answer.

Best Regards,


Pete @ 05-05-2008 06:19


fede is right. it counts as 2 travel days.

when paying the rout Milano - Venice Sant Lucia, you can use the night train starting at 2000h. then it counts as one travel day because your night train starts after 1900h.

when ordering your ticket at , it is about 20 EUR. take a REG train so you do not need a reservation and it is about 3:30h of travel (a faster train with supplement is about 3:10h of travel). so you save money, but you aren't really slower!! 🙂

have fun,

gunnerfitzy @ 07-05-2008 18:21


I'm a little confused regarding using the ticket on the first day/night of travel.

I intend traveling from Skopje to Budapest, direct on a night train in August. The ticket I will have will be a '5 travel days in 10 days'. This will be my initial journey. If the train leaves at 20:06 on 20 August and arrives at 14:09 the following day, is this regarded as one travel day?



Pete @ 07-05-2008 18:46

hi Mike...

it is one travel day...!
so the 20th of August is your first travel day (=the first day your ticket is valid) !?

❗ if the 20th is the first day your ticket is valid, then you have to use ONE travel day for the 20th and ONE travel day for the 21th.

❗ if the 20th is NOT the first day your ticket is valid, then fill in the 21th of August as travel day. and you start on the 20th of August at 20:06h with the night-train and you arrive at 14:09h on the 21th.
you can still travel until 23:59h on the 21th. this is all then ONE travel day.

I hope this answer helps you! 🙂
have fun,

gunnerfitzy @ 19-05-2008 19:48


Many thanks for that


jeem27 @ 21-05-2008 14:32

I think I already know the answer but just thought I'd check.

I am gettting the direct night train from Paris to Venice at 18:55 arriving Venice 09:35 the next day.

I am aware that if the train departs after 19:00hours then I only have to put the arrival day in and it counts as one day.

Because I leave 5 minutes before 19:00hrs will I have to count it as 2 days.

Is there any leeway and will, will I be fined if I don't put 2 days in and is it strictly enforced?

Seems silly as it's only 5 minutes.

Pete @ 21-05-2008 14:37

hej ... 🙂

yes, it is silly ... only 5 minutes... 😶
but these are the rules and it has to be somewhere a time line ... and this time line is 1900h ...

so normally you have to use 2 travel days. a solution can be, if the train has stops somewhere in France to buy a ticket from Paris to the next stop where the train stops after 1900h ...

sorry for these bad news.
have fun,

zemigsan @ 11-06-2008 22:34

I still didn't catch the definition of direct night train..

Like if I catch a train that departs at 20:00 and arrives at 1 or 2 pm the next day, it only counts as one travel day?

Pete @ 12-06-2008 07:37

yes. this is only ONE travel day! 🙂

zemigsan @ 12-06-2008 11:35

sorry i mean 1 or 2 am it's considered a direct night train?

Pete @ 12-06-2008 12:52

if it is an official night train (called night train or NZ or hotel train or ... in the timetables), then it is ONE travel day.

if you take for example a normal train at 2300h in the evening to leave a big city to go to the camping area outside of the city where you sleep, you arrive at 0030h at the station of the camping area, then it is TWO travel days, as it is not a night train ... it is just a normal train.


Alix @ 27-06-2008 14:12

Hey !
I'm about to buy a Interrail Pass for Italy.
I plan to go to Sicily from Milan. The train leaves Milan at 1.50 pm and arrives in Sicily 21 hours later at 11.30 am the day after.
The travel lasts less than 24 hours, it is a single train, so I was wondering if it could be a single travel ady.

May you help me to resolve this question ?

Thanx million !

Pete @ 27-06-2008 19:12

these are 2 travel days. 😢

uglybob @ 28-06-2008 14:01

Hi !
I'm going to go to Cologne from Paris and i will take CNL train.
The CNL train departue is 8:45 PM and then there is a transfer in Dortmund at 5:10 AM to ICE which is going to Cologne.

There is written in the rules that it should be direct train so should i consider it as a two or one travel day?

Technically I can say that I'm going only to Dortmund, and it will by direct train. Then I will take next train to Cologne...

Pete @ 28-06-2008 18:50

one travel day. 🙂

meityas @ 03-07-2008 12:00


I decided to take train from milan back to amsterdam directly, not via Paris.

Can someone tell me, the name of night train that i should use?? I have inter rail ticket for 5 days within 10 days...

There are some night trains available from italy, i have no idea, which one should i choose?

I read in the forum, there is 5-15 eur for reservation cost

Do we get a bed?? Or we sleep in the regular seat?
I'm a girl and travel alone on my way back to amsterdam. So i'm a bit worried.

Thank for the info. 🙂

Pete @ 03-07-2008 12:19

hej ...
here are the details:
Train: CNL 300
Milano Centrale Dep: 2112
Amsterdam Centraal Arr: 1227
there are 2nd class seats available. for more details have a look at this topic:
have fun, Peter 🙂

keckou @ 07-07-2008 15:49

Hi Peter,

my turn to expose my case! 🙂

I took the 10days in 22 days pass.
It start on august 2nd.
i'm travelling from Paris to Amsterdam with regular ticket on august 2nd (6am to 12am) and planned to travel with a night train on the 3 rd from amsterdam to copenhagen (7.03 pm till 10am).

is this for one day or two, since technically, my interrail pass start the day before, but, that's my first day with interrail travelly speaking 😐

hope you understood my case.

Many thx in advance for help


pmpmr @ 15-07-2008 23:33

Hello..i have a doubt about this night rule..

so i'll start my interrail journey on 21:00 @ Berlin and arrive at 06:00 @ Warsaw... so this counts as one day, right? this is the first day.

on the same first day i'm planning to go from Warsaw to Krakow, and arrive there at 19h.. so this counts as another day..?

When using this rule, we take note of the arriving day or hour next day?

thank you


hni @ 16-07-2008 07:31

Yes, the Berlin-Warsaw trip starts your first travel day. That travel day does not end until midnight on the day you arrive in Warsaw. So from Warsaw you can take more trains that day, and it's still your first travel day. Your trip from Warsaw to Krakow therefore does not count as a second travel day.

Pete @ 16-07-2008 07:36

@Guillaume ...

the first day your ticket is valid is the 2nd August. right?
then your FIRST travel day is the 2nd August as you travel from Paris to Amsterdam (0600h to 1200h).
your SECOND travel day is the 4th August as you travel from Amsterdam to Copenhagen (1903h on the 3rd Aug. to 1000h on the 4th Aug.) - fill in your ticket when you jump into the train to Copenhagen the 4th as travel day!!

@Pedro ...

on your first ravel day you can NOT use the rule for the night trains. it is for example not possible to have a ticket starting the 5th of August and you start your tour on the 4th of August with the rule for night trains. then you will have to use a ticket already starting the 4th of August.
so I recommend you better to use the Berlin-Warsaw-Express in the morning, arriving a noon in Warsaw and continue then to Krakow. then it is all ONE travel day.

only to explain ... when you are in the middle of your tour (not the first travel day), you can do it like this: using the night train at 2100h from Berlin to Warsaw, then continue on the next day to Krakow. it is then ONE travel day. a travel day is always from 0001h in the morning until 2359h at night. except you use the rule of the night train, then you have 5 hours more, starting at 1900h. 🙂

pmpmr @ 16-07-2008 13:00

thank you all for the explanations.

i'll have already bought my interrail pass starting on 24 i will take the train Berlin (21h, 24 July) - Warsaw (06h,25 July), so i mark the 24 ou 25 in my pass? After visiting Warsaw i'll go to Krakow (15h,25 July) can i take a later train that arrives after 19h at Krakow?..

i'll use the night rule from 24 to 25, not from 23 to 24 July...that's why i have asked if it counts a day or two..still my doubt is, should i mark 24 or 25 in my interrail pass?
My opinion is 25, since i'll start from 24 to 25 @ night..

So to mark just one day (25 july), i have to arrive to Krakow before 00:00, correct?

Pete @ 16-07-2008 13:49

hej ...

Berlin (Dep.: 21h - 24th July) - Warsaw - Krakow (Arr. 19h - 25th July)
Fill in your pass the 25th July ... all this travel is ONE travel day!

You can also use a later train going from Warsaw to Krakow on the 25th July, it only has to arrive before 2359h in Krakow ! 🙂

wildwildebeest @ 17-07-2008 13:03

My situation is similar to that of pmpmr...
I have ordered a 5-in-10 pass beginning on 24th july - if we decide we don't want to leave until 25th, does the 24th still have to be one of the 5 days of travel or can I just use it as one of the 10 days?

I can see that an overnight journey like pmpmr's would count as the 25th, but would he have used 2 days despite only travelling on 'one'?

Also, is it safe to say that any train called a 'night train' counts as the day it arrives, whilst ANY train that is NOT a 'night train' counts as the day it leaves?

Many thanks.

Pete @ 17-07-2008 13:09

hej hej ... 🙂

good news for you ... even if your pass starts the 24th of July and you don't use it and start the 25th July, then the 24th is only one of the period of 10 days. NOT one of your 5 travel days !! 🙂

when using a night train starting at the 24th after 1900h, then fill in the 25th as travel day...

and about night trains or trains ... let's say it like this: there is no clear definition... but I am sure the staff in the trains won't like it if you use this rule for night trains in a regional train for example leaving at the night in a city centre at 2350h and brings you outside of the city to your camp site where you arrive at 0035h. then you use the travel day for the next day as well... the staff in regional trains won't know it and won't accept it.
so better to use it ONLY for real night trains! or at least trains which travel long distances during the night !! 🙂

wildwildebeest @ 17-07-2008 19:50

Excellent, thankyou.

wildwildebeest @ 18-07-2008 10:52

Actually I have another question...
I just received my pass, and I notice that it says if the benefit only entails a discount in price, this does not require use of a travel day. Does this mean that even trains like the berlin night express (which is discounted but not free) can be used without the use of a travel day?

Thanks for your patience

Pete @ 18-07-2008 11:36

no... it is a travel day using the Berlin-Night-Express to Sweden ... bad luck .... 😉
mmmh... just thinking what will be a good explanation.... for example you get a discount or free entrance on some railway museums... this you can visit without a travel day... you know what I mean?!? 🙂

wildwildebeest @ 18-07-2008 12:25

yeah ok then, thanks.

yman @ 18-07-2008 12:28

Hi Peter,

I guess this whole night train thing is quite confusing. Sorry for bugging you one more time, I think my situation is similar to wildwildebeest, but I would be grateful if you can let me know what you think.

I have a 5 in 10 days rail pass. Let say I set the start of the 10 days on 19th of September. If I take a night train, Berlin to Bern, on the 20th of September, arriving on the 21st, would this be counted as ONE day?


Swin_NL @ 18-07-2008 20:44

It is useless to start the ticket on the 19th I guess, since your train leaves the 20th. So you officially start your 10 day ticket on the 20th. The trip with the nighttrain will cost you 1 travel day (if leaving after 19:00). So when you arrive on the 21th you have 4 travelling days out of 9 days left. This is due to the fact that you can not benefit from the special nighttrain rule which is not applicable on the first travel day.

Pete @ 19-07-2008 09:51

exact...! 🙂

yman @ 19-07-2008 11:20

Hi Peter,

I got confused by your earlier reply

good news for you ... even if your pass starts the 24th of July and you don't use it and start the 25th July, then the 24th is only one of the period of 10 days. NOT one of your 5 travel days !! Smile

when using a night train starting at the 24th after 1900h, then fill in the 25th as travel day...

Isn't the same case as me?

yman @ 19-07-2008 11:26

So is the first day in this rule refers to the first day of travel OR the first day of validity of the ticket as specified during the purchase?

Pete @ 19-07-2008 14:42

the first day of validity is the day you specified during the purchase. 🙂

jessicahh @ 21-07-2008 08:26

Just want to confirm that it's valid for me to do this :
I've purchased 5 out of 10 days flexi Global Pass. The validity of the pass written as 20th Sept (I assume it means at midnight where the day changes from 19 to 20th the ticket validity will start).
This will be my very first jouney with interrail. If I booked a CNL departing at 19:35 on the 20th, arrive in Zurich at 8:00am on the 21ist, I actually can mark it as 1 travel day, that is on the 21st.
Am I right?

Pete @ 21-07-2008 08:54

yes ... that's right... fill in the 21th as your first travel day! 🙂

jessicahh @ 21-07-2008 09:03

yes ... that's right... fill in the 21th as your first travel day! 🙂

Thank you very much Peter!!

Iva @ 24-07-2008 09:51

Hi Peter!
I have a qustion.

I'm traveling from Lisabon to Madrid on the 12th August. It leaves from Lisabon at 22:09 and arrives at Madrid 8:40, an than going from Madrid to Barcelona, train leaves at 19:00 and arrives to Barcelona at 21:38. Is this one or two traveling days?

Thx for the answer.


Pete @ 24-07-2008 13:20

hje Iva ...

it is ONE travel day.
your InterRail pass has to be valid already on the 12th August.

then you jump into the train on the 12th August at 2209h in Lisbon and fill in the date of the 13th August. then stay the day in Madrid and in the evening, jump into the train to Barcelona where you will arrive at the 13th August at 2138h.


for details about the night-train:

have fun, Peter 🙂

Joana Azeitão @ 26-07-2008 21:13

Hi! I'm from Portugal and I have a 10 in 22 days global pass. I'm flying to Barcelona on 5th August and I´m thinking about starting to use my pass on the 7th August at 9 pm Barcelona - 9 am Paris direct night-train.
My question is: this counts as one or two days? According to the 7pm rule it'd be one day but this is going to be my first day so...I'm a little confused 😲

By the way, this train Barcelona - Paris is a Hotel Train Lusitana and I can't find the supplements cost for that...Someone could help me? 😢

Thanks and Boa Viagem

Pete @ 27-07-2008 09:01

hej ...
if the first day your pass is valid is the 7th August, you can use the 8th August as your first day of travel and use the night train. then it is okay! 🙂
for the supplements have a look at this link:
have fun, Peter 🙂

alexela1000 @ 28-07-2008 00:47

I also have a problem which seemingly didnt appear before in this conversation.
I want to go from Trieste to Split and I have a 10 days in 21 card.

