For the rail journey from Amsterdam to Warsaw, it is recommended to include a night train - due to the length of the trip. Sadly the direct overnight train EN 447 Jan Kiepura was cut down in December 2014, now only remaining on the route Cologne/Köln (instead of Amsterdam) to Warsaw.

Train connection from Amsterdam to Warsaw - tickets and schedules

UPDATE: in December 2016, the night train EN 447 Jan Kiepura was cut down completely. No night train connection anymore from Amsterdam or Cologne to Warsaw! For day train connections read the information bellow or click here.

Now you have a stop/change in-between. First you travel from Amsterdam to Duisburg in Germany. Either by ICE or IC train. Departure of the IC train in Amsterdam (it is in fact the fastest solution - a second class seated car of the night train Amsterdam to Zurich) is at around 20:28 h, arrival time in Duisburg is at around 22:32 h. There you enter the night train to Warsaw at around 23:53 h. For more options, please just ask in our friendly forum.

Buy the ticket for Amsterdam to Duisburg as e-ticket either at NS International or at Deutsche Bahn.
The ticket for the night train separated as an own booking from Deutsche Bahn.

In the night train EN 447 Jan Kiepura from Cologne/Duisburg (Germany) to Warsaw (Poland) you have a lot of time, no need to get up early in the morning. Okay, the departure is late in the evening, but the arrival time in Warsaw is at about 12:00h on the following day.

Jan Kiepura night train sleeper
Jan Kiepura night train sleeper

Film about the former direct night train Amsterdam to Warsaw. Cut down since December 2014 to Cologne (Germany) to Warsaw (Poland).

DAY train connection

If you like, you can travel as well the route from Amsterdam to Warsaw by day trains with change for example in Berlin. Departure at Amsterdam central station at 09:01 h by direct IC train to Berlin. Change at Berlin central station (arrival time: 15:22 h / departure at 16:37 h) to the Berlin-Warsaw-Express train. Arrival time in Warsaw central station at 22:05 h.

In Berlin you have the possibility to have a short walk in the area of Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate.

How to buy the tickets for the day train connection: first buy a ticket Amsterdam to Berlin. Usually you will find special prices like "Europa Spezial" of Deutsche Bahn. Tickets available as e-tickets on NS International and Deutsche Bahn.

Then buy a second, separated ticket for Berlin to Warsaw at Deutsche Bahn, as well available as "Europe Spezial" special discount ticket.

Interrail and Eurail Pass

You travel for free on the IC from Amsterdam to Duisburg. For the night train Cologne/Duisburg to Warsaw a reservation is required: EuroNight 447 Jan Kiepura.
For the day train connection you travel for free from Amsterdam to Berlin. Then a reservation is required for the Berlin-Warsaw-Express.

Schedules and more information

Amsterdam - Warsaw

Warsaw - Amsterdam



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