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Brig-Chur-Brig or Glacier Express
27-06-2012 - 01:36

I'm trying to decide what is my best option (as an adult Interrailer).
1. Göschenen - Andermatt - Disentis -> Chur.
2. Brig - Andermatt - Disentis -> Chur.
3. Chur -> Brig... perhaps with the Glacier Express train?

If I haven't misunderstood earlier threads here Disentis to Chur (or other way round) is free. But I need to make a reservation anyway?? Is that reservation for ALL trains on that route then that day should I book for all regional trains? What if I miss one for example?

Anyway I read Brig-Disentis: 40€? and Göschenen-Disnetis: 20€? Do I have to book these in advance too or can they be bought at the stations?

But how much is Chur-Brig with the Glacier Express train - having interrail adult card? Equally much as taking the whole route? And much more than taking the regional trains? Sounds more easy to not have to get off the train all the time.

Never been in Switzerland before and the train networks (*cough* the damn private train companies) make it very confusing to me.:)



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Brig-Chur-Brig or Glacier Express
26-07-2012 - 10:55


I would go Göschenen - Chur. This covers the shortest stretch of MGB line (Göschenen - Disentis) where you would have to pay full fare (18€) plus the impressive Schöllenen gorge between Göschenen and Andermatt. The ticket can be bought at any Swiss station.

Also the route from Andermatt across the Oberalppass to Disentis is more impressive than the section between Brig and Andermatt in my opinion.

From Disentis to Chur you travel on the RhB network which is fully covered by your IR pass. Only if you want to travel with Glacier Express you will have to buy an additional reservation. However taking the regional trains will be fine - only there windows can be opened and you can enjoy the fresh air.:)

If you have time, try to inlcude the line to St Moritz as well! Fantastic views, many bridges and tunnels...:)


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