Trieste Centrale ==> Monfalcone 21:54 ==> 22:18 InterCityNight ICN

Monfalcone ==> Zagreb Glavni Kolod 23:00 ==> 04:18
EuroNight EN

Zagreb Glavni Kolod. ==> Split 6:50 ==> 12:17
InterCity IC

So my question is : The 1st two trains are night trains, but it is not direct because I change train at Monfalcone.
Can it still be considered as a single day as it is 2 night trains after 19h, or as 2 days as it is not direct ?

Thanks a lot !

Pete @ 29-07-2008 11:58

if you use the train Trieste to Monfalcone, then you have to use a 2nd travel day. 😢

when traveling only from Monfalcone by night train to Zagreb and then go on to Split, it is only ONE travel day.
my suggestion if you want to save a travel day:
travel by a day train from Trieste to Monfalcone - as you will save the supplement for the night train to Monfalcone ! 🙂
have fun, Peter 🙂

benzen @ 01-08-2008 19:40

Hi, i'm french and i decided to use a 10 days train on 22 global pass. i'll begin my travel from Brussels the 5 august taking a train to Praha at 19h25.. We have a change in Koln between 21h45 and 22h28 before taking the night train direct to Praha arriving at 9h18 the 6 august. How many days does it take on the pass please?


Pete @ 02-08-2008 06:50

it is TWO travel days as the train Brussels to Cologne is not a night train - or at least not the night train which brings you to Prague. so it is NOT DIRECT. 😐

benzen @ 03-08-2008 13:59

Hi Peter!
ok, so i change. I just want to be sure, but if I take the train Brussels (on 5th august at 23h41) to berlin (arriving on 6th august at 7h52) and then i take in the same day 8h34 in berlin a train to Praha arriving at 13h18, it 's only one day travel on my pass?

llwilson @ 03-08-2008 14:01

Hi, I have bought my first rail pass and like many others I am a little confused about how the ticket works.

I am planning to take the over-night train from Krakow on the 2nd sept at 22.25pm, arriving Prague 3rd sept at 06.49am. Since this is my first journey I understand that rail pass will have to start on the 2nd sept and this journey will be counted as two days travel !!?? Is this correct? I really don't want to used two days travel and wonder if there is any way round this? Also this train is classed as a 'Train Rapido', therefore, is this still classed as a night train ??

Finally, if rail pass has to start on the 2nd sept, then when will the last day of travel be? 11th sept or 10 days after the 2nd - 12th sept?

Many thanks for your help.

Pete @ 03-08-2008 19:07

hej Laura ...

for details about your train:

it is a night train !! 🙂

if the first day your ticket is valid is the 2nd of September, then you can travel on ONE travel day. fill in the 3rd of September as travel day on your ticket and use the night train !!!

the rule says: if the 2nd of September is the first day your ticket is valid, you can not use a night train starting the 1th of Sept. at 22.25h and fill the 2nd of Sept. as travel day. this is not possible !!

if the 2nd of September is the first day your ticket is valid, it starts at the:
02. Sept. 2008 at 00:01h in the morning and ends the:
11. Sept. 2008 at 23:59h at night

have a lot of fun on your tour, Peter 🙂

llwilson @ 03-08-2008 19:37

Peter, many thanks for your reply.

I have another question.......can you tell me if there are any night trains from bedapest to Zagreb?? I can't seem to find any on the train timetables.

I am leaving Budapest on the 12th (planning on getting early morning train), however, since my pass looks like it is going to expire on the 11th I am going to have to cut short my budapest trip and leave on the 11th, latest train is round about 17.00pm. I am desperate to find an over night train...........can you help?

Laura 🙂

Pete @ 03-08-2008 19:46

there is a night train:
Dep. Budapest: 1700h
Arr. Zagreb: 2305h
so it isn't really worth to use it !! 😉

better to use a train before, Dep. 1500h, Arr. 2222h and you save the supplement for the night-train you don't need. there are no other possibilities !!! sorry. 😐

Judithh @ 07-08-2008 21:18

ok another stupid question concerning this night-train-stuff...
Our ticket is valid from Saturday on for 1 month. But we are thinking of starting travelling on Sunday evening by nighttrain (after 19.00). If I got you right, I can mark Monday then as the first day of travel and there won't be any problem?
Thanks in advance 😉

Pete @ 07-08-2008 21:42

hej hej ...
you are RIGHT. mark monday and use the night train starting sunday evening !! then you can travel by night train and the full monday as well !! 🙂
have fun, Peter 🙂

Joyrider @ 15-08-2008 22:24

Hi! One more question about those night trains 🙂 Let's suppose I travel from Milano to Rome with one train change in Bologna using the following trains:

Milano-Bologna 23:00-01:24 (InterCityNight 785)
Bologna-Rome 02:22-06:56 (InterCityNight 771)

Will it still be one travel day? I'm wondering because the first part or this route can be too short to be night trip, but it's night train anyway!

Pete @ 17-08-2008 21:15

it will be one travel day... as much as I know ... as you change between one to an other night train to reach one destination. 🙂

earthfirst @ 13-09-2008 22:52

A friend of mine told me that If I had the 1 month travel pass, I didn't have to worry about he right?

Pete @ 14-09-2008 12:14

that's right ...!
as you can travel every day.
only with passes like for example 10 travel days within a period of 22 days you have to pay attention. 🙂

earthfirst @ 14-09-2008 12:23

Oh great! eheh :P


budong @ 15-09-2008 11:22

If you have an InterRail ticket which is valid for a number of travel days within a period of time (for example 10 travel days within 22 days), you can use a direct night train (no changes) after 19:00h and fill in the date of the following travel day!

Then you can use the night train and travel the full next day until midnight 24:00h.

And it counts as only ONE travel day of your travel days included in your ticket (here for example one day out of the 10 days which you have inside of the 22 days period your ticket is valid) !!

Attention: you can NOT do this on your first day/night of travel !!
On your first day/night your ticket starts at midnight 00:00h. You can not use a night train the day before and use the rule explained above !!!


marie_roget @ 15-09-2008 13:08

hi everyone,
im a bit confused about this, now lets say i'll start my trip from turkey, and wanna go to italy..i have to go to greece first(at my first day, that will be 2 days i guess, since its 25 - 26 hours) then i'll go to venice from greece by ferry(10 hours)
so when i arrive in venice, will it be 3 day gone for me?? i think i can catch something like a night ferry after 7 pm and next day it counts as 2 days?? right??

marie_roget @ 15-09-2008 13:31

thinking again, even if there is a 7 pm rule with the ferry and ill catch one at 8 pm or something like that, still it will be 3 days gone when i arrive in venice anyway since it's gonna be 2 days already when i arrive in either way it will be counted as 3 days right??

Pete @ 15-09-2008 13:32

hej... 🙂
if you give me the detailed times of your journey I can give you an exact answer... 🙂
about the night ferries: you don't need an extra travel day for them. you only need one of your travel days on the day the ferry starts OR on the day the ferry arrives...

marie_roget @ 15-09-2008 13:39

i don't have a ticket yet, in fact me and my friend are planning to go next's a little early for my question i kow but since yesterday i knew absolutely nothing about interrail and im making some research..anyway, i got the travel times map from this site, i'll start from istanbul, and i want to go to italy with using minimum travel days(and no planes or anything extra like that) so the best way i can think of is going to patras from istanbul first day(30 hours according to map) and go to venice with ferry(10 or so hours) it will count as 3 days?? or can i make it shorter??

Pete @ 15-09-2008 15:07

do it this way....
then you only need 2 travel days as the first step will count with the rule 1900 night train...
but this day you leave has to be already a day where your ticket is valid.
Istanbul Sirkec Dep. 22:00
Beograd Arr. 20:12
Beograd Dep. 22:15
Ljubljana Arr. 07:50
Ljubljana Dep. 08:05
Villach Hbf Arr.10:00
Villach Hbf Dep. 10:37
Venezia Santa Lucia Arr. 13:30
so you have two overnights for which you can calculate each time between 5-20 EUR depends if you want to sleep on a seat or in a bed compartement. 🙂

marie_roget @ 15-09-2008 15:43

wow, thank you :P i'll write those down 🙂

marie_roget @ 15-09-2008 19:59

hi, i got another question about this 19.00 rule..two actually :

1- this rule has no effect if i use it on a day that i already travelled, right?? i mean if i travelled for 2 or three hours today at noon, then there's no difference between departing after 19.00 and departing at 18:00 and arriving at my next destination tomorrow morning, since i already travelled today at noon??

2- it says a direct night train (no changes), does no changes mean that the train must never stop between two places?? for example lets say i wanna go to Bruxelles from Bordeaux, and theres Paris in the middle, in order to use this 19.00 rule, must the train never stop at Paris or anywhere between??

sorry if this is a ridiculous question, english is not my first language and i wanna make sure that i got things right...

starbuck @ 24-01-2009 19:15

hej Laura ...

for details about your train:
it is a night train !! 🙂

if the first day your ticket is valid is the 2nd of September, then you can travel on ONE travel day. fill in the 3rd of September as travel day on your ticket and use the night train !!!

the rule says: if the 2nd of September is the first day your ticket is valid, you can not use a night train starting the 1th of Sept. at 22.25h and fill the 2nd of Sept. as travel day. this is not possible !!

if the 2nd of September is the first day your ticket is valid, it starts at the:
02. Sept. 2008 at 00:01h in the morning and ends the:
11. Sept. 2008 at 23:59h at night

have a lot of fun on your tour, Peter 🙂

I've got the exact problem than this one above, but another solution and I don't know whether it would be ok.
To be clear, I'll use the dates as above. I am Polish.
The route from Krakow to Praha. The train starts at 22:25 and arrives in Praha at 6.30am. It is on the polish-czech border at 1.00am. As I am Polish, so I will have to buy a ticket from Krakow to the border. Would it be valid for a 1 travel day (first day of my interrail ticket), if I wrote on the Interrail ticket the route from the border (Bohumin - 1am) to Praha (6am, and further all the way to Paris)? I dunno if I'm clear.
My ticket is valid for example from 3rd September. (and I want it as my first travel day).
I take the train from Krakow to Praha. As I am Polish, I have to buy a ticket to the border.
I get on the train on 2nd September at 22:30 and go the polish part of the journey on my ticket which I bought.
The train enters Czech Republic at 1am on 3rd September. I write on the interrail ticket the first station in Czech Republic Bohumin (as if I got on the train there) and the date 3rd September and ride to Praha and further with 2 other stops to Berlin. Would it be ok? 🙂

Pete @ 25-01-2009 11:42

hi ...

in Krakow you have to buy a normal train ticket (you will get a discount - but I don't know how much as in Poland there are special discounts. but mention that you travel on an InterRail ticket) till the Czech border. plus the supplement for the night train:

as your travel from the border to Prague is on the 3rd September at 01:00h in the morning until 06:00h, your can buy an InterRail ticket which first day it's valid is the 3rd ...

then arrived in Prague in the morning you can continue the whole day... 🙂

aspiemelly @ 27-01-2009 20:52

I'm planning to take the nighttrain to Basel (then change to another train) from Copenhagen.

The train leaves copenhagen at 18:53 (darn 7 minutes...) but the next stop is Hoeje Taastrup at 19:07.
The lady I spoke with said I can buy a regular ticket to Hoeje Taastrup, and use the Interrail from there on, so it'd count as one day of travel. But I have read somewhere on here you can't use that rule on the first day? I am not sure I understand how that works so if someone can help I'd be happy.


Pete @ 28-01-2009 09:00

the lady is right... go to Hoeje Taastrup and start from there with InterRail.

for the rule of the night trains after 1900h:
an example...
if your first travel day - the first day your ticket is valid - is the 26th February, then you can use a night train leaving the 26th at 1900h and use the rule of the night train. so fill in your ticket the 27th Feb. but start travelling the 26th at 1907h from Hoeje Taastrup ... then it counts as ONE travel day (the 26th after 1907h plus the full day of the 27th Feb.).

you can NOT use this rule when you want to start at the 25th Feb at 1907h from Hoeje Taastrup - as the ticket starts to be valid at the 26th at 0001h !!

I hope I explained it well ... 🙂
have a good time, Peter 🙂

yatinsardana @ 05-02-2009 20:11

I thought the one night rule was simple and I wouldn't have any questions on it but ... I do now 😧
If a train starts after 1900 and is a direct train, it acts as one travel day. i'm going from milan to amsterdam which can be a direct train by CNL but the day I'm thinking of travelling isn't apparently a direct train (28th april). I have to change at dusseldorf. So my question is what if i only buy the ticket/reservation for the train from milan to dusseldorf and pretend as if that's where i want to go. then stop at dusseldorf and spend a couple hours there and then take a train to amsterdam as a separate journey. Would that still mean 2 travel days or is that ok? seeing that i'm basically visiting 2 cities in one day, according to them.

Pete @ 06-02-2009 07:56

no problem to ask !! 🙂

your night train starts in Milan at 2110h and you arrive in Düsseldorf at 0909h in the morning... there you have to change the train to continue to Amsterdam.
and as it is no problem to use as much trains as you want per travel day, you can make a stop in Düsseldorf for 3 hours and then continue to Amsterdam. or if you want, make a short trip to Cologne and then continue to Amsterdam ... you are completely flexible !! 🙂

the rule of the night train says: you have to use a direct night train. it is not possible to jump into a train at 1920h, then travel until 2120h leave the train and continue at 0200h ... then you have two travel days as you do not use a night train for over-night-travels.

bibicka @ 11-02-2009 13:14

And what about traveling during the day? If i change two or three trains in one day how does it counts?

yatinsardana @ 11-02-2009 13:17

I'm pretty sure that it's unlimited travel during the day.. It doesn't matter how many trains you take

G_Marques @ 07-03-2009 01:23

Hello! I've read all the previous posts and I thank you Peter and everyone who took the time to help with our questions. I am planning an interrail next summer around a few countries in Eastern Europe, and I think I will probably choose to get several 3-day one country tickets instead of the global pass. Two questions:

1) You say that the 1900 rule doesn't apply on the first valid day of each interrail ticket right? But what do you mean by valid? It has to be a travelling day? Can I have a ticket valid from 1st August to 31th August or something (1 month), and have my first travel day at the 2nd August after 1900 and only put the 3rd August in the ticket?

