Belgrade - Bar

The railway line from Belgrade to Bar is one of the most scenic railways of Europe. The 476 km long train line runs from Serbia to Montenegro.


Belgrade - Bar

The railway line from Belgrade to Bar probably is the most beautiful on the Balkans and amongst the finest railways of Europe. The 476 km long line runs from the Serbian capital at the confluence of Danube and Sava across the Dinaric Alps to the Montenegrin port of Bar on the Adriatic. About 250 tunnels and more than 400 bridges were required to negotiate the difficult terrain. Finished only in the seventies of the last century the line is one of the latest addition to the great mountain railways.

The most spectacular part is the crossing of the Dinaric Alps starting in Bijelo Polje and the descent down to Podgorica, high above the canyon of Moraca river. This includes the highest railway bridge of Europe, Mala Rijeka. Many other sections run through scenic landscapes too, for example between Valjevo and Priboj or after Podgorica along the shore of Lake Skadar.

To enjoy the line and its surrounding landscapes the best idea is to travel during the day. However, during the long summer days you are able to see many of the most fascinating parts also on board of one of the night trains.

Currently one day and one night train run daily throughout the year. During the summer months an additional night train from Subotica via Novi Sad and Novi Beograd to Bar as well as through cars from Prague and Budapest to Bar operate. Other domestic trains run from Belgrade to Prijepolje and from Bijelo Polje to Bar.

Tickets are available at stations locally. Seat reservation is not compulsory but strongly recommend especially during the busy summer months.


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