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关于Expressz (Ex)列车的信息。如何订购Expressz (Ex)列车票。寻找更多关于列车的图片与影片。

Expressz are fast trains, usually running on weekends or during the holiday season only. The only daily service is from Budapest to Baja; the trains from Budapest to Györ and from Szeged to Miskolc are only running on weekends. The trains to Keszthely along the shore of Lake Balaton are running during the summer months only.

Trains consist of various rolling stock. Most trains have 2nd and 1st class.

   Budapest - Baja | Budapest - Györ | Szeged - Miskolc | Budapest- Keszthely | Miskolc - Keszthely | Zahony - Keszthely | Szeged - Keszthely


2等舱: HUF 180/300

1等舱: HUF 180/300