2) If I catch a train in zagreb say at 1600 on day 1, which arrives at 1am at Belgrade day 2, do I need to have valid tickets for both countries on day 1 and valid ticket for Serbia on day 2? Does it depend on what time the train crosses the border? What if the train left Zagreb at 2000? I would need only a valid ticket for Croatia on day 1 and only a valid ticket for Serbia for day 2 since the 1900 rule would apply?

I hope I have made myself clear..any explanation or input would be very very appreciated!

Thank you very much!

Pete @ 07-03-2009 08:10

hej hej ... 🙂
just a general information... maybe a global pass is cheaper for you... calculate it right... and you are more flexibel and free, as you can travel all the countries and do not have to pay attention if you still have travel days for one single country or not ... but to you to decide !! 🙂

and here the answers for you:

1) YES ... you only can not start he 31th July at 1900h and have the 1st August as your first travel day. but for the 2nd after 1900h and fill in the 3rd , it is no problem !!

2) you definitely need ONE travel day on your SERBIAN ticket and ONE travel day on your CROATIAN. then the time is important, when crossing the border. if your night train leaves Zagreb after 1900h and the border crossing is for example at 0200h at night, then you only need ONE travel day for CROATIA (As there is the rule of 1900h) and then ONE travel day for SERBIA where the train will arrive in the morning.
with a GLOBAL pass is would have been then only ONE travel day - as you do not need one for each country . you are global then and save one of your travel days.

have a good time and a lot of fun, Peter 🙂

htsow @ 10-03-2009 20:14

hey peter...sorry for my stupid question...please reply as soon as possible....

if i buy 10 for 22 days global flexi pass.....

i travel from amsterdam(23/4) to prague(23/4) and from prague(dep 21:09, 24/4) to krakow(arr 06:33, 25/4) then at the same day i travel from krakow(dep 22:15,25/4) and reach vienna(arr 06:30,26/4). Should i calculate the journey from prague to vienna as one day? This is because i use 1900h rules which travel after 7pm from prague and next day from 22:15 to vienna which is still at the 2359h. Please help, thanks

Pete @ 10-03-2009 21:29

hi ... I am not sure if I understood it right...

dep. Amsterdam 23/4
arr. Prague 24/4
dep. Prague 24/4
arr. Krakow 25/4
dep. Krakow 25/4
arr. Vienna 26/4

all by overnight train !!??

so the solution is this way: use the following travel days: 24/4, 25/4, 26/4 - there is no other possibility.
but the ticket must be valid already on the 23/4 ... otherwise you can not use this rule - even if you do not use one of your 10 travel days on the 23/4.
as the rule is not possible on the first day your ticket is valid.
reply me if I understood it wrong !! 🙂

htsow @ 11-03-2009 00:17

hey peter,

first travel day is 23/4.

dep. Amsterdam 23/4
arr. Prague 23/4
by daytime train and stay hostel for one night.

tomorrow(24/4) start travel after 7pm from prague,
dep. Prague 24/4 after 2109h
arr. Krakow 25/4 on 0633h

on the same day,
dep. Krakow 25/4 2215h
arr. Vienna 26/4 0630h

how many days should i calculate from 23/4 - 26/4? Thank you very much!!

Pete @ 11-03-2009 07:37

okay. now I understood it right...

first day: Amsterdam to Prague (23/4)
second day: Prague to Krakow (25/4 - you use the rule for the night trains)
third day: Krakow to Vienna (26/4 - rule for night trains)

so in total you need three days. 🙂

parble @ 11-03-2009 21:07

i'm planning to go to berlin from venice. the train leaves at 23h and that would be on my first day so i can't use the night rule. is it possible that i buy a ticket to verona, then from verona use my pass?
here is the timetable:

Venezia Mestre Sa, 21.03.09 23:04
Padova 23:28
Vicenza 23:47
Verona Porta Nuova 01:01
Innsbruck Hbf 04:34
Jenbach 04:56
Wörgl Hbf 05:14
Kufstein 05:30
Rosenheim 05:53
München Hbf So, 22.03.09 06:30
München Hbf So, 22.03.09 07:20
Ingolstadt Hbf ab 07:59
Nürnberg Hbf ab 08:34
Saalfeld(Saale) ab 10:15
Jena Paradies ab 10:44
Naumburg(Saale)Hbf 11:08
Leipzig Hbf 11:51
Berlin Hbf (tief) 13:10

htsow @ 11-03-2009 23:39

hi peter,

my thinking is

first day: Amsterdam to Prague (23/4)
second day: Prague to Krakow (25/4 - use the rule for the night trains)

on the same day,
dep. Krakow 25/4 2215h
arr. Vienna 26/4 0630h (won't take train anymore at 26/4)

can i calculate as 2 days which is 23/4 and 25/4 because I depart krakow at 25/4 by night train which is before 2359h at 25/4? I don't count 26/4 as one day because my journey actually start from 25/4 at krakow. Am I right? Thank you very much!!

Pete @ 12-03-2009 08:18

@parble Venice - Verona - Berlin

you can buy a ticket from Venice to Verona. it is something around EUR 14 - do it at a station or online at

if the day you leave Venice is the first day your ticket is valid, use the rule of the night trains.
if the day you leave Verona (and the travel Venice to Verona is outside the validity) is your first day of travel, use the single ticket Venice to Verona and then start from there by InterRail. so you saved one day from the period your pass is valid.

Peter 🙂

Pete @ 12-03-2009 08:25

@htsow Amsterdam - Krakow - Vienna

then you have the following travel days:

23/4 ONE Amsterdam-Prague
24/4 - 25/4 overnight TWO Prague to Krakow
25/4 - 26/4 overnight THREE Krakow to Vienna

❗ The rule for night trains is only from 1900h - overnight - until 2359h of the next day !!
It is not possible to start 0800h in the morning - travel the whole day and then use the night train overnight until the next morning.
You see it on the name of the rule: The 1900h rule for night train

parble @ 12-03-2009 08:34

tnx a lot for your answer. just one more question to be sure.. if i use the second option you suggested - buy a separate ticket to verona and then from verona use my pass stating that day as the first - is it necessary that i physically leave the train? i don't know how sensitive is the train control concerning this 🙂

Pete @ 12-03-2009 08:36

no ... you do not have to leave the train.
but mention it when purchasing your ticket Venice to Verona that you will then continue after Verona by InterRail - depending as well which categorie of seat/bed you book in this train as it is a night train. 🙂

GerardOD @ 12-03-2009 13:56

Hi everyone,

Can I confirm that I have interpretted this rule correctly. I plan to purchase a 10 in 22 day interail ticket . The first time I want to use it is on the Thursday, June 04, overnight train to Madrid from Paris. When a purchase the ticket, do I say my first travel day is on the 5th?



Pete @ 12-03-2009 16:01

hi ...

the rule says: it is not possible to use this rule on your FIRST day of travel.

so if you want to use a night train leaving the 4th after 1900h in the evening, arriving at the 5th in the morning, your ticket has to start and be valid already on the 4th.
if the first day your ticket is valid is the 4th, fill in your ticket as one of your travel days the 5th.

if you do not want to have your ticket started on the 4th, have a look on the website of this night train - sometimes they have special offers... 🙂

GerardOD @ 13-03-2009 15:28

Thanks very much. Missed that bit!!! 4th is not a problem. Cheers

parble @ 17-03-2009 17:37

@parble Venice - Verona - Berlin
if the day you leave Venice is the first day your ticket is valid, use the rule of the night trains.

ok, me again, sorry 😶
i got a 10 day pass starting with 21th of March, so if i leave Venice on the 21th at 23 o'clock i fill in the 22nd as the first day of travel?
up until now it seems that i had a wrong perception of this rule, so i feel kind of silly 😧

Pete @ 17-03-2009 19:45

perfect... you understood the rule !! 🙂
fill in the 22th ... this is then your first travel day !! 🙂
have fun on your tour and all the best, Peter 🙂

parble @ 17-03-2009 20:10

thanks bunches really!

rnl @ 25-03-2009 13:17

This thread is very helpful! I'm currently planning a trip through the balkans, so let me see if I have got this right:

from Sarajevo to Beograd, train departing at 21:20 with a change in Doboj 00:13-00:19. This would count as TWO travel days since it's not a direct connection, right?
Beograd to Bucuresti departing 15:55 arriving 05:31, TWO travel days again..? So in total, THREE travel days Sarajevo-Bucuresti if I only stay in Beograd for the day?

SiDUDe @ 25-03-2009 13:43

The Sarjevo - Dobov train is a night train, so I think you can put it down as the next day. This would mean 2 days in total

rnl @ 30-03-2009 20:33

Oh, that's good news then! If you were talking about two days in total from Sarajevo to Bucuresti.
But that means I didn't understand the rule... 😲 I thought the rule only applied when the connection was nonstop, which this isn't.

What the heck, I'll just buy the 22 days continuous pass instead, that would make planning a lot easier 😉

SiDUDe @ 30-03-2009 21:04

think about it this way - it is non stop if you were travelling sarajevo - doboj, so you can put it down as the next day. After that you can do whatever you want, including getting on another train right after. At least I think thats how it works

rnl @ 31-03-2009 13:13

Of course! Now i understand, thanks! :P

lucina @ 02-04-2009 18:01

I want to know if the trip form Paris to Rome that leaves at 18:59, counts like one day or not.
Also, I´m not european, so I´ll buy the Eurailpass, it´s the same than the Interrail?

SiDUDe @ 02-04-2009 19:24

it counts as 2 days for interrail. not sure what the rule is for eurail

Pete @ 03-04-2009 08:38

SiDUDe is right... normally it counts as 2 travel days - but there is only ONE exception ... and that's this train...
only this train you can use as ONE travel day leaving even one minute before 1900h. 🙂
but I don't know as well the rules for Eurail.

lucina @ 03-04-2009 17:43

Thank you!
The Eurailpass also has th 1900 rule, so i think that t would be the same

Zillertalbahn @ 26-04-2009 15:04


Just to be sertain.
If i leave on monday 11th May with CNL 419 from Utrecht (D 21:01) to Munich (A 07:16)
And my IR ticket starts at the 10th of May, can i use the 1 day rule, cause the 11th will be the first day that i use the ticket?
Because othewise i will Depart the 12th with day train.

And another question does the one country pass (in this case Germany) also have this privilege?
I know that i have to pay untill de border, Emmerich.

Please let me know,



Pete @ 27-04-2009 08:20

Hi Erwin ...
yes you can use the 1900h-rule! 🙂
just an example: if you ticket starts the 10th of May, you could not use the night-train (and the rule) starting at the 9th at 21:01. as your ticket starts on the 10th at 00:01h
but in your case it is no problem to use the rule !
and yes, you can also use this rule with a ONE country pass if you stay inside the country by night train - no border crossing.
Peter 🙂

Zillertalbahn @ 27-04-2009 10:26

Thank you very much Peter for the information.
You have confirmed what i already thought and said to a friend of mine.
He was the one that touhgt it wasn't posible.

So thank you again.



delz47 @ 06-05-2009 15:30

I'm still a little bit confused about this rule, so would be great if you could give me a bit of advice please 🙂

I'm planning to buy a 5 travel days in 10 days interrailing pass and leave Amsterdam on 26th july on the night train to Berlin (leaves 19:01 arriving at 04:21 in Berlin) so in order for this journey to count as one day, do I need to start my pass on the 25th? Or can I start my pass on the 26th?

Thank you for your help in advance :P

SiDUDe @ 06-05-2009 16:05

If you leave on the 26th, your ticket can start on the 26th and you can put the 27th down as your first travel day. what you cant do is start your ticket on the 27th

delz47 @ 06-05-2009 16:59

Great! Thank you, you've made me very happy :P

Zillertalbahn @ 10-05-2009 07:03


I'm a bit confused about somthing at the moment.
At a other Interrail Forum in the Netherlands it says that if a train starts befor 00:00, but after 19:00 and ends after 00:00
That you can use any train you like with this exception rule.
I can imaging that it is correct, so that's why i'm asking it here.

Hopefully you can answer this for sure

Kindest regards


SiDUDe @ 10-05-2009 10:34


The way I understand it is that the train has to be a proper night train. There may be trains that leave city centers before midnight and arrive in the suburbs after, but these do not count.

Pete @ 10-05-2009 12:18

exactly... this rule is only applicable to real night-trains (long-distance-trains) not to suburban trains!
as it is as well called a rule for night-trains - and the sense is to have some advantage using night-trains ... not using normal trains... 🙂

bluepaw @ 07-06-2009 16:07

So if my interrail is valid from 6 August 00.00 to 27 August 23.59,

i can use the night train at 2300 from berlin to copenhagen, in 6 august? and it will count as 1 day.

also in our last day, if the train arrives after 23.59 do we ahve to pay, the real ticket amount*

SiDUDe @ 07-06-2009 16:16

Yes - you can put the train down as the 7th

You can use the ticket up until the station before midnight, and then pay from there

thelovelyrichard @ 16-06-2009 16:15

I'm stuck. I'm going from Vienna to Ljubljana overnight, leaving after 1900h, but change after midnight. How many days is this?

Dep Vienna 2125h
Arr Salzburg 0032h (EN 466)
Dep Salzburg 0134h
Arr Ljubljana 0605h (D 499)

I'm pretty sure it's 1 day, but I don't want to be arrested and sent to jail. Any ideas?


SiDUDe @ 17-06-2009 01:55

Yeah its one day, you can put the night train down as the following day as long as you get off before midnight.

