08-05-2008 - 08:33

08-05-2008 - 08:33

[size=125:378zjlwc][b:378zjlwc]SWEDEN - FINLAND: ferry connection[/b:378zjlwc][/size:378zjlwc]

[b:378zjlwc]Stockholm - Helsinki[/b:378zjlwc]: https://en.rail.cc/stockholm-he ... y/11328/12
[b:378zjlwc]Stockholm - Turku[/b:378zjlwc]: https://en.rail.cc/stockholm-tu ... y/11328/14

[size=125:378zjlwc][b:378zjlwc]Tallink Silja Oy[/b:378zjlwc][/size:378zjlwc]
[i:378zjlwc](50% discount already included in the prices mentioned bellow)[/i:378zjlwc]

[b:378zjlwc]Stockholm - Helsinki[/b:378zjlwc]
only overnight, cheapest way in C-Class:
EUR 61 to EUR 82

[b:378zjlwc]Stockholm - Turku (night)[/b:378zjlwc]
deck place = search somewhere on deck a place to sleep with your sleeping back:
EUR 9 to EUR 16
in Turku continue your travel by train to Helsinki (2h)
http://www.tallinksilja.com/en/tab1/one ... oNight.htm

[b:378zjlwc]Stockholm - Turku (day)[/b:378zjlwc]
deck place:
EUR 6 to EUR 11
in Turku continue your travel by train to Helsinki (2h)
http://www.tallinksilja.com/en/tab1/one ... StoDay.htm

[b:378zjlwc]Stockholm - Riga[/b:378zjlwc]
deck place:
EUR 12 to EUR 16

[b:378zjlwc]Stockholm - Tallinn[/b:378zjlwc]
B-Class cabin:
EUR 71 to EUR 95

[size=125:378zjlwc][b:378zjlwc]Viking Line[/b:378zjlwc][/size:378zjlwc]
[i:378zjlwc](50% discount already included in the prices mentioned bellow)[/i:378zjlwc]

[b:378zjlwc]Stockholm - Turku[/b:378zjlwc]
deck place:
EUR 5 to EUR 18
http://www.vikingline.fi/timetables/pri ... ur_sto.asp

[b:378zjlwc]Stockholm - Helsinki[/b:378zjlwc]
deck place (in winter you have to pay an extra cabin!):
EUR 17 to EUR 31
http://www.vikingline.fi/timetables/pri ... ger_fares/

[color=#008000:378zjlwc][size=85:378zjlwc][b:378zjlwc]Update: Jan 2015[/b:378zjlwc][/size:378zjlwc][/color:378zjlwc]



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Viking Line from Stockholm to Turku
18-07-2008 - 08:25


I just booked Viking Line from Turku to Stockholm and from Stockholm to Turku for 2 persons in the deck (morning ferries). The total cost was 35 EUR when paid online using the booking number given to me in the telephone so that's just 8 euros and 75 cents per person per direction.

Oh, and the telephone call costed 1.64 eur extra. Paying in cash at the harbour would've cost 5 eur extra.



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18-07-2008 - 08:32

thanks a lot for the update !!!:)



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Re: Viking Line from Stockholm to Turku
11-03-2009 - 23:22

[quote="bancho":1p6et1jj]Paying in cash at the harbour would've cost 5 eur extra.[/quote:1p6et1jj]

Both companies encourage people to pay online to speed up check-in in the harbours, thus the 5 euro supplement. Between Sweden and Finland there is severe competition between the companies and for our travellers' luck, prices will stay down.



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SWEDEN - FINLAND: ferry connection
06-08-2010 - 10:12

Hi, just wanted to let people know how my booking of Stockholm-Turku went;

I wanted to book the overnight ferry of the 31st of August, and I wanted to book it in advance. Unlike Viking, Silja has an online booking system which is very straightforward. However, I did have to contact Silja to find out how to get the Interrail discount; they replied within a few minutes.

You search for the ferry you want, and under promotions you type: [b:191j03kq]Eurail[/b:191j03kq]. This will bring in the 50% discount. You can also book just a bed in a shared cabin space, which I'm not sure Viking Line lets you do. I was able to book a bed in a [u:191j03kq]B[/u:191j03kq] 4-place cabin (not under the nightclub) for only €11; it was €9 for an E cabin under the nightclub, but I'd rather pay just a little extra.

I hope people find this helpful.




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SWEDEN - FINLAND: ferry connection
06-08-2010 - 10:48

Hi Roberto.
Thank you for this very helpful update!:)



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08-06-2011 - 07:29


We want to take the ferry from Turku to Stockholm on 20th of June, the night ferry. We emailed with Tallink Silja, and they informed us we have to use the "interrail" code to get the discount. So we tried, and it did gave us a discount, but not 50%. After another email, we now got this answer:
"20.06 20:15 is a high season (red) departure and therefore the discount is 30%.
50% is only on low season (green) departures."

At the official interrail website, there is no mention of a difference in discount between high and low season. Which is the official discount we should get? Do the companies have a contract with interrail, or can they adjust the discounts as they like? We would want to book the ferry in advance, to be sure to have a cabin space for the night ferry, but off course if we can't get the discount online we might try to book when we are in Finland (we are there from 15th of June, so 5 days beforehand, but in Tampere not Turku).




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08-06-2011 - 10:00

Hi Leen.
You have to trust Tallink Silja.
I can't give you information about topics on the mentioned website as we are not connected with them in any way. We are independent.
If you want to [b:xt1arzmn]save money[/b:xt1arzmn], either use a day ferry or sleep in deck with your sleeping back - they also offer cheap sleeping-seats and usually have a luggage room where you can put in your backpack over night.
Just to add: it is very common at ferry companies to have low and high season discounts/supplements (see also the ferries Italy to Greece).



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