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How to travel in Latvia by train: information, connections, blog and travel reports. Help in our forum to buy train tickets.

Lotyšsko: Train tickets for Lativa are best bought locally at a station. For most routes online tickets are available as well.

Buy the train ticket at a railway station. Note: in some countries you have to pay a service fee at the ticket counter. The ticket can be purchased at a station in the country of departure, also sometimes in other countries.

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Online timetable information, on which you can find relevant, up-to-date connections.

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LV Lotyšsko - BY Bělorusko

If you want to travel from Latvia to Belarus the best option is to take the direct night train between Riga and Minsk that runs every other day. There are no other direct trains between the two countries. Tickets can be bought online from Latvian Railways or at a station.

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LV Lotyšsko - EE Estonsko

To travel from Latvia to Estonia by train, you have the option with one change at the Estonian border in Valga. Tickets are available in the trains or at the stations. Please read our blog for more details.
A second option is by direct bus from Lux Express.

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LV Lotyšsko - LT Litva

To travel from Latvia to Lithuania by train, you have to change the train in Daugavpils, the border station. Tickets are available via the booking links or at the station. Example: calculate with about 16 Euro for a train ticket from Riga to Vilnius.

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LV Lotyšsko - RU Rusko

If you want to travel from Latvia to Russia by train, buy your train ticket via one of the given booking links or locally at a train station in Latvia.

There is one direct daily overnight train available from Riga (Latvia) to Moscow (Russia).

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LV Lotyšsko - SE Švédsko

If you want to travel from Latvia to Sweden, you have to include a ferry on the route from Riga (Latvia) to Stockholm (Sweden). Daily ferry connections are available which take about 16 hours.

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