Viktoria @ 17-06-2009 07:48


We're first time interrailers and have a few questions about the 1900h night train rule. We are starting our trip at August 1st in Paris, but will be travelling with train the first time at August 2nd from Paris to Amsterdam. We decided to take a train connection without any surcharges. This means that we will have to switch trains 5 or 6 times. We will be leaving from Paris with a train departuring 22.34 pm and that will arrive in St.Quentins at 00.20. After this we will have to take a few more connections before arriving to Amsterdam at about 14.00 pm August the 3rd. Will this be counted as two travelling days or can we apply the 1900h rule? Otherwise, since we had some difficulties figuring out how the nightrains go, is there any night train leaving Paris for Amsterdam at this date?

The same situation will accur on the end of our trip when we travel from Copenhagen to Stockholm, leaving Copenhagen just before midnight August 9th and arrive at about 11am in Stockholm. Can the rule be applied here?

Best regards;

Viktoria & Erik

Pete @ 17-06-2009 08:07

hi Viktoria and Erik...

On your first trip from Paris via St.Quentins to Amsterdam, you have to use TWO travel days as the train PARIS - St.Quentins is NOT a night train.
So the cheapest and best option to save a travel day is to use a normal single train ticket from Paris until the first station after midnight ( - and from then start you InterRail tour.
More details about Paris-Amsterdam:
(there is as well a free connection listed with no night travel and you will arrive in Amsterdam around 1500h)

For your travel Copenhagen - Stockholm you can use the rule of 1900h - as it is a direct night train.
All the best and have fun and sun on your tour, Peter 🙂

Viktoria @ 17-06-2009 08:28

Thank you for your quick answer!

This makes it much more clear :P

Viktoria & Erik

tiaped @ 19-06-2009 11:55

Hi everybody,

I'm buying the 10-day in 22 days card and I've got one question just to be sure.
I would like to go from Munich (Germany) to Korinthos (Greece).
I planned to leave Munich, with a night train to Anconna (Italy) leaving after 19:00, the 10th of july. There is may be one change I have to clarify.
At the arrival at Anconna, in the morning of the 11th of july, I will take a ferry to Patras (Greece).
This trip is during one night and I'm arriving next day, the 12th of july. In the afternoon I take the a train to Korinthos.

It seems to me that it take only 2 days on my pass.
I'm I all right?

Excuse me for my poor english,

Pete @ 19-06-2009 12:36

Hi Pierre...
yes that's right: 2 days.
1 day - 11th: Dep. Munich by night train after 1900 on the 10th, arriving at the 11th in Italy
2 day - 12th: overnight-ferry + travel in Greece.
Peter 🙂

tiaped @ 19-06-2009 12:46

Thanks a lot Peter

Pavzki @ 20-06-2009 13:56


I'll go from St.Gallen (Switzerland) to Munich and from Munich to Vienna.
The EC is departing in St. Gallen at 19:19
The Night-Train in Munich departs at 23:40 and arrives in Vienna at 05:58
Can this be accepted as one day?


SiDUDe @ 20-06-2009 14:44

No, as you are taking a non night train the day before

Flo @ 20-06-2009 20:18

If you dont want to lose a travel day you could go from St. Gallen to Bregenz (1919 - 1953) and take the EN 247 from there to Vienna. 🙂

ep_09 @ 22-06-2009 18:26

Hi, sorry this question has probably been asked a thousand times but i just want to be sure...
i'm travelling from rome to berlin this summer. we're leaving rome at about 19:30 and arriving in berlin the next day at around 13:00. however, we change trains in munich at something like 5am. does this count as one day of travel?
I asked a woman in a travel agent and she said one day travel lasts 24 hours, so if this is true i can travel from 19:30 on the first day till 19:30 on the second day.. confirmation please? 🙂

Flo @ 22-06-2009 18:30

we're leaving rome at about 19:30 and arriving in berlin the next day at around 13:00. however, we change trains in munich at something like 5am. does this count as one day of travel?

Assuming that you're traveling with the direct night train CNL 484 (Roma 1910 - 0630 München) - yes, you can make use of the rule. 🙂

I asked a woman in a travel agent and she said one day travel lasts 24 hours, so if this is true i can travel from 19:30 on the first day till 19:30 on the second day.. confirmation please? 🙂

When making use of the 1900 rule you may travel the next day until 2400.

Pete @ 22-06-2009 18:48

it is always the same shit ... never go to travel agents... ask here directly. you only get wrong tickets with wrong information at a lot travel agencies !!! 😲

Boki5 @ 23-06-2009 15:12


I will travel from

Nish - Belgrade
dep 12:35 arr 16:33

And the same day... -evening...

Beograd - Ljubljana
dep:21:50 arr: 07:22

Does it takes one day travel? or two?

Boki 🙂

Pete @ 23-06-2009 15:14

you can not use the rule in reverse.
only starting after 1900 - using a night train - travelling the full next day.
Peter 🙂

ep_09 @ 26-06-2009 12:05

thanks flow!!

freekaboutravelling @ 03-07-2009 11:01

to use this rule..we have to catch a train between 19.00 and 23.59, and pass the midnight inside a train, right?

So if i take a train at 19.30 that arrives at 23h, and then catch another train at 23.30 that arrives at 6.00am, that counts as 2 days, right?

Flo @ 03-07-2009 11:24


However the train has to be a night train too, ie if you take a train after 1900 that stops at its last station at something like 0100 at then spend the night there and catch another train in the morning the rule doesn't apply.

Flo 😎

ash_sak @ 04-07-2009 02:48

Ok, i just went around Prague-->Bratislava-->Vienna-->Budapest
and have now been 'bitten by that travelling bug' (beats swine flu...i hope no one's made that awful joke yet)


i was looking at doing more of eastern europe at the end of summer and have been looking at train times
They all go at night (YAY no hostel fees...though i lost a camera and 70euros on the last night train so i'll be sticking them somewhere private)
Except the trains from Bucharest-->Krakow
anyone who's seen this route, it's one hell of a trek, most routes involve many many stops but one is only 2 changes, and only takes about 26 hours... 😲
I would stop somewhere but the places it stops i've been, well the capitals anyway and i dont want to be 'wasting days'...instead i'll just spend one on the trains.
So yeah anyway.
The train schedule is:
Bucharesti Nord. 19:50 --> Budapest Keleti 08:41 (Euronight)
Budapest Keleti 09:28 --> Breclav 12:54 (Eurocity)
Breclav 16:08 --> Krakow Glowny 21:46 (Eurocity)
Total time, 26:56

Can someone please tell me if that counts as 2 days travelling, or perhaps even more?
(i understand this rule for single trains but as this involves change overs, what does it count as 'day' wise?)

Also does anyone know if i'd book all those trains at one station or if i'd have to do it as i went along?
Thanks again.

(i advise Vienna and Budapest, Prague is touristy but quite nice, but Bratislava is a dive. Not really a bad place but there's nothing to do, go for a day then leave...quickly)

SiDUDe @ 04-07-2009 11:46

First of all, Bratislava isnt a dive - its just small (which is nice!) Good food, good drink, good prices but not worth more than 1 night

Youre trip is actually only 1 day, since your night train leaves after 1900 you can put down the next day as the day as travel and then use as many trains as you like up until midnight

edit - everyone ive spoken to has said Bucharest is a dive...

lazyboy @ 09-07-2009 12:10

Sorry to ask this but I am so confused!

We are arriving in Amsterdam by plane on the 21st. On the 23rd we want to take the night train to Prague that leaves at 1901.

We have 10 in 22 ticket that starts on 23rd.

Can we use just one day ( 24th) for the Amsterdam to Prague night train?

Many thanks

Pete @ 09-07-2009 12:13

hi ...
RIGHT ... fill in the 24th as travel day - and start with the over night train at 1901h at the 23th ! 🙂

maravelia @ 11-07-2009 15:18


a quick question: I went to the Atocha train station to buy a ticket for the night train madrid paris. My global flexi pass starts on the 22nd of july but when i asked if i could travel on the 21st of july (thinking that it was allowed since the train departs at 19:00) they didn't say anything to me and issued the ticket. will I have problems when i actually go to use the ticket?

thank you

Flo @ 11-07-2009 17:15

Depends on the conductor I'd say. 😐

If you're lucky (and nice) you'll probably get through without larger troubles - if not you may either have to pay the price difference to the first station after midnight (that being Poitiers at 0555 isn't good news either) or may even kicked out at a station along the route in Spain (although I doubt that).

Can't be more precise, sorry. And good luck 😉

Flo 😎

maravelia @ 12-07-2009 13:02

Thanks for that. I´ll keep my fingers crossed although the guy that issued me will get some of the blame if i get caught.

sandricamrle @ 18-07-2009 21:55

Hello 🙂 I have one question...I understand that if I take direct night train after 19:00h (exp. from Zagreb at 21:00h on 20th July to Zurich at 11:44h on 21st July) it counts like one travel day. But my question is - if I want to stay in Zurich for a few hours and take a train at 18:00h to Paris which arrives at 22:40h, does this still counts as one day, until midnight? Does this ONE day counts from my start at Zagreb to Paris? Or are they two days? 😐

Flo @ 18-07-2009 22:14

if I want to stay in Zurich for a few hours and take a train at 18:00h to Paris which arrives at 22:40h, does this still counts as one day, until midnight? Does this ONE day counts from my start at Zagreb to Paris?

Yup. 🙂

Or are they two days? 😐

Nope. 😉

Flo 😎

svacko @ 19-07-2009 12:32

is this 1900h rule available only for Interrtail Global pass holders or is it available also for Interrail one countrypass holders?
Thanks a lot! 😉

hedgehogs123 @ 19-07-2009 12:36

Both i think....


SiDUDe @ 19-07-2009 13:36

yeah both, though its not much use with the one month continuous pass, and there arent that many night trains that are only in one country...

clinicaz @ 19-07-2009 16:16

Hello everybody!

This summer I am planning to travel with InterRail. I have bought global pass 10 days out of 22. My InterRail ticket starts from 4th August to the 25th August. I am planning my trip back home from Zagreb and I have one question. May I use this connection, if my InterRail ticket is valid only until 25th (25th included)? If no, then from where do I need to buy a ticket? Because, when I looked at the CNL stops, that train stops in Fulda at 23:43, but from there the ticket costs the same as from Munchen, what is not very logical. And the next stop is only in Neumünster at 04:44, where the ticket price is more reasonable.

Zagreb Glavni Kolod. Di, 25.08.09 ab 07:00 EC 212

München Hbf Di, 25.08.09 an 15:35 12
München Hbf Di, 25.08.09 ab 19:00 23 CNL 482 City Night Line

Koebenhavn H Mi, 26.08.09 an 09:59

SiDUDe @ 19-07-2009 16:20

You need to buy a ticket from fulda, since your ticket expires at midnight on the 25th.

SyllaCherfan @ 21-07-2009 21:29

Hi !
I Would like to buy the global pass 10 days within 22 days but I´ve some doubts :

1 - What exactly means 10 days?? Can I use 10 times ? For ex. If i start my journey at 10pm and finish at 4am will be counted as 1 day/use or 2 days/uses ??

2 - If i need to do connections between the city A and city B, those connections will be counted as Days/uses of my 10 days allowance?

3 - Can I use this pass to return to my country´s residence ? If not, is there any discount ?

So, my main doubt is how is counted the use of 10 days within 22 days pass.


Flo @ 21-07-2009 21:47

One travel day is from 0000 to 2359. You can use as many trains within this day as you want - however for certain trains (high speed and night trains mostly) you will have to pay an extra supplement.

If you want to make use of the 1900-rule you have to use a through night train - it's not possible to travel ie: Town A dep 1920 - Town B arr 2300 - Town B dep 0500 - Town C arr 0914
If you make use of the rule it works as follows: You take a night train ie on the 19th August, leaving Town A after 1900. You fill in the 20th August in your travel report and can make as many travels as you want on the 20th.

Note that you cant use the rule the day before or after your pass is valid.

Most residence countries offer a reduction for the transfer from the border to your home, however no discount is available in the UK. 😢

Flo 😎

Umlungu @ 06-08-2009 17:21

Sorry if this has been covered by a previous question.. i am in an internet cafe and do not have time to read through everything!
I am travelling from Zurich to Ljubljana in Slovenia. I have one country passes for Austria and Slovenia and another ticket for Switzerland. Does the 1900h rule apply for me?
Can I use only one day on my Austria ticket instead of two?

Thanks so much for your help!

Pete @ 06-08-2009 19:50

you can use the rule with your ONE country pass...
but you need for every country you travel in or cross ONE of you travel days.
so if you use for example a night train VIENNA to BREGENZ within Austria, you can use the rule:
Peter 🙂

Superoon @ 06-08-2009 22:28

Hi Peter and other InterRail expert, I have several questions:

1. I'm not European, but have been living in Germany since 9 years. My friend (not European) will visit me in the next couple of weeks and plan to make eurotrip. It means: for me InterRail and for her Eurail. We have calculated, that we need around 5 trips, and only 3 countries (German, France, Spain). In Eurail you can choose for this variation: Select Pass option
5 days within 2 month

What about me? I don't find anything equivalent like Select Pass option for the European resident (InterRail user). Does InterRail offer only global pass or one country pass? Because 5/10 or 10/22 don't suit with our plan. We will spend around more than 22 days but only with 5 travels.

2. Is the 1900h Rule also applicable for my friend, since she is going to use Eurail instead InterRail? For example, she could validate her Eurail from 07 Aug until 06 Oct (2 months). It means, she could use night train from Berlin to Paris on 19:58 on 08 Aug, and be registered as day1 on 09 Aug?

Thanks before!

Pete @ 07-08-2009 09:00

hej hej ...

1) for INTERRAIL you have only the options available here:
the reason: EURAIL and INTERRAIL have different historical backgrounds. the tickets are available now for more than 30 years. but the last 2 years the structure of the tickets gets closer and closer. so maybe in 5 years both tickets have the same options - but right now, only the ones offered via the link above are available.
maybe in your situation it might be more expensive ... but in general the InterRail ticket is cheaper than Eurail and you get a bigger value with more countries you can visit.

2) I am not specialist for EURAIL - but as much as I know and heard, this rule is also applicable for EURAIL travellers. 🙂

have fun and all the best, Peter 🙂

mihce_slo @ 17-08-2009 19:18

Could I apply the 1900h rule if I'm travelling from Paris to Carcassonne but with the direct night train to Tolouse and then with a regional train to Carcassonne?

