Flixtrain runs on the routes from Stuttgart to Berlin and from Cologne (Köln) to Hamburg over the day. Meanwhile, there is also the first Flixtrain night train from Hamburg to Lörrach near Basel on the Swiss border. Saver fare tickets are available from Euro 5. Here I give you an overview of the connections and where you can buy your ticket. As already Flixbus had (and still has) a good marketing, I am curious what will happen with Flixtrain in the next months. Anyway, the wagons are really nice - I like them and know them from the past as still running under the name Locomore from Stuttgart to Berlin. Photos to the Flixtrain compartments will follow.

Update: new blog about Flixtrain Stuttgart to Berlin.

Where do you buy your Flixtrain tickets

It's the same like for Flixbus: simply buy it online on the Flixtrain booking website. Of course it is also possible on the Flixbus website and in the app. You can even buy your ticket in the train - but it is more expensive then.

Find best Flixtrain fares

Sometimes Flixtrain has special offers, such as the one on ebay where they sold return tickets from Euro 5. I will always point to such special offers in the rail.cc news.

Flixtrain from Stuttgart to Berlin from 9,99 Euro.
Flixtrain from Stuttgart to Berlin from 9,99 Euro.
Flixtrain Berlin to Stuttgart. Saver fares from Euro 9.99.
Flixtrain Berlin to Stuttgart. Saver fares from Euro 9.99.

Flixtrain from Stuttgart to Berlin

LOC 1818
LOC 1819
Stuttgart Hbf dep 06:21 / 06:39   Berlin Hbf dep 14:54
Heidelberg Hbf dep 07:17   Wolfsburg Hbf dep 16:11
Darmstadt Hbf dep 08:04   Hannover Messe/Laatzen dep 17:05
Frankfurt(Main)Süd dep 08:29   Göttingen dep 17:41
Hanau Hbf dep 08:42   Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe dep 18:04
Fulda dep 09:23   Fulda dep 18:39
Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe dep 09:59   Hanau Hbf dep 19:19
Göttingen dep 10:20   Frankfurt(Main)Süd dep 19:37
Hannover Messe/Laatzen dep 11:00   Darmstadt Hbf dep 19:54
Wolfsburg Hbf dep 11:48   Heidelberg Hbf dep 20:45
Berlin Hbf arr 13:05   Stuttgart Hbf arr 21:30

Flixtrain from Cologne (Köln) to Hamburg

FLX 20
FLX 21
Cologne (Köln Hbf) dep 07:01 / 11:01   Hamburg-Harburg dep 13:01 / 17:01
Düsseldorf Hbf dep 07:27 / 11:27   Osnabrück Hbf dep 14:44 / 18:44
Duisburg Hbf dep 07:42 / 11:42   Münster (Westf) dep 15:09 / 19:09
Essen Hbf dep 07:56 / 11:57   Gelsenkirchen Hbf dep 15:49 / 19:50
Gelsenkirchen Hbf dep 08:06 / 12:07   Essen Hbf dep 16:04 / 20:04
Münster (Westf) dep 08:47 / 12:49   Duisburg Hbf dep 16:18 / 20:18
Osnabrück Hbf adepb 09:14 / 13:16   Düsseldorf Hbf dep 16:33 / 20:33
Hamburg-Harburg arr 10:55 / 14:55   Cologne (Köln Hbf) arr 16:57 / 20:59

Flixtrain night train from Hamburg via Freiburg to Lörrach at the Swiss border

Hamburg-Lörrach   Lörrach-Hamburg
Hamburg Altona dep 19:50   Lörrach (Autozug) dep 19:30
Hamburg Hbf dep 20:08   Freiburg Hbf dep 22:06
Hannover Hbf dep 23:01   Hannover Hbf arr 04:56
Freiburg Hbf arr 06:55   Hamburg Hbf arr 06:58
Lörrach (Autozug) arr 08:30   Hamburg Altona arr 07:11

Update: new routes and schedules in 2020. Please check the Flixtrain website for all details.

Book your Flixtrain online

Note: the trains may have some more stops or do not run daily. The schedules can vary depending on the day of the week. Have a look on the Flixtrain website for detailed departure and arrival times.

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