VR-Yhtymä Oy (VR)


关于Taajamajunat (H)列车的信息。如何订购Taajamajunat (H)列车票。寻找更多关于列车的图片与影片。

Taajamajunat are regional trains operating on secondary lines all around Finland. On most lines, they are the only available trains and provide the basic service for smaller towns and villages, connecting them to the main lines and to larger cities.

Most lines on which Taajamajunat operate are not electrified. On these lines VR uses Dm12 diesel railcars.
- 2nd class only
- bicycle transport
- facilities for the disabled

On the electrified lines from Lahti to Kotka, services are provided by Sm2 or Sm4 EMU.
- 2nd class only
- bicycle transport
- facilities for the disabled, air-condition on Sm4 trains.

No seat reservation possible.

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