SiDUDe @ 17-08-2009 19:41

If youre talking about the one that leaves at 2256 then yes thats fine, you put down the second day and use as many trains on that day as you wish. I dont know why you wouldnt want to get the direct train though, unless you wanted to spend some time in tolouse

mihce_slo @ 18-08-2009 19:43

Yes I'm talking about that train at 22:56 from Paris. Well I wanted to spend a while in Toulouse to see a few places and then go to Carcassonne 🙂 . Well then I just write the 19 h rule and it's fine :P . Thanks a lot for the answer SiDUDe 😉

ash_sak @ 21-08-2009 14:07

I'm confused by the use of the word 'direct'.
Am i right in thinking that it means 'no changes'.

I'm travelling from Hannover --> Gdansk
But there's a change at Poznan part way.

Hannover 02:38
Poznan 07:33

Poznan 08:23
Gdansk 13:47

Is this one day's travel or two?

...I've just realised that given the journey starts and ends on the same day then it should be one day, so i'm posting this in the wrong forum/already have the answer.

But still just to check.
If i use my 5 days in 10. travel ticket then this WHOLE journey would count as one of those days?


Pete @ 22-08-2009 12:45

hi Ashok ...
it is ONE travel day, as you travel between 00:01h in the morning and 23:59h at night.
you can use as much trains as you want within this period.
the rule for night trains and direct ones is only interesting if the night train in your case would start for example at 20:00h in Hannover...
all the best, Peter🙂

Sayuyu @ 02-10-2009 11:20

Hi everybody !

I have a problem and if you can help me ...

Interrail pass is a pass for lot of country but if we buy one ticket, I can do all of this country with only one, right ?

Because, when I want to buy one ticket, it asked my destination but I don't want to go only in one country ...

Someone can help me, please ? I must go on the 7th october !

Thank you

SiDUDe @ 02-10-2009 11:42

If you buy a global pass (as apposed to a one country pass) it is valid in all the interrail countries

Sayuyu @ 02-10-2009 12:00

Thank you !

You can help me again ?

If I buy the global ticket for 10 days it's ok for :

Poznan - Poland 09/10 (from Paris)
Berin - Germany 10/10 (from Poznan)
Cologne - Germany 11/10 (from Berlin)
Zurich - Switzerland 14/10 (from Paris)
Brussells - Belgium 16/10 (from Zurich)
Helsinki - Finland 18/10 (from Brussells)
Paris - France 19/10 (from Helsinki)


And, I don't know how to have the schedule for all of this because, I follow a band of music and in all of country, I must to be there at ... 17.00 or 18.00 P.M.

Can you help me again ? I would to know the schedule because I can't miss this concerts, I must to make a report everytime so it's important to me to have the hours ! Thank you so much !

SiDUDe @ 02-10-2009 12:29

you can find the schedule here

and make sure you check which trains require supplements or reservations

Sayuyu @ 02-10-2009 12:51

Yes I find this but I don't really understand ..

For example, I'm in Paris and, in the morning on the 9/10 I want to go in Poznan.
With, of course, the global ticket ... But I don't understand which train I must to take or something like this .. Sorry x_x

Flo @ 02-10-2009 13:00

You can take any train, however certain trains require compulsory reservation resp a supplement.

Paris Est 0658 - 1016 Mannheim 👉 TGV, 5€ supplement
Mannheim 1031 - Berlin Hbf 1525 👉 free ICE
Berlin Hbf 1629 - 1927 Poznan 👉 Berlin-Warszawa-Express, 5€ supplement


Paris Est 0724 - 1025 Karlsruhe 👉 ICE, 5€ supplement
Karlsruhe 1051 - 1114 Mannheim 👉 free ICE
Mannheim 1131 - 1631 Berlin Ost 👉 free ICE
Berlin Ost 1640 - 1927 Poznan 👉 Berlin-Warszawa-Express, 5€ supplement

I'd recommend the first connection as you have some extra time if a connection fails due to delay etc.

Sayuyu @ 02-10-2009 14:00

Oh ! So, when I am in paris, I can take the train which is the better for me ? Even if I don't have the schedule or something ?

And, I have an other question (thank you for everything, of course) but, my friend lives in Bordeaux (France) so, she can take the train for paris with the global ticket, too ?

And, in Germany, you see, we want to go to berlin and cologne, it's ok ? We can take the train from berlin to cologne with the global ticket ?

And when you said .. All trains, we can take the SNCF's trains too ? Can you give me te name of all trains we can take, please ?

Thank you so much !

Flo @ 02-10-2009 14:10

You can use all trains by almost all train operating companies in Europe (exceptions are some small private companies, esp in Switzerland where you get a certain discount with your IR ticket only). SNCF and DB are included since they are the national railway companies of the relevant countries.

Note: Certain trains require compulsory reservation and it is recommended to get a reservation some time in advance, especially if you have to rely on a certain connection.
List of trains requiring reservation/supplement:

Berlin to Cologne is no problem, since all domestic ICE trains (except the few Sprinter services) dont require a reservation when traveling with IR.
Bordeaux to Paris with TGV requires a reservation, 3/10€ depending on date and time.

When going from Paris from Poznan you can take either connection I suggested but you will have to make a reservation for the trains I mentioned in my above post.

Flo 😎

Sayuyu @ 02-10-2009 14:51

Woh ... I don't understand all but.. Rhaaa I'm sorry x_x

I'm french and in english it's a little difficult for me ...

First, thank you, really, thank you ^^
Where I can reserve any place ? There is a phone number ? Or I can call the station and talk about my destination ?

I must to reserve a place for every train ? And if you can explain to me how I can see the schedule ... For xample in Berlin for Cologne on the 11/10

Because, I have the global ticket soon, so, I must pay reservation everytime ?

Sorry again, and thank you.

Pete @ 05-10-2009 17:07

Hi ...

for reservations read here:
in most cases it is the best way to buy them at big railway stations.

you don't need them for every train - only for the ones mentioned at the supplements section like Flow already told. and night trains - more information therefore at the country topics of this forum .

Peter 🙂

filu85 @ 02-11-2009 07:08

Ok, so here's my question 🙂

Night train Strasbourg 20:20 - Port Bou 9:27.

But I want to take it only to Belfort where it arrives at 23:30.

Should i reserve a seat to anywhere (as the price is fixed) and just get out of the train quietly in Belfort? 🙂
Then I can could back to Strasbourg next day in the evening.
Do I have to say my destination while resering the seat at all?

Correct? 🙂


Flo @ 02-11-2009 12:16

Since I'm at university at the moment I can't answer in detail...

1.) When do you intend to travel? The Strasbourg - Port Bou Corail Lunéa runs in summer only. And `'m not sure if the new schedules are available yet.

2.) You can surely get a reservation to, say Port Bou or whereever, and get off at Belfort. As long if the conductor on the following day does not check you travel report carefully you'll be fine. You have to tell the clerk your destination for the reservation but he certainly wont check if you go there really.

3.) What's the point in doing so? Day trip to Belfort? There are fast daily trains as well that take under 1h30.

4.) Clever idea. 😉

Flo 😎

Jordinar @ 22-11-2009 19:54

Hi everybody,

I want to go with the 10 in 22 Global Pass.

My tour starts with Berlin Night Express Berlin - Malmo. Train leaves at about 13.7.10 23.00 and arrives 14.7.10 08.00 in Malmö.

... Then it goes all the way through Scandinavia finishing about 2 weeks later in Oslo as where I do not need any further Interrail validity - Journey finished there. (So i actually do not need all 22 days)

Is this only one of ten Travel Days?


SiDUDe @ 22-11-2009 23:54

If your ticket is valid on the 13/7 then you can put 14/7 down as your travel day. If your ticket starts on the 14th, you need to pay the full fare up until the first station after midnight.

Jordinar @ 23-11-2009 03:23

Is there any reason why my ticket should not be valid on 13/7 ?

I do not need any validity after ~28/7, so there is some reserve.

So I can just buy my ticket in a few months, some weeks before 13/7 and say that 13/7 is the first day of validity, but 14/7 is the first of ten travel days ?

So It'd just be very stupid to buy the ticket with validity start 14/7 just because that's the first travel day.

I could also ask:
First day of validity (13/7) can differ from the first travel day (14/7) ? Ofcourse all travel days must be used within validity period. (13/7 - 3/8 )

And anyway - how should I pay Berlin Night Express until first station after midnight? It just has a fix price for the whole trip which is 15 or 30 euros (depending on comfort) for interrail travellers and full price otherwise

SiDUDe @ 23-11-2009 10:18

If you were tight with the actual length of trip (ie you were travelling right up until the very end of the ticket) Then this would be an issue. With you, it is not so you dont have a problem, however this is a very common question on here so I thought id explain it (again) for other people)

The first day of validity can differ from the first day of travel.

And of course you would have to pay the full price for then BNE if you didnt have a ticket - but more generally on night trains you have to pay up until the station after midnight


Jordinar @ 23-11-2009 16:59

The information you give on railcc is very helpful. Especially here and now about the 1900h rule for night trains. Thank you very much.

ivyuwa @ 03-12-2009 19:43

Hi, just one question.

If I take a night which departs earlier than 19, does it count for one or two travel days?

Thank you! Looking forward to your reply!


Pete @ 03-12-2009 21:48

hi Ivy...
earlier than 1900h - TWO days
after 1900h - ONE day
to safe one of your travel days do it this way: ask at the station for a ticket for the train leaving for example 1820h until the first station after 1900h.
Peter 🙂

Flo @ 03-12-2009 21:56

There are very few exceptions though:

- Sud Expresso Lisboa - Hendaye
- Artesia Paris - Roma and vv

Flo 😎

ivyuwa @ 03-12-2009 22:22

Peter thank you for the quick reply!

I have one more question. This rule doesn't apply to the first travel day, right?
For example, I am going to take a train from Copenhagen to Oslo after 19 on 14th. So it means when i buy the pass, the start date should be 14th. And when I use the pass, it will count 2 days or still one day?



Flo @ 03-12-2009 22:29


You are right - starting day should be 14th, but you only have to fill in the 15th as travel day (given you don't use another train before 19h on the 14th).

Flo 😎

ivyuwa @ 03-12-2009 22:40

It is clear now.

Thank you for help!

Have a nice dream!


jmcnish42 @ 29-12-2009 20:45

Hi this might have been asked before but does this apply to the Italy - Greece ferries?

Flo @ 29-12-2009 20:48

A similar rule applies:

👉 You can fill either the first or the second day of the ferry trip.

Flo 😎

Head @ 06-01-2010 18:40

back in 2001, I bought a 1-month pass (flexi-passes were not available in 2001), beginning Saturday. Staff in DB ReiseZentrum in Nurnberg told me that I can take overnight train before midnight Friday. Moreover, they said I can use an evening RE train to Munchen to catch an overnicht train to Italy. I even took a 18.38 departure from Nurnberg and it worked out fine, the conductor had no questions.
Maybe it's not so these days.

Pete @ 06-01-2010 19:11

hi head ...
no it isn't like this any more - Interrail is more serious now. and the staff knows better all the rules. 😉
Peter 🙂

bearfan732 @ 11-01-2010 00:42

Does this rule apply to Eurail passes as well?

Thanks, bearfan732

Flo @ 11-01-2010 00:55


Yes, the 1900-rule also applies for Eurail. 🙂

Flo 😎

inscrutable79 @ 06-03-2010 22:41

I am intending to buy a 10 in 22 global pass this summer. I am aware of the 1900 rule having used it on two trips the last couple of years, but just wanted a quick clarification.

I want to have my 22nd day as Sunday 29th August and will be making a direct night train journey Munich to Paris, leaving Munich at 2243 on Sunday 29th August(Day 22) and arriving in Paris at 0923 on Monday 30th August (effectively Day 23). So am I able to include my Munich-Paris journey on my pass or will I effectively be travelling without a ticket after 00:01 Monday 30th August?

Thanks in advance

Flo @ 06-03-2010 22:47

If the last day of your ticket is August 29 then the part of your journey on August 30 is not covered. In fact your journey is only covered until the last stop before midnight, which is Günzburg at 2353 in your case.

inscrutable79 @ 07-03-2010 16:40

Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes I thought that was the case. So this is my plan instead - can you advise me if this would be ok?

I am in Cologne on Sunday 7th August and want to travel to Munich overnight - I will get the 23:46 from Cologne to arrive in Munich 07:16 on Monday 8th August. Can I buy an interrail pass to start on Monday 8th August and book an ordinary ticket from Cologne to the first stop of Bonn (arriving at 00:07), and then use my interrail pass for the rest of the journey? This would mean that my 22 days pass would start a day later to cover me at the other end of my journey.

Thanks again in advance

inscrutable79 @ 07-03-2010 16:46

Also, doing this can I just reserve an ordinary seat for that 22 minute part of the journey Cologne to Bonn, or are there no ordinary seats as it is a CNL train? In this case I suppose I could get an ordinary train Cologne to Bonn and pick up the CNL train I want in Bonn?


Pete @ 07-03-2010 16:59


Do it for example this way...

Köln Hbf Dep: 2256 | by Regional train (direction of Koblenz) | EUR 6,60
Bonn Hbf Arr: 2324

There change to the CNL night train.

Buy the reservation for the CNL from Bonn - Munich.

Peter 🙂

Flo @ 07-03-2010 17:00


Yeah, in principle that's a smart way to solve your problem. 🙂 However, since it is a CNL train it stops at Bonn to pick up only so you probably wont be able to get a ticket Köln - Bonn for this particular train. So, like you've said, get a ticket for a regular train up to Bonn and change to the CNL train there. There'd be an ICE connection but I'd recommend to take the regional train leaving Köln at 2256 since it should be a little cheaper.
Have a look here for types of accomodation on the CNL 👉 I'd recommend to take the 10€ reclining seats since this trip isnt too long and a couchette/sleeper wont pay off. I usually prefer to get a couchette/sleeper at the end of a trip since you will be a little more tired then... 😉

And if you like the work here at the forum and website and want to support it, buy your official InterRail ticket at . Thank you. 🙂

Flo 😎

EDIT: too slow 😧

inscrutable79 @ 07-03-2010 17:16

Thanks once again for the quick reply. Yes that will be my plan re: Cologne/Bonn. I've bought my interrail pass from the online shop before so I'm sure I will do when the time comes again this summer!

