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How to travel in Lithuania by train: information, connections, blog and travel reports. Help in our forum to buy train tickets.

Litva: Train tickets for Lithuania are best bought locally at a station. For most destinations online tickets are available too.
Buy the train ticket at a railway station. Note: in some countries you have to pay a service fee at the ticket counter. The ticket can be purchased at a station in the country of departure, also sometimes in other countries.




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Vilno - KaunasVilno - KlaipėdaKaunas - VilnoKaunas - Klaipėda


Online timetable information, on which you can find relevant, up-to-date connections.

Lithuania Rail


LT Litva BY Bělorusko

If you want to travel from Lithuania to Belarus the best option is to take the direct express trains between Vilnius and Minsk that run three times daily. Tickets can be bought online from Lithuanian Railways or at a station.

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LT Litva LV Lotyšsko

To travel from Lithuania to Latvia, you have to use a bus. As there is no train connection available between these two countries at the moment.

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LT Litva PL Polsko

To travel by train from Lithuania to Poland, you have currently only a connection on weekends. Therefore a bus is the easiest way. Have a look at the booking links. For updated details, read our blog.

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LT Litva RU Rusko

If you want to travel from Lithuania to Russia by train, buy your train ticket via one of the given booking links or locally at a train station in Lithuania.

There are day train connections between Vilnius (Lithuania) and Moscow (Russia) with change in Minsk (Belarus). And one direct night train Vilnius (Lithuania) to Moscow (Russia) via Minsk (Belarus). This train starts from Kaliningrad.

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