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AMSTERDAM - WARSAW - night train
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[size=125:2s3q6bt4][b:2s3q6bt4]AMSTERDAM - WARSAW (Warszawa) | night train | EN 447 Jan Kiepura[/b:2s3q6bt4][/size:2s3q6bt4]
[size=85:2s3q6bt4]Information for Interrail, Eurail travellers and persons with normal train ticket travelling by night train from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Warsaw (Poland).[/size:2s3q6bt4]

Direct night train connection from [b:2s3q6bt4]Amsterdam to Warsaw[/b:2s3q6bt4]. [b:2s3q6bt4]Special price tickets[/b:2s3q6bt4] available. Booking see bellow.
Interrail and Eurail Pass travellers: if you want to book a "reservation only", either departure or arrival station has to be in Germany. So either book Dresden-Amsterdam (travel Prague-Dresden by free EC train) or Warsaw-Duisburg (travel Duisburg-Amsterdam by free ICE train, or explain the train staff your booking situation, they usually understand and accept it).

[b:2s3q6bt4]More information[/b:2s3q6bt4] on railcc.
[b:2s3q6bt4]Amsterdam - Warsaw[/b:2s3q6bt4]: ... y/10873/91
[b:2s3q6bt4]Warsaw - Amsterdam[/b:2s3q6bt4]: ... y/10937/90

:idea: [b:2s3q6bt4]Book your official online-ticket[/b:2s3q6bt4] for this route directly in the railcc-Bahn shop (including special price tickets and specials like "Europe Special"):
[color=#999999:2s3q6bt4]The price for you is the same like at DB. But you directly support the railcc project with your purchase. Thank you![/color:2s3q6bt4]

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