Best wishes


marce127 @ 25-03-2010 19:43


I am planing a trip from South Germany to Norway. I plan to use a One Country Ticket for Norway. Is it possible also possible to use the 1900h rule with the One country ticket?

Thank you, bye

Flo @ 25-03-2010 21:10


Yes, you can. 🙂

Flo 😎

guilicana88 @ 31-03-2010 12:41

Hi, i was wondering if you could help me here...

My friends and I are planning on getting a 5 day in 10 ticket for travel later this year. One trip we hope to do is from Venice to Ljubljana on the night train leaving Venice Santa Luica at 21:20 and arriving at Ljubljana at 01:40. Does this count as one travel day as it starts after 19:00 or two since we are getting off before 04:00?



Pete @ 31-03-2010 14:35

Hi Alex.

You will use this train. It counts as ONE travel day:

Other solution for you if you don't want to spend the whole night somewhere in Ljubljana is to travel by day train the non official route:

Peter 🙂

guilicana88 @ 31-03-2010 23:51

Thanks very much for that, I hoped it would be 🤣

The only reason I asked was because of the 2010 Interrail guide which said about arriving after 04:00:

Flo @ 01-04-2010 00:02

Well, if you dont feel 100% secure just make a reservation to a stop after 4am and leave in Ljubljana anyway.

However, this 4am part is only a mark to distinguish night trains from other trains that may leave after 1900 and arrive late (around, say 2am) - there are some of such trains for example in Denmark. But as Peter said you'll be fine with the 1900 rule on this one. 😉

Flo 😎

Deepak12 @ 10-05-2010 12:06


I too have a doubt here regarding using this rule. I'm planning to take the night train to Munich from Copenhagen that starts at 6:53 PM 😢 . This train reaches Munich by 9 AM the next day. Then again, I'm taking the night train to Venice from Munich that starts after 9PM and reaches Venice by 6:40 AM.

Now, my question is Should I use 3 days of my Pass for these journeys or only 2 days as per the 1900h rule. Please confirm.


Pete @ 10-05-2010 13:57


Copenhagen-Munich: 2 travel days
Except you buy a normal train ticket from Copenhagen to the next stop of the train after 1900h. Should be better than to loose 1 travel day for only some minutes of travel.

Munich-Venice: 1 travel day
As the train starts after 1900h in the evening from Munich.

Peter 🙂

Flo @ 11-05-2010 12:26

You are from Kopenhagen, right? If so, you are travelling with a Danish InterRail ticket, which isnt valid in Denmark. You would need a regular ticket up to the first station in Germany, which is Flensburg at 2231. So, you can make use of the 1900 rule for this train. Only take care that your InterRail ticket is valid on the day you leave Kopenhagen - then you can also get a discount for Kopenhagen - Flensburg as long as you are travelling with a Global pass. 🙂

Flo 😎

Deepak12 @ 11-05-2010 13:31

Thanks a lot Flow. I was a little confused with this validity of the pass in the country of residence.

Elaine @ 26-05-2010 01:01


I want to take an overnight train from Geneva to Berlin on a Friday. There is a route with 2 connecting trains that starts after 7PM. The train from Geneva to Basel is from 19:14 to 21:53. The train from Basel to Hannover is from 22:07 to 7:17. The train from Hannover to Berlin is from 7:37 to 9:13. However, since the first train from Geneva to Basel is not a direct overnight train, this would count as 2 days of travel?

However, there is another train that leaves at 4:56 am for Bern, then at 7:04 am that gets to Berlin at 3 pm. I know this is not technically an overnight train and counts as one day, so that would be my other, more likely option. I would just like to maximize my time in Berlin.

I have a 10-day flexipass.

Thanks so much!

Pete @ 26-05-2010 08:08

Hi Elaine.

I recommend you this connection (2 travel days):

Day 1:
Geneve Dep: 1714 | free IC train
Basel SBB Arr: 1953

Day 2:
Basel SBB Dep: 2107 | by CNL night train:
Berlin Hbf Arr: 0718

The other option you mentioned is only 1 travel day:

Geneve Dep: 0456 | free InterRegio train
Bern Arr: 0656

Bern Dep: 0704 | free ICE train
Berlin Hbf Arr: 1526

Peter 🙂

Elaine @ 28-05-2010 23:00

Hi Peter,

This is a really stupid question...but what do you mean by free IC and free interegio trains? That they have free seats open?


SiDUDe @ 28-05-2010 23:56

He means the trains dont require supplements - you can simply get on them with an interrail ticket

Elaine @ 31-05-2010 14:53

Ohhh...silly me. Can I still make a reservation though if I'm worried the train will be full?

Pete @ 31-05-2010 15:48

Yes you can. 🙂
It is EUR 3. The best is to use a ticket machine at a station. At a ticket window the reservation will be EUR 4.
Peter 🙂

Scotch Mist @ 02-06-2010 22:10

Quick question, as it's my first interrail trip. Because I'm travelling in July, I pre-booked my hostels in busy places like Paris and Rome to avoid turning up and spending hours looking or ending up out in the sticks. But my question is about travelling between the two cities. There is one train per day which I note leaves Paris at 18:52.

At the start of this thread it says this journey conts as two days, yet there is also a thread in the France forum which I checked to see the timetable and the post there said that this journey only counts as one day. Granted I see the post at the start of this thread was made in 2008, whilst the post giving the times under France is more recent January this year, which makes me wonder whether an agreement has been reached recently to change that.

OK, what I'm basically struggling to ask is. If I travel between Paris and Rome on the Artesia leaving Paris at 18:52, would that count as one or two days travel (PS I will be travelling all the way to Rome). Oh, and can you make a reservation before leaving the UK.

Kind regards 😎

Bagpipe89 @ 02-06-2010 22:34

I have a similar problem when leaving London, my pass counts from 0:00 on, and the train leaves 23:52 or sth like this. But it stops 15 mins later at watford,so i can go there by a normal train and then enter it there when my pass is valid.

So if your train really leaves shortly before 19 o clock try to check where its next stop is, and if u could get there quite cheap to enter the train there. But if im correctly it leaves after 19 o clock ( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx )

Flo @ 03-06-2010 08:30


This is one exception of the rule - you can use the 1900-rule on that train even though it's departure from Paris Bercy is at 1852. 🙂

@Bagpipe89: I answered your question regarding the London - Glasgow dilemma in your topic. And the timings provided in the link are sadly wrong.

Flo 😎

moedig @ 11-06-2010 19:27

my pass starts on the 15th, so if on the 15th i get a train at 1930 and it arrives at 0530 that would count as 1 day, but after 0530 am i able to carry on using my pass untill 2359 that day and still count as one day? or does the night train journey using the 7 o clock rule count as an entire day trip and after that i cant use my ticket anymore without using another day?

please help im a little confused 🤣

thanks in advance x

Flo @ 11-06-2010 19:40


my pass starts on the 15th, so if on the 15th i get a train at 1930 and it arrives at 0530 that would count as 1 day, but after 0530 am i able to carry on using my pass untill 2359 that day and still count as one day?

Yup. 🙂

Mark the 16th as your travel day and you can use both the night train leaving at 1930 on the 15th and then any other train on the 16th until 2359.

Flo 😎

moedig @ 11-06-2010 22:06

awesome flo, thanks for the response!


tanguera @ 24-06-2010 05:26

Hi! I would like to ask you, can I use the 1900h rule as many times as I want, or is there a limit? Thank you very much.

Pete @ 24-06-2010 07:30


You can use it as often as you want - no limit.

Peter 🙂

victoria986 @ 25-06-2010 18:26

I`ve just bouhgt my Interrail GLOBAL PASS and understood that I did a mistake......

I reserved (and paid for it alreday) a place in citynightline from Berlin to Paris on 03.07 at 19.57 and I bought a Global Pass starting on 04.07 as far as I was said by travel agent that it would work out because my the train is at 19.57........But now it seems to me that the travel agent was wrong......right?????
And the other thing is the question what I should do in this situation? Can I return the pass and get my money back in order to buy another one starting from the 3d of July????
And if I success with buying another one from 03.07 will this train departing at 19.57 on 03.07 and arriving at 09.23 on 04.07 counting as TWO days of my global pass....?????

I`m really upset with this situation because I`ve paid for all reservation that I need for my trip........
Please help me to sort out in this...Thanks in advance

Regards from Russia,

Pete @ 26-06-2010 05:20

Hi Victoria.

The travel agent was wrong. And you explained it correctly. Your InterRail pass has to start on the 3rd to be valid for this night train.
It depends on where you bought your InterRail pass, but usually there is a fee of 20% of the ticket price to pay to get a new one - expensive!
Normally it should be no problem to change the reservation (also with a little fee but only some Euros to the 4th).
Using this night train it counts as only ONE travel day.
Or think about purchasing (and try your luck) a new one in Germany then - maybe you have the option a friend can order this reservation for you online (see description of this train) if he stays in Germany.

Peter 🙂

victoria986 @ 26-06-2010 05:56

Thanks for an answer but could I clrify something more....?
If my interrail pas starts on the 3d and my train is on the 3d after 19.00, I shouldn`t mention in my travel report the date July, 4th (even though my train arrives on the 4th)???

I will try to return this pass and to buy another that starts on the 3d I think....Will see how it will work out on Monday...

Pete @ 26-06-2010 10:14

Hi Victoria.

You are right.
You buy a pass starting the 3rd.
Then you use the night train starting the 3rd at 19:57h - and fill in the 4th as travel day.
It is then only ONE travel day, even starting the 3rd with the night train.

Good luck and let's hope that you can change your travel date easily.
Peter 🙂

victoria986 @ 29-06-2010 07:09

Great news! I`ve changed my Interrail so that it starts on the 3d without paying extra money for that!!!! Next time I will buy a pass via your site to avoid such probs))

So now in my travel report should I write down like this : 3/07 19.57? But in the pass itself I should metion the 4th as a first date?

Thanks for help,
Best wishes,

Pete @ 29-06-2010 07:37

Hi Victoria.
Perfect! 🙂

And yes, it is like you said.
Travel report: the exact time and cities. Starting the 3rd at 1957h, ending the 4th at xxx...

On your ticket you enter the 4th as travel day.

Have a sunny trip, Peter 🙂

ernest_utd @ 15-07-2010 09:44

can I take the Zurich - Belgrade night train that leaves daily at 20.40. My Interrail (10 in 22) will be valid until August 13. Can I take this train on August 13 at 20.40?


Pete @ 15-07-2010 10:44


Your ticket will end the 23th at 23:59h - so you can not make use of the rule-1900h-for-night-trains, as you night train ends the 14th.
You will need an extra ticket from the station the train stops the last time before midnight to Belgrade.
Maybe the best option is to buy a special discounted ticket from SBB (Swiss rail way) or start the 12th in Zürich by night train to Budapest and continue from there to Belgrade.

Zürich HB dep: 2240 | night train -
Budapest-Keleti pu arr: 1049

Budapest-Keleti pu dep: 1300 | free IC train
Beograd arr: 2036

Peter 🙂

scorpionsting_89 @ 15-07-2010 17:14

well, hey i'd like to ask if the zone countries thing is still a subject and if there are zones can i travel in countries where are in zones? for ex. i would like to go to italy france england spain that a ''zone'' or not.....?

Flo @ 15-07-2010 17:30

No, there are no zones anymore. You can either buy a Global Pass valid in all 30 InterRail countries, or a One Country Pass valid in a single country. These one country passes are divided into different price categories 👉

scorpionsting_89 @ 16-07-2010 00:06

well thnx for the responce and all....

Zidrich @ 01-08-2010 16:12

The train from Munich to Warsaw starts at 19:00 23.08.2010 and stops in 9:13 24.08.2010 . Does the work rule? =) The time is completely inside the line. =) And the train is a truly night train!

Pete @ 01-08-2010 16:23


Yes you can use the rule on the train starting even directly at 1900h.

Peter 🙂

Zidrich @ 01-08-2010 16:40

Thanks! Such a relief =)
And another question. one night train + many trains on the next day make just one travel day, yes? =)

Pete @ 01-08-2010 17:58

Good news: YES 🙂

Start at 1900h in Munich with your night train to Warszawa - and fill in your InterRail pass the date of the day arriving in Warszawa.
Then you can use the night train PLUS as much trains as you want on this day of arriving in Warszawa.

Take care: the rule is not possible to use on the first day your ticket starts.

Peter 🙂

Zidrich @ 01-08-2010 20:12

Thanks for answers, Peter! Good luck!

FirstTimer @ 04-08-2010 10:57

Oh dear, I thought I had this 1900hr rule fully sorted in my head. Unfortunately I think having a cold has knocked it all back out of my head! 😧

My friend and I are taking the train to Zagreb (from Zadar) on 7th September, and then there's a couple of hours before we get our night train from Zagreb to Venice (leaving at 23:35 and arriving 07:16). So do we make the overnight train count as the next day's travel, or is it all included in the travel we've done on the 7th? Venice is our last destination so we won't be taking a train after that (not sure if that' helpful or not).
What I mean is, by the time we arrive in Venice at 7am, will we have done two days of travel or just one?

Sorry for such a dumb question, I have read the whole thread and tried to find an answer but I guess I'm being slow!

Thanks 🤣

Pete @ 04-08-2010 11:36


No problem to ask... 🙂

You can not use the rule in reverse.


Zadar Dep: 1300h
Zagreb Arr: 2000h

Zagreb Dep 2335h
Venice Arr: 0716h

This are TWO travel days as you do not use a direct night train after 1900h from Zadar to Venice.
You try to use the rule in reverse.
Fill in the date of arrival in Venice and the night train (Zagred-Zadar) is one travel day.

