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just as scheduled

Departing from Vienna

Hello everyone! I haven't planned my exact travel route and the dates but I would like to travel as many countries and cities as possible during one month of interrail tour. I'd love to travel all around Europe. So I'm looking for someone I can travel with 'cuz it will be more fun than travelling alone. I can arrange my program and my dates according yours.

Still not planed and the days are also just a guess

Hello everyone. My name is Alpin and I am planning a one-month trip that starts from Valencia; continuing to İtaly via Paris, Amsterdam. Route is Valencia, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Florance, Rome

Merhaba, İstanbuldan Uçakla Romaya gidip interrail yapmayı planlıyorum. Daha sonra belirlemiş olduğum rotalar üzerinden fransa, ispanya, almanya, hollanda gibi ülkeleri dolaşarak eğlenceli bir avrupa turu düşünüyorum.

Hi! I'm from Italy and i'm 19. I did an interrail last year and i visited Central Europe. Now I'm planing to go in North Europe to visit cities such as Oslo, Copenaghen, Stockholm, places as Pulpit rock, Trolltunga and ecc. I'm planing also to have camping free in norway and in denmark(it's legal and free) and sleep in a tend(but we'll have to sleep some nights in a hostel/hotel )

Hey guys! I'm trying to plan an Interrail trip for the month of August. I would like to take a 15 days trip over 1 month with a departure from Belgium and I've some ideas of countries : Germany, Austria, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic...

My plan is to travel to as many countries/capital cities as possible during two weeks time. I expect to be walking around every city approximately 5-6 hour each. Of course this is debatable and I'm flexible. I will start my journey from Sweden.

Italy (Rome, Venedik, Napoli, Milano, Pisa), France, Spain. Or Anywhere that sounds good :)