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关于EuroCity (EC)列车的信息。如何订购EuroCity (EC)列车票。寻找更多关于列车的图片与影片。

EuroCity train are high-quality express trains, most of them connect Bratislava with Prague, Budapest and Warsaw. Most EC trains consist of rolling stock from neighbouring countries (CD = Czech Railways, MAV = Hungarian Railways).

All trains convey 2nd and 1st class accomodation, have air-condition and power sockets. All trains with the exception of the trains between Kosice and Budapest convey a restaurant car, can convey bicycles and have facilites for the disabled.

Reservation is compulsory for journeys to/from Poland.

   Bratislava - Praha | Bratislava - Budapest | Bratislava - Warszawa | Zilina - Praha | Kosice - Budapest


2等舱: EUR 2

1等舱: EUR 2