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More locations in Erfurt (Germany), which does not fit in one of the other categories.


Adam-Ries Bust Adam-Ries Bust

On the facade of the "House of the black horn" (Haus zum schwarzen Horn) is the Adam Ries bust. The "math teacher of the nation" who lived from 1513 for about ten years in Erfurt. He should have stayed in the Latin Quarter (near the university). Note: If you look at the Ries bust down, you can...

Meeting point in Erfurt Meeting point in Erfurt
Treffpunkt in Erfurt

A point in the city to meet, is the "Anger-clock". It is located above the entrance of the WMF store (opposite the bookstore Hugendubel). The old "Anger-clock" with the word "Freytag" wore on the dial (the jeweler's shop Freytag) which announced the time by the the Westminster chime, was replaced...

Barbecue place Barbecue place

Some German town has one (or even several) public barbecues. In Erfurt there is only one in the egapark. Per day you have to pay EUR 20 - not nice. Open 09:00 - 20:00 h.

Reading pavilion Reading pavilion

If you vsit the ega-area in Erfurt I can recommend for a relaxing break the new reading pavilion (opened for season 2013).

Angerturm Angerturm

The Angerturm ("Anger Tower") is a historical traffic monument. It was built in 1961 on Anger, at the intersection Schlösserstraße. 1974 Anger was transformed into a pedestrian zone, the tower was unnecessary and was removed. In the period from 1996 to 2002, the Office of Transportation...

Waagegasse Waagegasse

The Waagegasse in Erfurt is - in my view - one of the most beautiful streets of our city (in Andreasviertel; at Michaelisstraße).

open book: the green cell phone, Erfurt open bookcase open book: the green cell phone, Erfurt open bookcase
open book: die grüne Telefonzelle, Erfurts offener Bücherschrank

Since autumn 2011, Erfurt has one of the so-called "open bookcases." The principle is "bookcrossing", i.e. you can take a book, but you should possibly leave some for another. Of course you can also return a book as in the classic library. Unfortunately, the green cell phone, in the open bookcase...

Neuwerkskirche Erfurt Neuwerkskirche Erfurt

The Neuwerk Church in Erfurt, also called "Cruciskirche ". "Erfordia turrita" has been called the city of Erfurt in the Middle Ages and even today it is still the "Turmgekrönte" (full of towers). A view over the rooftops of the city confirms this. Outwardly unimpressive. But inside it has a very...

Christian-Reichart-Monument Christian-Reichart-Monument

The monument shows the father of the Erfurt horticulture, who was born in 1685 in Erfurt - Christian Reichart. Through him, Erfurt was a center for market gardening (especially cauliflower and watercress are due to his work). He was successful with seed cultivation and trafficking. His idea was...

Kirchgasse Kirchgasse

The Kirchgasse is - from my personal view - one of the nicest alleys in Erfurt (close to Augustinerkloster).

Stiftsgasse Stiftsgasse

The Stiftsgasse is from my personal view, one of the nicest alleys in Erfurt (close to the cathedral).

The narrowest house in the city The narrowest house in the city
Das schmalste Haus der Stadt

The narrowest house of Germany is located in Kiel or in Eisenach (depends on how you look at it: the house measures in Kiel at the rear only 80 cm, but the front it measures 4.70 m! The house in Eisenach has a width of 2.05 m - front and back) In Thuringia, there are eight so-called narrow...

Gloriosa Gloriosa

Largest medieval free-swinging bell in the world. The current data to guide and Läuteordnung can be read at the internet.

Eulenspiegel Monument Eulenspiegel Monument

Before the "Haus zur Narrenschelle" (House of Fools clip), which is located behind the Town Hall, is the Eulenspiegel monument.

Drei Quellen Drei Quellen

Here you will find Erfurt Mineralbrunnen. These are so-called artesian wells with natural spring discharge. The water is said to have healing powers, but it tastes salty. The three sources have different salinities. I recommend: cost, but be careful! "Whoever drinks of it will live a long time...

Barockschlösschen Barockschlösschen

In the middle of downtown is a small baroque palace (Barockschlösschen), which remains hidden from view of most tourists because it is in a hidden court (the court of the "House of the wide hearth - Haus zum breiten Herd"). It was built in 1727 by the then owner of the castle Molsdorf.

Weekly market on the Cathedral Square Weekly market on the Cathedral Square
Wochenmarkt auf dem Domplatz

* Market Days * Monday to Saturday (the best is Saturday) * Opening times * Monday to Friday from 07:00h and Saturday from 06:30h each to 14:00 clock * Offers * Baked goods, Meat and meat products (including poultry and game) Fish (not only prepare for the home, but also fish...



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