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26-09-2011 - 16:04

[b:2txf1szy][size=150:2txf1szy]From BUDAPEST to SPLIT by train.[/size:2txf1szy][/b:2txf1szy]
[size=85:2txf1szy]Information for Interrail, Eurail travellers and persons with normal train ticket travelling the route Budapest (Hungary) to Split (Croatia).[/size:2txf1szy]

Train connection from [b:2txf1szy]Budapest to Split[/b:2txf1szy]. Direct (not daily!) night train in the summer months. You usually travel Budapest-Zagreb, then Zagreb-Split.

[b:2txf1szy]More information[/b:2txf1szy] on railcc.
[b:2txf1szy]Budapest - Split[/b:2txf1szy]: ... roatia/134
[b:2txf1szy]Split - Budapest[/b:2txf1szy]: ... ungary/133

[i:2txf1szy]Budapest - Zagreb:[/i:2txf1szy] ... roatia/337
[i:2txf1szy]Zagreb - Split:[/i:2txf1szy] ... roatia/123

[b:2txf1szy][size=125:2txf1szy]Point to point tickets[/size:2txf1szy][/b:2txf1szy]

Online booking (ticket AND reservation) for the direct night train Budapest-Split or reverse is [u:2txf1szy]not[/u:2txf1szy] possible. Buy it at a railway station in Budapest - the train is fully booked quickly. Note: [u:2txf1szy]the direct train doesn't run daily[/u:2txf1szy]!
You can buy the standard fare ticket (no special prices!) for the direct night train Budapest-Split at - but then, the reservation is missing - which is required!

Split your trip (runs daily) and buy:

A) Budapest to Zagreb by day train
- - pick up of ticket in Budapest railway station at ticket machine
- - send to you by letter as paper ticket

B) Zagreb to Split by overnight train
- - send to you by letter as paper ticket, reservation of the different types of accommodation (sleeper, couchette, seat) possible. Bought at the station in Zagreb, it will be cheaper.

[b:2txf1szy][size=125:2txf1szy]Rail pass travellers[/size:2txf1szy][/b:2txf1szy]

It is not possible to buy "only reservations" online for the direct overnight train Budapest to Split.
Buy it at a railway station - the train is fully booked quickly. Note: [u:2txf1szy]the direct train doesn't run daily[/u:2txf1szy]!
Or split your trip (runs daily):

A) Budapest to Zagreb: free by direct day train

B) Zagreb to Split: the seats on the night train do not require a reservation, but it is recommended. As the night trains are often full. I personally recommend a couchette. Buy the reservation at a station or get it send as paper ticket by letter:

[size=85:2txf1szy][color=#00BF00:2txf1szy]Update: Jan 2015[/color:2txf1szy][/size:2txf1szy]



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02-01-2013 - 23:22

Hi! Is it true that we are only able to book the Budapest to Split direct night train in Hungary? We are hoping to travel in August 2013 and wished to book online ,



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03-01-2013 - 00:33

Hej Debs,

well, it is definitely not true that you can make reservations _only_ in Hungary, it should be at least possible to get them at all railways which work with the EPA booking system (this means, apart from MAV, also at CFL, CFR, DB, HZ, NS, ÖBB, PKP, SNCB, SZ, ZS), plus at other railways with have their computers connected to EPA... The only thing you might need is a capable person at the computer. ;)
Also keep in mind that the train runs only twice a week so could be full sometimes.

Regarding online booking, I dont know, but you should try via the MAV website in a few months.

Flo 8)



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13-06-2013 - 04:17

I have been looking everywhere recently for some way to buy two train tickets from Budapest to Split on the night train for July 19th, 2013 (that's a Friday). I have been all over this forum looking for a way to book and have yet to find anywhere. I have also been to the Mav website and everytime I put in my itinerary it says that there is no train available even though I can see that there is a train that leaves on Friday at 18:00 and arrives on Saturday at 9:32. I am starting to get the impression that I will have to buy these tickets at the station in Hungary which I would not really feel comfortable doing as the trip I am going on in July has a tight itinerary and not a lot of wiggle room. We are planning to do 5 countries in 20 days. :x Does anyone know of a site where I can book concrete tickets? Also is there any way that a train cabin can be booked for that specific train I mentioned?



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13-06-2013 - 07:07

It is not possible to book the "reservation only" online.
You have to buy it at a station like Flow mentioned one post above yours.
It is the standard way to buy Interrail reservations at stations - online is an extra service, not supported by all railway companies.
In case you won't get a reservation anymore for this direct train, split your trip and change trains in Zagreb - see links above.
Please help us to help you with the information on railcc - buy your official rail pass on the recommended website - as it is not fair to ask at railcc for support and buy somewhere else. Thank you!:)



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