Zagreb Dep 2335h
Venice Arr: 0716h

Venice Dep: 0800h
Rome Arr: 1200h

This is ONE travel day - fill in the arrival date of the night train in Venice - and you can use the night train PLUS as much trains as you want on the arrival day in Venice.
You use the rule in the right direction.

OPTION to solve this problem:
Think about traveling Zagreb-Ljuljana and then crossing the border, not using the night train:

Peter 🙂

FirstTimer @ 04-08-2010 12:20

Thank you 🤣

So basically the way we want to do it counts as 2 days? The night train counts as the travel day on the 8th, and the Zadar to Zagreb counts as travelling on the travel day of the 7th? It's no problem as that hits our 5 days travel quota, we're flying home from Venice so no issue of needing an extra train beyond arriving in Venice. But if we change our minds for whatever reason then we'll have a look doing through Ljubljana, thanks 🙂

Pete @ 04-08-2010 13:28

The way you want to do it is:
the 7th (Zadar-Zagreb) PLUS the 8th (Zagreb-Venice) TOTAL 2 travel days


BAmsterdam @ 11-08-2010 09:07

Peter, just to clarify:
Is this possible with a 5 in 10 pass?

Day 1 26 August 2105 - 0854 Bucharest - Belgrade
Day 2 27 August Day of travel 1
Day 3 28 August
Day 4 29 August 2125 - 0504 Belgrade - Budapest
Day 5 30 August Day of travel 2
Day 6 31 August
Day 7 1 September 1938 - 2234 Budapest - Bratislava Day of travel 3
Day 8 2 September
Day 9 3 September
Day 10 4 September 0701 - 0759 Bratislava - Vienna, 1833 - 2321 Vienna - Prague Day of travel 4

Railpass starts on the 26th August and the overnight rule is used for that night's travel and the day after is the first day of travel used?

Pete @ 11-08-2010 10:41


Everything is correct - also to let your pass start the 26th.
Fill in as first of your five travel days the 27th - as it is an overnight travel from the 26th to the 27th.

Peter 🙂

nenna88 @ 18-09-2010 21:08

Hi guys, I have a question for you 🙂

So,my train leaves from Ljubljana to Berlin at 23:50. I have an interrail ticket,15 days continuos. I would't like to spend one whole day just because of 10 minutes. Is there any chance to buy ticket from Ljubljana to next station,and than activate interrail ticket after midnight?

Thanks a lot! 😉

Flo @ 19-09-2010 06:57


Yes, that's possible. Next stop of your train is Kranj at 0011, so the extra ticket wont be expensive. 😉

Flo 😎

nenna88 @ 19-09-2010 08:57

Thanks,flow! 😉

taca85 @ 26-01-2011 13:12


I just want to aks how much later in the morning can I come to desired destination when I use rule 1900, e.g. night train Copenhagen - Stockholm is 21:43 - 05:56. Is it possible for me here to use this rule?


taca85 @ 26-01-2011 13:15

Sorry, and one more question, how many times can I use this rule 1900 if i have ticket 5 in 10 days. Any time I have oportunity or not?


Pete @ 26-01-2011 13:17

You can use it for the direct night trains.
Use it as often as you want - this rule is only not possible to use on the first day of the 10 days period.
Peter 🙂

taca85 @ 26-01-2011 13:25

... and third question in a row: is rule 1900 aplied on ferries (Stockholm - Turku) or not?

Thank You once again!

Pete @ 26-01-2011 13:29

yes... you can use this rule as well on the ferry connection. 🙂

Flo @ 26-01-2011 13:32


There is no through night train Kobenhavn - Stockholm! The connection you mentioned includes a change of trains, probably in Malmö. You would need a ticket to Malmö to make use of the rule. Remember: The rule is only valid for trains running through until next morning - no changes allowed in the period from 1900-2400.

Flo 😎

Robert_Antonio @ 29-01-2011 11:43

The rule is only valid for trains running through until next morning - no changes allowed in the period from 1900-2400.

The official rule is, that you can't change trains between 19:00 and 4:00. All direct trains going in this period are considered as night trains.

imtheoz @ 09-02-2011 01:43

hello i have been reading the 13 page 1900 hour rule and i really got confused and its 3 Am so here is my question

me and my friends are planning to take a night train (with sleepers) from Milan to Rome on a Night train departing from milan on the 14th of february at 23:20 and Arriving at Rome on the next day at 07:27 Am , and yes this will be our first day of using our 3 day pass... (the 14th wıll be the fırst day of usıng the traın )

Will this one count as a 1 day or a 2 day trip ?

and an other question of the topic : How many bed do they have in one couchette 4 6 ?( or sleeper) i really dont know what they call it .. ı ask this one because we are 5 people. and i wouldnt want one of us sleepıng ın other sleeper..

and one more questıon ... if we were to take a superfast traın from mılan , i assume that we would have to pay 10 euros or 3 euros etc.. but my questıon ıs that to whom do we pay thıs sum ..? do we have to pay thıs before enterıng the traın ( or when we make a reservatıon , and one last one ... is a reservation really needed for a supplement paying train )

and ı would also lıke to ask you what ıs a
ım a bıt confused sınce ı just got started to read all about ınterail...

Vlbger @ 10-02-2011 20:16

and one more questıon ... if we were to take a superfast traın from mılan , i assume that we would have to pay 10 euros or 3 euros etc.. but my questıon ıs that to whom do we pay thıs sum ..? do we have to pay thıs before enterıng the traın ( or when we make a reservatıon , and one last one ... is a reservation really needed for a supplement paying train )

and ı would also lıke to ask you what ıs a
ım a bıt confused sınce ı just got started to read all about ınterail...

For the high speed trains in Italy you need a reservation which costs 10euro. You should buy it in advance at a station or online via (click on english version and then if you have selected your train, then you are asked, what ticket you want, there you choose global pass). On the train you will have to pay more then at the station (or maybe they can even kick you out of the train? - I just had to pay one time 18 euro instead of 10 euro, because I had no reservation on a Frecciabianca train between Milano and Verona).

And a tip for night trains in Italy: Reserve a seat (costs only 3 eur🧐 in advance (yeah, I read that you want to travel in a couchette car, but maybe...), because ever when I've used them, they were packed. And keep an eye on your things.

Ollga20 @ 10-02-2011 21:18

I want to ask:

Attention: you can not use this rule on the first day your InterRail Flexi Pass is valid. If your first day your ticket is valid is the 20th of July, you can not use the rule for night trains already on the 19th of July in the evening after 1900h. Your InterRail Flexi Pass starts the 20th of July at 0001h in the morning.

Is this remark valid for One Country passes (Finland)?

Pete @ 11-02-2011 05:36

@imtheoz: if the first day your ticket is valid is the 14th of February, you can start with the night train from Milan on the 14th of February at 2320, arriving at Rome on the next morning at 0727. This is counted as only ONE travel day.
From Rome you can continue traveling - the whole day of the 15th February is fully included. Just fill in your ticket the 15th February even entering the night train on the 14th.

Like Vlbger already correctly said - buy the ticket reservations online before:
You can pick them up a ticket machines in Italian stations.

Types of beds:

@Ollga20: yes. This rule is valid for ONE COUNTRY PASSES (like your one for Finland) and for Global Flexi Passes.

Peter 🙂

ernest_utd @ 04-04-2011 17:48

I know you get this question a lot, Peter, but here it comes again 🙂

I am leaving tomorrow for a trip. The itinerary looks like this:
April 5: Budapest 2105 - Munich 0615 (April 6) (EuroNight)
April 6: Munich 0628 - Mannheim 0929
April 6: Arrival to Luxembourg 1230

I will have a 5 in 10 ticket. How many days do I have to spend on this trip? This will be the initial journey. What date should be the start of the validity period as I haven't bought the ticket yet?


Pete @ 04-04-2011 18:07


Starting date of your InterRail ticket: 5th April

First day of travel to fill in your ticket manually: 6th April

In total the trip from Budapest to Luxembourg is ONE travel day.

Next time you have to buy your ticket here at to keep this forum with all the answers alive. Thanks. 🙂
Have sunny travel days, Peter 🙂

nunoaac @ 05-04-2011 09:44

Hello everyone!

I have two questions regarding this 1900h rule! Here they go:

- If I go from Venice to Ljubljana on EN441 (I think it's the only direct train), departing at 21.20 and arriving at 01.40, this will count for two days, am I right? 😐

- If i go from Koebnhaven to Amsterdam in CNL, departing at 18.42 and arriving after 04.00, this will count for two days? The departing time is just 15min sooner then 19.00 😐

Thank you and I have to tell that your forum is very useful!


Pete @ 05-04-2011 11:18

Hi Nuno.

Venice - Ljubljana: do it by day train, then you will need only ONE travel day.
As well arriving in the middle of the night in Ljubljana is a bit boring. 😉

Copenhagen - Amsterdam: there is a option of first using a normal IC train until Ringsted (buy a normal single rail ticket for EUR 10). There you chang in the night train after 1900h. So you save one of your travel days. See topic and scroll down:

Peter 🙂

Flo @ 05-04-2011 12:04

Hi Nuno,

if you want to use the night train to Ljubljana, you could use the 1900 rule: Enter the second day and just leave the train in Ljubljana. In case someone asks, tell him you are going to Budapest....

Flo 😎

huiee88 @ 24-04-2011 08:02

hi, interail flex. pass must be pre-booking in 3 month advance like wat it stated in the webpage? i wish to buy for my trip on june.
Besides, if i m going to take all night train to save my hostel cost it worth to get this interail pass?

Pete @ 25-04-2011 11:48


InterRail is only for European residents. Others have to buy the EuRail Pass.

The purchase of an InterRail pass is possible up to three months in advance. You can buy it for example as well only two weeks before you start.

Step by step guide InterRail:

Compare InterRail vs. Single Train Tickets: if you want to buy single train tickets, check the websites of the train companies you have to use.
More information:

For night trains you have to pay a reservation fee depending on the category of seat or bed you want. See therefore the country topics:

Have a nice trip, Peter 🙂

fbjimmy @ 12-05-2011 15:30

Hi, I read a lot of the previous posts here and couldn't find a definitive answer to this...

I understand entirely the situations where you can use the 1900 rule, but do you have to?

If I use my pass to make some short journeys during the day, and then take a night train after 1900 that evening, does the night train have to count as the next day? I ask as I might not want to use the pass again the next day.


Pete @ 12-05-2011 15:49

Hi Mark.

Of course you can use normal trains during the day.
And for example entering a night train at 19:05h - then leave it at 23:50h.
This is ONE travel day.

But it usually makes no sense using a night train for only 3 hours in the evening, as you have to pay a reservation fee for the category of bed or seat you want. Except: some night trains offer free 2nd class seats.

Peter 🙂

fbjimmy @ 12-05-2011 16:10

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

What I was wondering though was say...

Dep A - Day 1 1200
Arr B - Day 1 1300

Dep B - Day 1 1905
Arr C - Day 2 0700

Then no further travel on Day 2. Is this 2 days?


Pete @ 12-05-2011 16:27

Okay. Now I understand your question. 🙂

Travelling this way are TWO travel days. As you would use the rule in reverse.

The 1900h-rule is already a nice extra bonus of InterRail. So it can't be extended as well in the other direction.
Peter 🙂

fbjimmy @ 12-05-2011 16:35

Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

ninamu @ 12-06-2011 16:32


I live in Denmark and I plan on starting my Interrail trip on a CNL night train Copenhagen -> Basel which leaves Copenhagen at 18.20 and arrives in Basel around 10.30 the following morning. I have also bought a ticket valid to the Danish border (it says on the ticket that it can only be used with a valid Interrail pass). After 1900h the train still makes a couple of stops in Denmark.

If my Interrail Pass is valid from say the 1st July and I board the night train in Copenhagen at 18.20 on the 1st July, is it true that it only counts as one Interrail-travel day (July 2nd)? Because I am actually using the Danish ticket for the first couple of hours and only using the Interrail Pass (which is not valid in Denmark) once I reach the border after 1900?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,


Pete @ 13-06-2011 12:34

Hi Nina.
If you have a valid normal Danish ticket to leave your country of residence (=Denmark) and you start using your InterRail Pass at the German border (which the train will cross around 2200h), you can use the rule of 1900h. It counts as only one travel day.
Peter 🙂

kellyo3 @ 19-06-2011 19:03


Sorry for repeating this query, but my continuous pass runs out on the 21st June, I know that travel must be completed by midnight of that day. Im travelling from Budapest to Krakow and the departures list isn't too clear, As far as i know there is one at 20.05, but I'm not sure if its direct? How can I find this out, also, is it possible to buy a ticket on the train once midnight has passed? I'm assuming its pretty unlikely that i'll get away with using an out of date ticket, even though the train arrives at 6.00 am in Krakow

Flo @ 20-06-2011 12:11


Your ticket is valid until 2359 on the 21st June. This means you will need a ticket from the last stop within the period of validity until your final stop Krakow. It doesnt matter whether it is a direct train or not.

This is the direct night train 👉

Breclav - Krakow is ~30€ regular price.

Daytime alternative 👉

Flo 😎

nltrainer @ 20-06-2011 13:57


A.How can I find this out,
B. is it possible to buy a ticket on the train once midnight has passed?

A. by simply checking the routeplanner-it will show if you connext or are direct.
B. In theory yes, but now consider this:
you pass 3 countries, but HU is covered anyway.
in SLOvakia-where they pay with our trusted € now, your ticket willm run out. When the conductor passes by, s/he will note this, and you have to pay for the SLOVAK sector till border at official price, plus onboard surcharge. No need to wait for that till 0.01. On the route planner you can also check which stops the train makes-click on train nr.
After that you come into Polski, andf a new conductor will pass by from the PKP-the same will happen, you must pay with PLN=zloty, which you will not have, they will take €-at a gross discount and give back change in zloty.
Once again: ANY station doing INTERnational tcikets (that includes all main BPest stations) can sell you a ticket for the remaining part. Then you pay with HUF=forint. Thats why there are international ticket windows.

Flo @ 20-06-2011 14:06

Why would kellyo3 need a ticket for SK? 476 arrives in Breclav at 2355...

kowalel @ 10-07-2011 16:09

I want to use a 1900h rule for CNL train Berlin Südkreuz - Metz Ville (19:04-6:15). But by accident I bought reservation from Berlin Hbf (leaving at 18.57). Can I go from Südkreuz with this reservation?

