Société Nationale des Chemins de fer français (SNCF)

Eurail og Intercités de Nuit (ICN). Hvor køber man resevationer eller kan jeg rejse gratis. Information om Intercités de Nuit (ICN), fotoer og videoer.


SNCF Intercités de Nuit offer three different kinds of accomodation: Reclining seats (2nd class), 6-bed couchettes (2nd class) and 4-bed couchettes (1st class).

Reclining seats have individual footrests and armrests and can recline 45 degrees. They are arranged in "airline style" which means you have plenty of room for your legs. Toilets with washing basin are located at the end of the carriage and you can store luggage in the luggage racks above the seats or at the end of the carriage.

Couchettes are available with either six berths (2nd class) or four berths (1st class) per compartment. The berths are comfortable and blankets and duvets are provided. Passengers in couchette accomodation get a small amenity bag with earplugs and refreshing tissues. Compartments can be locked from the inside and you will get a wake-up call from the conductor in the morning.

If you want to have a compartment on your own it is possible to book a "espace privatif" (private compartment) at a surcharge, starting from 40€.

All trains have dedicated bicycle compartments (reservation compulsory).

   Paris to Albi/Briancon/Hendaye/Irun/Latour de Carol/Nice/Rodez/Toulouse and return.

Intercités de Nuit 3756 (ICN 3756): Albi - Rodez - Orléans - Paris
Intercités de Nuit 5790/5792 (ICN5790/92): Briançon - Paris
Intercités de Nuit 3730 (ICN 3730): Cerbère - Perpignan - Carcassonne - Orléans - Paris
Intercités de nuit 4052/4054 (ICN 4052|54): Hendaye - Biarritz - Bayonne - Lourdes - Orléans - Paris
Intercités de Nuit 3980 (ICN 3980): Latour-de-Carol - L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre - Toulouse - Orléans - Paris
Intercités de nuit 5774 (ICN 5774): Nice - Cannes - Toulon - Marseille - Paris
Intercités de Nuit 3757 (ICN 3757): Paris - Orléans - Rodez - Albi
Intercités de Nuit 5789/5793 (ICN 5789/93): Paris - Briançon
Intercités de Nuit 3731 (ICN 3731): Paris - Orléans - Carcassonne - Perpignan - Cerbère
Intercités de nuit 4053/4055 (ICN 4053|55): Paris - Orléans - Lourdes - Bayonne - Biarritz - Hendaye - Irun
Intercités de Nuit 3981/3983 (ICN 3981|83): Paris - Orléans - Toulouse - L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre - Latour-de-Carol
Intercités de Nuit 5773 (ICN 5773): Paris - Marseille - Toulon - Les Arcs - Cannes - Nice
Intercités de Nuit 3731 (ICN 3731): Paris - Orléans - Carcassonne - Perpignan - Cerbère - Portbou
Intercités de Nuit 3755 (ICN 3755): Paris - Orléans - Rodez
Intercités de Nuit 3751/3753 (ICN 3751|53): Paris - Orléans - Toulouse
Intercités de Nuit 3754 (ICN 3754): Rodez - Orléans - Paris
Intercités de Nuit 3750/3752 (ICN 3750|52): Toulouse - Orléans - Paris

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