Pete @ 10-07-2011 17:19

I am sure you won't have problems boarding the train already in Berlin Hbf.
Peter 🙂

kowalel @ 10-07-2011 17:28

Ok, thank you Peter.

reipas @ 15-07-2011 10:41


I'm planning on going from Marseille to Venice and trying to find some good connection that would take only one travelling day from my pass. What if the train is supposed to arrive in Venice at 23.56 but it arrives late, will it still count only as one travelling day?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hetman @ 15-07-2011 10:56

yes, it still will be one day because important are the times in the schedules, not real times

Pete @ 15-07-2011 11:08

Here is a route free of extra fees using only one travel day:
Peter 🙂

Hetman @ 15-07-2011 12:46

Reipas, please, tell us when exactly you will go to Venice because many of the train on this route do not go daily.
Using route planner pay attention on it.

nefelilatro @ 19-03-2012 15:33

Hello guys,
I don't know if it has been answered before but I am really nervous and cannot read all the posts..
I made a mistake. I booked the ticket starting from 05/04 but I have already planned to take a night train on 04/04.
And now I read about the 7 pm rule, that it does not apply for the first day.
Do you think it is possible to change my ticket for 1 day earlier?
Note that I did not book it online, I booked it in Athens, Greece, at the TRAINOSE office.. 😐

And now I'm scared I am going to make more mistakes during the trip.. First one and I haven't even started.. 😢

Flo @ 19-03-2012 15:41


You will have to go to the office where you bought your ticket. It is possible to exchange your ticket there before the first starting date. I once had a similar problem and got my ticket exchanged at the ÖBB counter.

Flo 😎

nefelilatro @ 19-03-2012 18:46

You will have to go to the office where you bought your ticket. It is possible to exchange your ticket there before the first starting date. I once had a similar problem and got my ticket exchanged at the ÖBB counter.

Thanks for your answer.. 🤣
The thing is that the people in the greek company (trainose) are not so co-operative.. :P
Anyway, it doesn't matter just to try..

orestgreece @ 19-03-2012 18:54


You will have to go to the office where you bought your ticket. It is possible to exchange your ticket there before the first starting date. I once had a similar problem and got my ticket exchanged at the ÖBB counter.

Flo 😎

nefeli i answered you on travelstories 😉
and if I made this mistake with dates and I have bought my ticket online and not from counter,what is happening in that occasion ??

Pete @ 19-03-2012 19:22

You always have to return your ticket to the place/company where you bought it.
Peter 🙂

mbudget @ 11-07-2012 19:35

Can I make use of the 1900h Rule when I have a night-train 10th/11th August and my Interrail-Ticket starts 10th August? I would only fill in 11th August then.

Flo @ 11-07-2012 19:36


Kimpss @ 14-07-2012 18:33

I'm starting my second Interrail (yay) in my hometown Lisbon going from there to Madrid on a night train that departures at 2230 and arrives at 0903, since this will be my first day I cannot use this rule with the pass (10 travel days in 22 days) that I'm going to buy right? 😢

Pete @ 14-07-2012 19:20

You can use the rule.
But your ticket has to be valid already on the day of departure.
For example you start by night train on the 20.07.2012 at 22:30h, then your Interrail ticket has to start on the 20.07.2012. But you can fill in the 21.07.2012 as first one of your 10 travel days.
Peter 🙂

infinityit @ 24-08-2012 19:02

Hello !

Today I bought InterRail Global Pass 5 days in 10 days.

When I was buying ticket, I described to cashier, that I don't know what date of valid should be first, becouse I have first train in 26th this month, 20:06 from Berlin Hbf to Paris Est. Cashier said that 1900h rule for night trains applied in this case, so she sold me a a ticket valid from 27.08 to 05.09. As Peter mentonied in this topic, I unterstand, that I should have ticket valid from 26.08 to 04.09. In this case ... what should I do ?


Pete @ 25-08-2012 07:49

The information you got from this station is wrong.
Your Interrail pass starts on the 27.08.2012 at 00:01h and not already on the 26.08.2012 at 20:06h.
Try to get your ticket refunded.
Peter 🙂

Mucki12 @ 04-06-2013 21:39

I have one journey from Krakow to Bohumin which leaves after 19:00 but arrives at 01:20 the following morning. Does this train count as two travel days on the flexi pass?

Flo @ 04-06-2013 21:45

Hi Scott,

yes, it does. What are your travel plans when you reach Bohumin?

Flo 😎

Mucki12 @ 04-06-2013 23:00

Hi Flo,

Well the original plan was to get a night train from Krakow to Budapest. So I was trying to sort out a reservation for this trip with Rail E*rope, but with them I couldn't make the reservation for the entire journey, instead the journey would involve switching in Bohumin and so buying a reservation for the two journeys separately.

However, I've just seen another of your pages for this journey saying that you can do it as a direct route but that you cannot make online reservations, is that still correct? If so, I'm in Prague a couple of days beforehand so can the make a reservation there?

Thanks, Scott.

Flo @ 05-06-2013 07:21

Hej Scott,

yeah, it is no problem to get the reservation at a station in mainland Europe, it will work in Prague as well as in Berlin for example. With the through reservation you can also make use of the 1900 rule.

Hopefully you didnt purchase your pass at RailE*rope - if so, you should ask then for further support.

Help us to help you instead and get your IR ticket from our online shop at

Flo 😎

shannonk @ 17-06-2013 15:01


I'm planning on getting the train from Zagreb to Zadar at 22:00 to 07:15. However there is a changeover at Knin at 04:18. Does that mean it counts as two days of travel?

Shannon 🙂

Pete @ 17-06-2013 15:11

Hi Shannon.
It is only ONE travel day - as you change after 04:00h in the morning. Read here for more details:
Please help us to help you with the information on railcc - buy your official Interrail pass on the recommended website: - as it is not fair to ask at railcc for support and buy somewhere else. Thank you! 🙂
Peter 🙂

shannonk @ 17-06-2013 15:13

Thanks so much for your help Peter! 🙂

frozensun @ 28-07-2013 02:16

Hello there.
I'm a bit confused with this rule.

The 30th August I'll be going from Oslo to Bergen, and the same day at 11pm I'll take a night train back to Oslo which arrives on the 31st at 6am.

Does this mean I will use 2 travel days?
Can I not use this 7pm rule?

I precise that my Interrail trip starts the 28th and that I will have a 5days within 10 pass.


Pete @ 28-07-2013 04:26

TWO travel days. You can't use the rule in reverse.
If you travel by night train from Oslo to Bergen and during the day back to Oslo, it is only ONE travel day. 🙂
And please buy your rail pass in the railcc shop to support our work. As it is not fair to buy somewhere else and ask here at railcc fro free support. Thank you:
Peter 🙂

frozensun @ 28-07-2013 13:11

Oh 😢
I have already made the reservations... I hope I can me refunded.
Thanks for the support.

Urke_eestecer @ 18-09-2013 19:36

Hi guys!

I have a question.

We have a Flexi pass which is valid till 1st of October.

We are planning to go from Krakow to Budapest, on a night train:
departure 22:15 from Krakow - 01 Oct,
arrival 10:30 Budapest - 02 Oct.

Because of our ticket ending, can we travel this way via the 19:00 Rule?
(- checking in the date of departure instead of arrival)
*We are not traveling on that day of 01th of Oct, anywhere except the Krakow - Budapest night train.

Pete @ 18-09-2013 20:21

Please give me your order ID (PNR beginning with AA) of your official Interrail purchase at railcc, so I can set you profile to PLUS. Otherwise if you bought it somewhere else, ask the company where you have it from for support. Thank you. 🙂
And the answer is: NO - your ticket ends the 1st October at 23:59h. You can NOT extend it to the 2nd.
Peter 🙂

Urke_eestecer @ 18-09-2013 21:33

Ok, good to know... thanks 🙂

Btw, I bought the pass at the train station.

I can still have the premium account, or its just for the tickets bought via railcc?

Pete @ 18-09-2013 21:41

Only Interrailers who supported the railcc project with their official ticket purchase via the railcc partner link get a PLUS account. I'm sorry.
Peter 🙂

Urke_eestecer @ 18-09-2013 21:47

Dont be.. no prob.

Thanks for the help 🙂

stuartrainsbury @ 06-05-2014 12:50

I think I may have made a howler... (I'll be buying my Interail Global 5in10 day pass from railcc shortly)

I have booked and paid for my hotels already but wasn't aware of the 1900h rule not being possible on the first day of travel...HELP

I have planned: -
Prague to Krakow; night of 20 June
Krakow to Bratislava; night of 22 June
Bratislava to Budapest; day of 23 June
Budapest to Vienna; day of 27 June
Vienna to Venice; night of 30 June

Flo @ 06-05-2014 13:03


Thanks for supporting! 🙂
Yup, you cannot use the 1900 rule outside the validity period of the InterRail ticket (this applies to night trains both before and after the first and last day of validity!). The 5in10 would be valid either from 20 June 0000 until 29 June 2359 or from 21 June 0000 until 30 June 2359. I think you are in troubles both at the beginning and the end of your trip. 😢

If you would start your ticket on the 21st, you could get a reservation for the night train plus a ticket from Prague to the border, the ticket would be 26,40€, so not really cheap.
The ticket would then end on the 30th at 2359 which means you could not use the night train to Venice that night. You would have to buy a separate ticket from Salzburg (first departure after midnight) all the way through to Venice which wont be cheap either (cant tell you the exact fare though).

I fear you will have to work around your trip again and probably also think about cancelling/amending some of your reservations.

Flo 😎

pedromoliveira @ 25-06-2014 06:37

Sorry if i'm repeating, but i have some doubts.

I was thinking about buy a 10 travel days in 22 days.

I am going from Split (depart at 18h37) to Budapest (arrives at 9h35). This means that it will be counting as 2 days in my pass, right? Is there any other way for counting just for one day?

Other question: I am going from Venice (departure at 1h30) to Ljubljana (arriving at 8h11). From Venice to Villach i'm using the euronight. In Villach I'll change for another train that goes form Villach to Ljubljana. This whole trip is counting just for one day, right?

Thanks for your help 😉

Pete @ 25-06-2014 09:44

If you want to make use of the 1900h-rule for Split to Budapest, you have to enter this train at a station where the train leaves after 1900h.
Note: this train does not run daily.

Venice to Ljubljana: travel this way ( ) and stay in an inexpensive hostel in Ljubljana ( ) - much better and more comfortable! 🙂

Flo @ 25-06-2014 09:44


Yes, for the trip from Split to Budapest you would need two travel days. However, you could buy a single ticket from Split to the first stop of the train after 1900 and then make use of the 1900 rule from there.

Yes, the trip Venice - Villach - Ljubljana would count as one travel day. Keep in mind that you would officially need a reservation (9€) for the trip from Venice to Villach.

Flo 😎

pedromoliveira @ 25-06-2014 16:32

If you want to make use of the 1900h-rule for Split to Budapest, you have to enter this train at a station where the train leaves after 1900h.
Note: this train does not run daily.

Venice to Ljubljana: travel this way ( ) and stay in an inexpensive hostel in Ljubljana ( ) - much better and more comfortable! 🙂

Thank you for your help!
But how can i know which day i have night train form split to budapeste? I thought that this train ran daily.

And the night train from budapeste to split, does it run daily or not?

Thank you again!

pedromoliveira @ 25-06-2014 16:33

If you want to make use of the 1900h-rule for Split to Budapest, you have to enter this train at a station where the train leaves after 1900h.
Note: this train does not run daily.

Venice to Ljubljana: travel this way ( ) and stay in an inexpensive hostel in Ljubljana ( ) - much better and more comfortable! 🙂

Thank you for your help!
But how can i know which day i have night train form split to Budapest? I thought that this train ran daily.

And the night train from Zagreb to split, does it run daily or not?

Thank you again!

Flo @ 25-06-2014 16:40 Runs on 3 and 6 (Wednesday and Saturday).

Split - Zagreb runs daily.

TTKunt @ 03-07-2014 12:32

we are planning to go from nice to pisa (nice-ventimglia-genova-pise)
nice15.55 -16.43 ventigmilia 17.22 - 20.56genova 23.53-02.07

is that counted as a one day or more?

Flo @ 03-07-2014 12:37

This will count as two travel days.

mathias91 @ 24-07-2014 20:02

how many times I can use the 7pm rule?

NatureOne @ 24-07-2014 21:23

more or less every day if you want to 🙂 but not the first day of your trip (read the first post of this thread) and for sure you can not extend your interrail ticket: you can not use it on the evening of your last day, because the next day counts as the traveling day, which than will be invalid 🙂

mathias91 @ 24-07-2014 21:52

ok, thanks 🤣

jizheng86 @ 28-07-2014 05:53

Hi railcc,

Have a question about the 7pm rule.
Bought my Swiss Pass and intend the 8 days to be valid until 13 August.
I also plan to take the night train from Zurich to Vienna on 13 August 2240.
The thing is that the Swiss leg of the travel is only until midnight (train leaves Buschs at 235😎, but I am concern that the 7pm rule means my pass will become invalid?
I have already made sleeper reservations with the Swiss Pass reduction and wonder if the 7pm rule will affect this.

Flo @ 28-07-2014 07:18


I hoped you bought your Swiss Pass at to support our work and the free support - otherwise you should ask at the company where you bought the ticket.

Buchs SG is the border station, which means that you will need an extra ticket from Buchs to your destination in Austria. Your Swiss Pass will cover the part from Zürich to Buchs.
What kind of reservation have you bought, what did you pay for it in what kind of category?

Flo 😎

jizheng86 @ 28-07-2014 08:10

Hi Flo,

My friend bought the ticket off counter at the one of the stations.
paid 110 euro for the 2-sleeper bed reservation.

Flo @ 28-07-2014 18:31

Hmm...can you tell me whats printed on the ticket? Anything like Pass or Partial Pass? Or could you upload a picture of the reservation?

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